Ultra-Premium Vodka Taste Test – Part 2 (Nosing, Tasting & Rankings)

In Part 1 of the Ultra-Premium Vodka Taste Test, I gave you the details on the contenders. Here in Part 2, I’ll give my notes on nosing and tasting these wonderful vodkas and will give my opinion on which of these is the best vodka in the world.
Let the ultimate vodka showdown continue!

As of 8-11-2012, my current bottle count stands at 888 total bottles. I have 540 different ones on the bar & another 348 in back stock. I’m a Certified Specialist of Spirits and I’ve been actively researching & collecting for the last 18 years. What started as a small basic bar has transformed (with the help & understanding of my wonderful wife) into what I think is a pretty nice collection. Thank you for looking and sharing in my hobby.


Darrning says:

Hi, thanks for this useful review! The Beluga and Kauffman are very interesting products but are so expensive… I never tried these but for me the best vodka is the Chase. For 40 dollars is the vodka with the best rapport quality/price. I would ask if you have some info on these three vodka: U’luvka, Platinka, Snow Leopard

What can you say on these three?

Thanks (hope to see soon a review on the Chase vodka)

SwissMarksman says:

+LiquorHound  As allways, nice review! Allways a pleasure.
Did you tried any Norwegian Vodkas?

DueForARenaissance says:

Cool, well, awesome video, I’m subscribed. I’d like more vodka reviews

LoLHyptoniq says:


Jim Morgan says:

Just bought myself ciroc Derek
zoolander edition. And baluga gold from Harrods . Both very smooth .

Nathan says:

the Exchange rare these days?

alex DeManche says:

hey these are awesome reviews you have all over your channel. but i was wondering what your take on Cîroc vodka is? ive always found it to be an awesome vodka and was just wondering your opinion?

tauwilltriumph says:

Try Sobieski as well, it’s pretty cheap and excellent quality.

Bram Claes says:

Might be very noobish of me, but isn’t vodka a rather tasteless, odorless, and colorless substance? It certainly isn’t as richly flavored as a nice scotch would be, so I wonder if it is actually worth it to buy expensive vodka

digggert says:

pretty impressing what you’re getting out of those : D

Bendi Tovare says:

 vodka is regularly and per definitionem a pure alcohol without an additive

LiquorHound says:

If it’s flavor you’re after, you could try Dry Fly, Jean Marc XO or Reyka vodkas for much less than the “Ultra Premiums” I showcased. Of course the Kauffman Luxury Private Collection, Beluga Gold Line and Jewel Of Russia Ultra (not showcased) would probably round out my top 3 vodkas so far.

jarheadIl says:

greygoose is my favorite

MrLoobu says:

Thanks for the info :). I love Vodka’s, but a lot of these are a little out of my price range right now sadly. I think I will be sticking with Skyy for the most part, but I would love to try Stoli and If I come across The Exchange I will certainly get a bottle of that. I live in Canada and the stores here don’t tend to carry a huge variety, and shipping these would cost a fortune. Thanks again.


kiwiforlife says:

Do you think that the normal beluga is still better than the elite or imperial? also love the video. greetings from the Netherlands

Philipp Kurz says:

For the price, i think Chopin Potato is a brilliant “sipper”! But only this one. The Chopins made out of rye and wheat are better for mixing. Too much ethanol flavour :-/

Smoky Bear says:

I would love to try “The Exchange.” I’ve begged my local store to get it but they won’t. Do you know a vendor I can order it from? IMO, my best ever Vodka’s so far are Jean Marc XO (I love this stuff) and Stoli Elite a close second. It was interesting hearing your opinions on the super expensive bottles.

krneki1881 says:

Awesome work. Appreciate it. 😀

teddytac253 says:

I think with a lil mouth cleanser before each taste, you’d get a lil better judgment on each one. maybe a bite of an apple? 🙂 but even tho, great reviews

LiquorHound says:

All of the vodkas were 40% ABV (80 Proof) and their price will differ (depending on your location), but they basically ran me;

HDW CLIX $350-$375
Kauffman Luxury Private Collection $250-$275
Beluga Gold Line $150-175
Stoli Elit $50-65
The Exchange $35-45

If I re-shot this video today, I would replace “The Exchange” with “Jewel of Russia Ultra” ($100-$120) or maybe even “Heavy Water” (since its only $30-$40 and very tasty).

MrLoobu says:

What do these ultra premium Vodkas cost?

Blake Kistler says:

Where do you place belvedere in taste?

DJ DJ says:

Id love to see how you believe Purity stacks up. A lot cheaper than some expensive contenders,
but has won 125 medals. Zero purification, but 34x distilled and they only take the best of 10% of the distillate from that. I can taste the smoothness but I’m not good with the flavor profile like you would be. There’s a vanilla sweetness I do taste, but it’s supposedly very complex.

Koolaiddewz says:

Have you tried Sobieski? It is cheaper and I find more neutral than Rokk.

niknikolay says:

Наш человек.

Stan The salesman says:

What do you think about Beluga Noble? I would like to have your opinion about it. Cheers!

merrycrisis says:

Great videos mate. 😉 Beluga (Plain ;)) is my poison – smoother than the much appraised Belvedere & Grey Goose imho. My 2nd fave is Ketel One and nicely priced too.

Never heard of The Exchange before though – so cheers for that mate. Will try and locate it in the shops soon.

Wade Burt says:

Retard chill them all then drink if u wanna taste more of the Vodka!

erterte ertwert says:

stoli elit in last place? are you kidding???

Serg Greatsch says:

И где-то же по английски научился говорить. Алкач.

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