Unboxing: Uncapping – 96% Alcohol Vodka – Spirytus Zbozowy – Review

The Unbox Brothers test their mettle with this very, very, very strong vodka.


Zapi93 says:

Lol, drinking Spirytus is so fucking dumb… It’s not vodka.

Aaron Saldana says:

I had 2 fingers of this and wanted someone to drive me to a local diner and was blown away 5 minutes later because I unrolled the window and thought we had already got to the restaurant. we never left the drive way.

RazorFX says:

This can be used in cars with methanol injection better than fuel they offer at wholesellers lol. No shit, check it out it really is.


sebastianlubrecht says:

You shouldn’t drink this straight …, and if you have to …, freeze it first

Arek Nnar says:

Przypominają mi się czasy akademika 😀

wowerman says:

More practice needed.hahaha.But to be honest this is a product as base to other alcoholic drinks as other people have mentioned.

Pawel Pieta says:

fuck yeah ! Spirol rulez!!

Chlopakzpolski says:

strongest alcochol i drunk was bimber (moonshine) containing probably 90% of alcochol from cups similar to sake cups in a train with just met guy (it was his stuff), usually vodka has 40% of alchochol, bimber (moonshine) which u cannot find normally in shops , its often home made product contains mostly 40%-70% of alcochol, it;s served often for speciall occasions like weddings, this product u guy have drunk is spirytus (spirits) which is pure alkochol and i dont know ppl who drink it this way..

Damian says:

Mein Gott!

mj7100 says:

Inhale first, take the shot, and exhale.  Try not to inhale vapors, it will try to choke you 🙂

Fritz Blanka says:

you should’ve put it in the freezer first lol.

nastarkill says:

to sie pije na wydechu a potem nie bierze oddechu pare sekund aby nie wdychać oparów z ust 😉

Kogut912 says:

In poland we drink it from glass… Shots are too small 😉

Ziolo Ziolowski says:

Spirytus its not a vodka!

mac says:

make it chili spiritus challenge

PikolUploader says:

1:28 holy fuck an alcohol shrine

Piotr Telok says:

I did. have that on my 20th birthday as some of the guys mentioned this is not to drink by it self usually to make a good vodka from it you need to mix it into 3 bottles it does burn butthisis the strongest alcohol I have ever tried

Damian Swiecicki says:

you are not supposed to drink this alone I recommend making cytrynowka out of it look up cytrynowka recepies online it’s basically lemon juice and water with sugar or honey mixed with spirytus u should try it some time btw u have to have a good recepie and know how to make it if not it won’t taste good at all

that comment doe. says:

the lady sounded like the emotion “sad” in the movie “inside out” no lie lol look it up!

Flaikub says:

Mocne, ale da rade pić 😉 Tylko na miłość boską to musi być z zamrażarki!

Christine Wyatt says:

i got the same skull shot glasses cool review

Ignorant Trolls Fighter: The Warrior says:


Can’t wait to taste it.

The guy with glasses and black shirt sounded a little like Hank in the show Thundermans to me.

SusanoRipper says:

U know it’s possible to die if you can’t swallow it in time? Suffocating and choking.

Green Munchies says:

Wow, you guys have strong heads.. drink a shot of 96% alcohol without washing it down? ;O I’d throw up immiedately altough Im Polish

Justin Taylor says:

I’ve almost finished a bottle of this stuff, without mixing it, and Ive never freaked out like this.. And I take pure, full shots of this stuff.. Granted, it still does burns a little, but still haven’t reacted like this. Handle your shit guys.. lol

SlashButcher says:

So old and so dumb…

Paweł Prell says:

As a Pole I will give you good advice. Please don’t drink spirytus directly. It is mainly used for other purposes like making own herb flavoured spirits, cleaning delicate electronic stuff etc.
Of course it is drinkable (if you must do it) but without proper technique you would choke.
1: take a big breath. 2: drink spirytus. 3: slowly release air from your lungs.
You probably get a sore throat after all but at least you can breathe after drinking it.

Azeraithe says:

chug the entire bottle in one go
and puke out your entire guts out xD

Grimble Grumble says:

Shots are a BIG no no, silly americans.

1. Pour a miniscule amount in a coffee mug
3. Proceed to pour freshly made strong black quality coffee into it (fill the mug)
4. Mix with a spoon

Drink, and feel that heat and calm. The best known way to enjoy this kind of stuff. And it works like a charm!

John Tarnowski says:

had it lots, don’t breath for 2 seconds after doing the shot and you’ll be fine sally

Notmy says:

She should definitely try it .. it would kill all bacteria in the throat 🙂

One glass of spirit a day, keeps antibiotics away !!!

Bartek B says:

Daaamn. I assure you if you two would drink that whole bottle you would wake up after not less then 2 days. It’s base for mixing your own drinks not to drink it alone.

Jarek Begal says:

i enjoy drinking spirytus straight from the bottle. This way i feel alive

LastDrakkar82 says:

You are crazy guys… Even in my country almost nobody will drink a pure “spiritus” 😀
Btw: i want to see you both after some good party in Poland. But remember about one thing here: never try to drink with Polish peoples ( and most of Slav’s) in some “alco-challenge”… You simply dont have any chance with us in that sport:)


I use it instead of listerine and believe me works much better but the problem is that is hard to breath for awhile and i did’t felt my mouth also for awhile…but i will not drink something like that but maybe i will still used instead of listerine again….sometime or from time to time…:-))))

Marcin Cieplik says:

try F-16 😉

Dawid Cepek says:

this was verry funny

Ifryt says:

Niema to jak napić się spirytusu XD

borntorazehell777 says:

Wonder if a car would run on that stuff…

Freedom Warrior says:

That bottle is just a morning sip for Chuck Norris.

jan kowalski says:

Please do not waste your spirit !!!

In Poland, the spirit gets:
1 / nalewki [eng tinctures] – from fresh fruit
2 / nastojki – with dried fruits and herbs

How to make a delicious tincture of cherries:
– 1.5 kilos of fruit, 1 liter of spirits, 1 kg of sugar
– Wash fruits and thrown into a 4 liter jar
– Minimally dilute spityrus and pour into a jar with fruit
– Turn on the jar and keep 3-4 weeks
– Decant the liquid from the jar with fruit to another jar
– Dilute the sugar in 1 liter of water and pour into a jar with fruit
– Turn on the jar and keep about 4 weeks.
– Then we Decant the liquid from the fruit to the previous pre fluid
(combine them) and mix
– Hold the combined liquids about 4 weeks and sink bottles
– We have excellent kirsch
– Fruits we can eat with friends or use dough

– Kirsch begin to drink only after a year
according to this system, we can make a tincture of various fruits

2 / nastojki gets a little differently, eg nutcracker with walnuts green
and unripe.

Of course you can do any Ilocano their tinctures or nastojki while
maintaining the correct aspect ratio.
 Recipes can be found on Polish websites
When we begin to treat others with their kirsch, then we do a new
Creates we ‘cellar’, which all friends envy us. Dramatically increasing
the number of our visitors. Nastojki and tinctures are used for health
purposes, of course.

Less noble way to use 96% alcohol, this drink. But you have to be able
to do. Poles wagon on trips 96% alcohol (vodka is too “heavy”). Pour
alcohol into bottles of vodka that no one knew what was inside (96%
alcohol, do not drive on the plane). They drink it, but not before
“breaks” the minimum amount of alcohol juice or caramel. Drinking same
spirit is very harmful (burn tissue).

jimmy benja says:

Chuck norris would take a full shot of this and chase it with everclear

Bio - Vita says:

Oooo, I’m sorry )) Be careful next time and you should try some of our bonificators http://www.ebay.com/usr/bonificator_us
I think Yntalak GF http://www.ebay.com/itm/Yantalak-GF-Supplement-For-Alcoholic-Beverages-BONIFICATOR-100-Natural-/151948222168?hash=item2360d1ded8:g:8roAAOSwL7VWlXSd would be perfect for strong vodka like you tested in the video ))

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