Virus Vodka Review

Virus Vodka, currently available in Texas retailing for USD$19.99, this is a new brand of vodka complete with Erlenmeyer flask designed bottle and a neat virus like logo on the front.

Our Virus vodka review is a week or so old, we almost forgot about it in our haste to record a group of video’s for our week off this upcoming week, but Virus was kind enough to remind us they sent the bottle and here is the result: Virus Vodka, The Review.

We also picked Tito’s vodka as a baseline to compare this against, given the minor nuances of a vodka and the slight aroma’s and flavor they can make, we wanted a stand-in product we’d use for other cocktails to help determine where Virus fits on our scale (and our palate.)

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Virus Vodka says:

Thanks for the great review guys! Glad you realized we’re not just a cool name, cool package with cool marketing, we actually have a quality product at a great price point! Love what you guys are doing! For more information check out

TheBowlingfanatic says:

How did you get a hold of this vodka. I live in Indiana and have no idea how to get a hold of it. Dose a liquor store in Texas ship to different states? Thanks for any help!

Gun Slinger says:

Hmm this is bottled in North Charleston SC.. That is about 20 minutes from me.

Virus Vodka says:

 Per your review, our stills and filtration system are a big reason why we have a cleaner, smoother vodka than “the competition.” Feel free to like and follow us on FB, Instagram and Twitter:@Virus Vodka Thanks again!

StarPanda7 says:

Texas drink for a Texas girl. 😉

Dan U says:

This is a gimmick – just nasty NGS in a novelty bottle

Danny Davila says:

White people are crazy man

DR_C says:

So it’s a good vodka, but I’ve got no way to try it myself?

liesofthepast says:

Derrick have you heard of this beer concentrate that you can use with like a soda stream? It is made by Pat’s Backcountry Beverages in golden, CO. There was an article on it in Popular Mechanics and it said it might be interesting if someone could us it as a bitter in its concentrated state. Just curious if you’ve heard of it. 

Hector Davila says:

Throw in a few green (apple) jolly ranchers into the bottle… Makes it look cool and tastes delicious.

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