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Well-reviewed vodkas include the classic Smirnoff, with its clean, crisp finish, Ketel One, Absolut, which is a bit sweeter, and Cold River Vodka of Maine. Try a variety of vodkas to find the best flavor with information from an experienced bartender and vodka connoisseur in this free video on alcoholic beverages.

Expert: Jeff Klein
Bio: Jeff Klein has been managing and tending bars for more than a decade.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


Jason Williams says:

Haven’t tried Ketel One yet, but have heard nothing but praise for it. Smirnoff and Absolut? Nah, if you want bang-for-the-buck, try Tito’s, Sobieski, and Svedka. Chopin is a great top-shelf vodka, probably the finest potato vodka.

Daniel says:

I love Absolute, Smirnoff and Belvedere(:

Daniel Pattiz says:

@longcatisfat when it comes to vodka, thats all that matters lol people who drink vodka for taste are kidding themselves

JoQan says:

Belvedere is from 1996, Chopin is from 1995 and were still the best selling vodkas in the bars I worked in.

Attero Dominatus says:

Who rates Smirnoff in the top 10? It’s awful, like drinking rubbing alcohol.

monkeyman522 says:

This video is a bit dated. A lot of good vodkas have come out since 2008.

Matt Stocks says:

Don’t drink much but when I do it’s always vodka, usually Smirnoff

JoQan says:

When it comes to vodkas, time doesn’t matter.

Masteroftrancegirl says:

Grey Goose is good too, but I think it’s overrated. I’ll take the ketel one over grey goose.

carlial1 says:

@chadley6916 no i am a “victim” of my taste buds and wanting somtime more for my liver then prossessing hillbilly white lightning do yourself a favor save up some fittels and some shinney coins hop the fastest turnup truck to the nerest big city git ya a bottle

Xamarth1 says:

Personally I’d rather have a mid-tier Nordic/Russian vodka than a high-tier American, French, Italian, whatever vodkas.

noviceprepper53 says:

very helpful, thank you

21DieselBoy21 says:

Has anyone tried Crystal Skull? I bought it mainly because of the bottle, but it was $50 for a 26 so it must taste pretty good. If not then back to SKYY!

Ryan Melling says:

Chekov vodka…Does that burn stomach lining?

Rob Himself says:

Russian Standard, beats the pants off of all of the vodkas in this video in my opinion.

JungleListSoldier says:

Sobieski isn’t “really harsh” especially for the price. Granted it isn’t as smooth as Absolute but for the money it’s the smoothest vodka out there.

carlial1 says:

@chadley6916 whats to know boonse farm bitch crisp clean with no taste so you can shoot it strait like real russians i thought that’s the point i don’t know what anal violating back woods yoda told you the ability to drink it without puking is kinda the point or are you giving up to much money trying to pay child support on 4-5 kids that you were to drunk ON CHEAP VODKA IN THE FIRST PLACE that you had stick to the nattey light and everclear stupid redneck

JustineBieberxoxo says:

Stolichnaya is far better than Smirnoff, like Russian Standard.
Ketel One is godlike though.

Good thing he named a potatovodka, those are very good.

sofakingdrunk66 says:

Stolichnaya is worlds No 1 vodka….

Andrew McEwen says:

@hogowagh some other vodka,s from form Poland are gneshania boonekamp
luksusova, cracovia and wyborowa.

William Hildebrand says:

First, OH WHAT!

469Shooter says:

Great review Jeff! I simply hate Vodka snobs who think you have to follow the latest marketing campaign or pay a lot for Vodka. The ones you reviewed are in fact great vodkas that you don’t have to refinance the mc-mansion in order to buy. Smirnoff and Absolut have been go to Vodkas for decades. Job well done mate!

carlial1 says:

lame as hell he just did a list and did’nt even list grey goose fucktard

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