Vodka Review – Grey Goose vs Kirkland

This is my review on Grey Goose and Kirkland (Costco brand) vodka. Let me know if you have tried this as well, and if you had the same out come or not.

“TheWoodenOwl 8 months ago
Sorry about that, I realized it after the fact. I mainly made this video to get some practice with my camera and mic. Regardless of the wrong vodka being taste tested, I still think the American made Kirkland vodka is smoother than Grey Goose. Plus, with the red bottle, you’re only saving $10, instead of $20+! But yeah, thanks for pointing that out, I may have to do a legit comparison in the near future.”

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Braskijones says:

I actually work at costco. The vodka in this video is the American vodka made with corn and costs 15.25 after tax. It’s the French Kirkland signature vodka that is made with potatoes that is the grey goose (23.04 after tax) my manager said that Kirkland bought a grey goose factory and makes the vodka there.

man joe says:

That’s the best vodka you can get for the price.. I pay $13 in Indiana..

jdoggydogg20 says:

Wish Ohio would sell spirits at Costco 🙁

bullsbearspigs says:

that dope got the wrong kirkland vodka. its the French distilled in the red letter bottle

Prince Winthorp Regis Babatumbai chaboka the III says:


If you know any think about anything. you would have known for a long time Grey Goose was never French nothing about it is French its an all American marketing rip of because they know that people hail and highly respect French artisan work….. so its just a mirage to charge you extra. Search Sidney Frank ….. and youll learn something about the way the world works. nothing is real in it. its an old down south man who developed the drink close to being on his death bed already 80 something years old sunk his retirement into creating it then sold it to Barcardi for like 1.5 billion dollars. I think if I remember rightly it has one thing added to it or its bottled in France just to lawfully where the Badge of being “FRENCH” lol .

Like Ace of Spades is not French either the original brand was a French Champagne called cattier antique gold a Jewish American wanted to create a high end champagne cuz cristal was on its way out and made a deal with the Cattier family to discontinue Antique Gold stick a ace badge on the bottle then they can take there 21 dollar champagne and sell it for 400 dollars.

Like most high fashion designers don’t produce in Paris or Italy they produe in Korea and add the badge in France so it can legally where the title.

THE WORLD IS A BIG CON… and the time you realise it you will never part with your catch under the mirage of intelligent marketing.

rough rough says:

Its all about brand name

dmac8864 says:

Kirkland tequila is also a lot better than most tequilas

Andy Peguero says:

25 bucks??? dude you got ROBBED!! Washington DC sells them for 15 bucks but it doesn’t hold a candle to Kirkland’s SIGNATURE vodka from France. It tastes like top shelf and hits you like the top shelf stuff does. Don’t believe the hype, this is NOT worth the money. Get the Signature vodka from France for around 20 bucks you can’t go wrong.

Brian H says:

That’s the wrong kirkland vodka. Grey Goose is supposed to be compared yo Kirkland signature 5 times distilled imported from France, not American.

TacticalTimmy12 says:

How do these compare to Smirnoff?

francis rivers says:

12.99 for that american vodka. but the “grey goose” version of costco is 19.99

Bartly Schlehuber says:

Well I am drinking the Kirkland vodka from France right now and I have to say it is good stuff. I used to drink Belvedere…I don’t know if I will go back.

Mary C says:

Holy shit igot the american one for 13.99 at cosco

Christopher Wold says:

The Kirkland French vodka is $27 in Wisconsin, about half of what Grey Goose costs. The American stuff I think like $17 here.

Andrew Brady says:

Its the other Vodka in costco buddy, the one in a red bottle!

Honeybadger says:

ive had a few types of vodka including grey goose, i am not a fan of vodka i personally think it taste like shit but this is my opinion

David DeMaria says:

I did this same test without knowing the vodka in each glass, with different people. Kirkland won each time. $13.89 for 1.75. *microphone drop*

Paul Stewart says:

On my 3rd bottle of the Kirkland and just love it, My Father makes a drink called the “Looper” Vodka and Tonic water, I’m hooked on the looper now !!!! Just gave him a bottle for his 94th birthday 🙂

dutch93 says:

Thanks for the review, man. Just picked some up the other day in NJ for 13.80 (if I remember correctly). The fact that it’s 1.75 for under 15 dollars is incredulous. Cheers!

Walter Landaverde says:

Every video taste test I see gray goose always loses people are paying for name #Idiots … being more expensive isn’t always the best Smirnov taste better than reduce many taste tests have even shown that… would like to see Smirnoff vs Kirkland

john usher says:

10.99 here in panama city , Panama

Дядя Федя says:

This Costco Vodka cost 14$ here in Colorado. Actually its a steal of a deal

Chris Slack says:

Funny! Thanks for the review. I drink Costco vodka. $12.95 for the big bottle.

SwervingTaras says:

I think that american vodka is supposed to be comparable to Smirnoff. Costco does have another vodka made in france like grey goose

DarkPoop097 says:


Micke B says:

you drunker! :p

Philip Floyd says:

Thanks and nice creepy Poe shirt! Crazy for me since that bottle only costs 13.99$ here in the deep south! For 24.99$ you can get the “French/Imported” Kirkland Vodka (which I think was the one that was actually claimed to be identical to Grey Goose).

Vincent Chung says:

Wrong kirkland vodka dude

Jack Nelson says:

cool i have to try some

Kyle Lefebvre says:

I went to costco today and they have two kinds which are $11 and $14

Ed Greshko says:

1.75 Liter / 60 oz of Kirkland American Vodka for NT$499/US$16.75.  I think that is a pretty good price for Taiwan.  And it is quite good.  🙂

MaDE In JaLOs says:

$13 in my CA costco

Fury0Oss says:

“Wow, i’ll have to get another glass…well fuck it, i’ll just drink it outta here”….dude you had me laughing so hard it hurt. Great review! 

PItyu Papcsák says:

just a tip only drink russian vodka others are shits..

Josh Warren says:

The taxes on liquor in WA,state are outrageously high! 20.5 % state state state tax, 3 dollar liter tax sales tax!! Sucks for people that live in WA! Cause I’m from there just cheaper in Hawaii!

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