Vodka Review: Smirnoff Marshmallow Vodka

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Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka is a brand new flavored vodka created for those looking a little sweetness in their alcohol. Finding a good flavored vodka for your vodka cocktails and vodka mixed drinks is important, especially considering a lot can go wrong when you start adding a sugary essence to your alcohol….


Danielle Hawley says:

I love marshmallows but was wondering how that tasted …and I just subscribed to u

kathryn leyden says:

Where can i get this please? i live in the UK  thanks xxx

loverroll says:

here in idaho its 10.00 bottle 7.00 for small here in jerome idaho

Smansdf Msamas says:

Right on.

AlternativeMUSE696 says:

worst thing I ever bought. Now Ill never stop drinking this. Problems here I come

Lois Jeater says:

I wonder what smirnoff fluffed marshmallow would taste like mixed with sunny D the one with the orange cap

miz2020 says:

does anyone no how much this is

CosmicDestroyer99 says:

I drink this out of the bottle it’s like candy and I usually drink Jack

Hamid Pazhwak says:

10 bucks…. that soo cheap its like 25 in Canada

Lupe Silva says:

mix this with sunny d and you will have an orgasm in your mouth!!!

VodkaOnly says:

@brookemacdonald17 Honestly, it was hard to find something to mix with. If you check out the full review, you’ll see that it actually worked really well with hot chocolate. Who doesn’t enjoy hot chocolate with marshmallows? haha

Lupe Silva says:

@VodkaOnly try it with sunny d and it is the best drink ever!!!

dasmegacool says:

i really liked this one. i enjoyed it by taking sips not shots. and yes it is very sweet.

Martha J says:

I love the Smirnoff Marshmallow vodka…very smooth…great as just a shot!  🙂

RealNews says:

27 for Smirnoff? Damn lol

Jordan Keens says:

In Canada its around 27.00

Rob Castaneda says:

Dude. let the person have their opinion.

W KH says:

This stuff is really easy to mix and drink straight. Obviously it’s not going to go with citrus flavours but it’s pretty fantastic with cherry and strawberry flavours and 7up or sprite. It’s pretty spectacular in a rootbeer float as well.

KrueMann1992 says:

can you try the Pinnacle Cookie Dough

edin edo says:

in sweden it´s 30 euro

CloseProximity says:

lol its not an opinion….anyone with working tastebuds can tell the difference….ciroc is made so much better than smirnoff

Daniel Pattiz says:

they also have root beer flavored smirnoff at 100 proof!

Robyn says:

Do not drink the cherry smirnoff. Was crawling to the bathroom the next morning :/

AlternativeMUSE696 says:

fucking LCBO overcharges everything

K&RB3 says:

I like Smirnoff more than Ciroc, but I really want to try Alchemy (mostly bc the bottle looks awesome). I didn’t see a review for the Smirnoff espresso. I love that stuff. Pour it with some Kaluha or Bailey’s & some milk, delicious. But I drank an entire bottle in one night (no hangover) with coca cola & dr. Pepper.

W KH says:

yes because most people drink vodka straight… I’ll pay extra if I intend to make vodka martinis or drink straight shots but if I am mixing drinks absolutely I am going for cheap stuff. Also not sure where you are buying but where I live there are several brands lower priced than smirnoff, including from scandanavia and baltic areas.

Skeletonwitharaygun says:

Cost me $14

Scott Ferguson says:

which is about £14/15 over here. drink is so expensive in scotland, man.

cc says:

It looks like Jenna marbles kitchen. Lol.

Mr. Teezy says:

@Skeletonwitharaygun me too..this guy is too damn tastes good for vodka and when you’re buying Smirnoff what do you expect? I like it..I bought a bottle today and starting it now

CloseProximity says:

get the fuck outta here…ciroc is so much better than smirnoff

luis macias says:

Can you do one for smirnoff orange

Skeletonwitharaygun says:

Root beer

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