Vodka Review: Taaka Vodka

This is me taking a shot of Taaka Vodka. As you can see it was a little rough! Definitely some burn to it.

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Vodka Review: Taaka


Adan Lopez says:

Lol, that crap is disgusting man. I think you over payed for it too. Here in Texas, that crap is only 6 bucks for a fifth, and 12 for a handle. Nine bucks is too much for that, well I guess it also depends where you live, but still. Taaka will f*ck you up regardless, and give a massive hangover regardless of how you drink it. Midrange priced decent stuff like new amsterdam and smirnoff, one can get away with, if and only if you drink it straight. Once you start mixing, that’s when the massive hangovers come in.

123riderx says:

This thing is so addictive. Takka will ruin your life. Ive lost many friends to this takka takka. I to am addicted to it, i wish i could stop drinking it before it kills me… It gives one seizures after years of consumption… Well at least thats what People in anexos de la corriente california claim. Ive seen many people die of takka takka consumption…

Deanna Stevens says:

Not the Worst Vodka.. PoPov and something called 50/50… gross… PoPov gives me migraines ( and other people I know). Taaka is like diesel… But if you mix it…. it is cheap enough to drink…. There are so many Other GOOD brands.

missionviejo81 says:

I just bought a half pint of this shit in Lakewood, CA for 2 bucks..

Nigwardo Bro says:

Never. Fucking. Again. 

Only did like 6 shots of this stuff in an hour or so. Threw up twice, felt like there was acid in my stomach. I’m sure there’s gasoline that taste better than this.

Qingyang Li says:

he knows what he talking about ahahah

Chiefin says:

Worst vodka I’ve had in my entire life, not once have I not thrown up from a night of taaka drinking

Parker Yokey says:

Jesus Christ this guy is a faggot. You can’t handle the bite and burn? Then don’t drink. I let this sit in my mouth and sanitise my gums.

Mr. AfriKa says:

Shit will get you drunk as hell but I took it lightly…1 shot is enough for at least 2 hours.

BadMachine says:

It’s awful. But if you want to get a nice buzz going, and you’re short on cash it’s not a bad deal. But again, it tastes fucking awful…but so does Everclear…omg Everclear. Shit had me running down the road in my panties cause my friends stole my cigs lol

VodkaOnly says:

A liter of any vodka for $7 will seem good haha

Smansdf Msamas says:

Taaka will always have a deep place in my heart.

WoodBlock707 says:

We had shots of that for Christmas Eve that will get u f’d up.

KnightNova says:

taaka is the best man 6.99$ were im from for a liter

Max Payne says:

that shit is for bums like my brother

Daniel Pattiz says:

the best cheap vodka on the market is fleichmanns. it has almost no burn and its real smooth. a fifth is about 5 to 8 dollars.

japncuz says:

i consider myself a budget drinker. and this stuff is just junk. makes you feel sick to your stomach, not even drunk ! dont buy !

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