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Skyy Vodka was founded in San Francisco in 1992 as a small start up company. Almost 20 years later, they are now a top market competitor with many other high profile name brands. Skyy prides itself on it’s look and as a top choice for the club scene. I personally have partaken in quite a bit of skyy vodka in my time. However, never because of it’s taste. Skyy is competitively priced around Smirnoff and I always thought it was a little better anyways. Thus, it turned into my vodka of choice for a very brief period of time.


LeDon James says:

you are full of shit

DBF says:

This Dude drinking Vodka for Subscribers?

mitchi says:

what is one of the main qualities of skyy, is that it give you less of a hangover.

Gus H says:


lddbck says:

Know this is rather old. But most vodkas taste great out of the freezer. All the cold does is cut some of the burn and bitterness from the taste of cheaper vodkas. Sobieski is a great tasting more affordable price vodka and has a nice flavor. When I want a change from Ketel One I drink it.

WaveTrader says:

If you did a review of Grey Goose, you’d probably be like, “tastes smooth with a very negligible burn at the finish; it’s definitely among the finer vodkas I’ve tried.” Now on the other hand, there are some terribly terrible vodkas out there, full of impurities. I challenge you to find a vodka worse than Taaka, haha.

GrotesqueKevin says:

“Hey guys welcome to Vodka Reviews” *takes a shot* “Well, the first thing I pick up on my palate is that it tastes like vodka” *review ends*

ilovemesomechicken says:

Skyy taste great after it has been in the freezer

WaveTrader says:

Taking a shot of any 40% liquor is going to have a burn at room temperature. Skyy claims to have the fewest impurities among leading brands, and that’s exactly what you want with vodka: purified ethanol and water. Instead of complaining about the inherent characteristics of alcohol, do a blind taste test. I honestly find Skyy smoother than vodkas priced $20 – $30 higher, but the price has a substantial impact on the quality perception of consumers.

YourFavoriteAries says:

That is the tiniest bottle of Skyy I have ever seen.

JVinci16 says:

@cookienerd5 Too loud? I think it works great with the vid!

MrLoobu says:

Skyy is much better than most other readily available vodkas for the same price. It is much more smooth than Smirnoff, has less impurities than Svedka and Sobieski, and simply tastes better than Absolute. The only Vodka I enjoy as much as Skyy (that I have tried) is Russian standard, but that tends to be a little more money.

MrLoobu says:

Totally agree. I only once really sick off of straight skyy, and I totally deserved it and was to blame.

ilovemesomechicken says:

You drink horse piss?

Ken Wall says:

you’re new packaging sucks big time can the new bottel


To me it tastes like rubbing alcohol and it just numbs my mouth

MrXxR3CONXX says:

grey goose skyy absolut smirnoff

Gregory Martin says:

Love that stuff.

Ana le grand says:

that music is a bit too loud & annoying or it’s just me -.-

JustineBieberxoxo says:

Skyy tastes horrid.
Absolut and Ketel are far better varieties.

ilovemesomechicken says:

If this is an attempt at trolling you are retarded

srstrikers says:

How would you rate smirnoff to skyy to grey goose to absolute?

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