Vodka Taste Test #1 – 16 Of The Best Reviewed

After releasing my Ultra Premium Vodkas Taste Test video, I received many inquiries for tasting notes on more moderately priced vodkas. In this video I compare 16 vodkas and give my own short tasting notes on each. If you’re a beginning collector, vodkas can be a great starting point. More than with any other type of spirit, bargains in price and quality can more easily be found here.

As of 8-11-2012, my current bottle count stands at 888 total bottles. I have 540 different ones on the bar & another 348 in back stock. I’m a Certified Specialist of Spirits and I’ve been actively researching & collecting for the last 18 years. What started as a small basic bar has transformed (with the help & understanding of my wonderful wife) into what I think is a pretty nice collection. Thank you for looking and sharing in my hobby.


Aidan Wells says:

I’ve only tried titos and I hate it

Mezzo Groups says:

WHERE IS THE ***********ANESTASIA VODKA**********

Inura Facititia says:

Great video.  I haven’t had Vodka in quite a while.  But I wanted to serve Martinis at a small gathering and didn’t want to seem presumptuous.  This video was just what I needed.  Now…  Had you chosen Single Malt Scotch – There I need No Help whatsoever.  I’m an  a’bunadh drinker at heart.  I don’t mind the cheaper as long as it is Real single malt and Real Scottish whisky.

Pan Cyga przejmuje interesy starych says:

the best polish vódka are:  sobieski, krupnik, and my favourite (ŻUBRÓWKA!!)

Munish K says:

Where is Kealys ?

Ross says:

Finlandia is my favourite!!

James Leduc says:

I watched a bunch of your videos. Very informative! Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I would like to ask you 3 questions. 1. What is your ALL TIME favorite vodka (Price doesn’t matter)? 2. What is your favorite vodka for under $40? 3. What is your favorite vodka for under $40 that are readily available in metropolitan bars/clubs? I prefer recommendations with low ethanol notes at the end. Thank you ahead in advance!

Matt S says:

Maybe a redundant question but Vodka is something that has always eluded me. Why is Tito’s Handmade so hyped and award winning, yet based upon your review (as I realize you’re a pro), it seems to be lack luster and run of the mill?

NobelMicha says:

absolute wodka is watery cos it is a popular wodka so they must sell it to the youth

Chy Hall says:

Titos and Enchanted Rock!! <3

Sidek says:

You definitely should try Debowa Oak Vodka (PL). It has very surprising taste I think. And it’s got amazing wooden packaging so you can not only taste the oak but also feel it 🙂

Igor Sol says:

Russian Standard

MrAsus3571 says:

you should try rain it is fantastic so smooth

laukiami says:

You managed to get Sobieski 🙂 Sobieski company is making a great vodka with flavours, but the pure one is not one of the best … if you could get that one, maybe you would be lucky to get Stumbras vodka with the real grains in it (i dont know how this is cold in english but you can see in this link how this bottle look 🙂

D5quared91 says:

Love it!! Great video, extremely neat to see these all compared. How to you like Luksusowa, a potato vodka?

Timothy Buhler says:

This is really awesome! Thanks for the great research. Question for ya, do you get a little drunk sipping all of these in a video? Also, what is your top 3 favorite sipping vodkas? Thanks, man!

Andrew Pentland says:

thanks for producing such informative videos. i would point out that it is a little curious that you kept detecting less alcohol from each successive sample as you nosed the american made vodkas. seems like this could easily be attributed to your nose gaining a tolerance for he ethanol.

Edward Lynch says:

what is THE BEST hands down vodka that does not burn your mouth

M. Strongsole says:

May I ask for chilled shots which vodkas would you say are some of the best? As I live in America and have Bevmo close to me, I have been looking a lot at what Bevmo has. My local Bevmo has some notable vodkas: Russian Standard( Original, Platinum, Gold, and Imperia), Beluga Noble Russian, Zubrowka Bison, Ultimat, Chopin Potato, Jewel of Russia, Sobieski, Hammer + Sickle, and Reyka.

Clay says:

So were you pretty buzzed by the end of the video?? lol

ctas kabanov says:

to determine the quality of vodka to drink about half a liter and if in the morning have a headache  hence vodka – shit )))

94svenni says:

Reyka is my fav.

Zellas LT says:

Sobieski not Polish vodka

tweevers2 says:

Effen Vodkas ?

mullerhun says:

Snow Leopard?

Mona Palla says:


Carlos Ribeiro says:

You need to try Silver Lake Premium Vodka from Canada.
Unlike any other vodka!

thewiezman says:

Ciroc is my love

Johannesburg JoH says:

I mostly drink belaya berezka, thoughts on that? I like it because Russian vodkas have a lot of fight to them, which I don’t like since it’s a relaxing drink for me, but belezka chilled very smooth and light.

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