Vodka Taste Test #2 – Another 16 of the Best Reviewed

Well it’s almost been a year since I shot my “16 of the Best Vodkas” video so it was time to review another 16. This time I made sure to include Grey Goose, Ketel 1 and Ciroc since they were asked about so much after being excluded from the other video. I also review Chopin’s new Wheat Vodka, Jean Marc XO, Koskenkorva, Absolut Elyx, Heavy Water, Dry Fly, Cinco, Cirrus, Boyd & Blair, Hanger 1, Russian Standard Gold, Chase, and Three Olives.

In the end my opinions were that Jean Marc XO, Heavy Water, Chase, Koskenkorva and Absolut Elyx were my favorites (for “clean” vodkas).
Dry Fly, Ciroc and Boyd & Blair would be my choice for uniquely “flavorful” sipping vodkas (though Ciroc could also have been listed with the “clean” vodkas above).
The others all had their good points but they would also have a defect or two (to spicy, thin mouthfeel, noticeable alcohol, etc…) that would keep them from competing with the others.

As of 7-16-13, my current bottle count stands at 1101 total bottles. I have 701 different ones in the bar & another 400 in back stock. I’ve now been actively collecting for the last 19 years and what started as a small basic bar has transformed (with the help & understanding of my wonderful wife) into what I think is a pretty nice collection. Thank you for watching and sharing in my hobby.


Bryan Usrey says:

I highly recommend Arbikie from Scotland and Karlssons Gold from Sweden. Quite nice sipping vodkas.

avatarkayla says:

If you haven’t tried Blue Ice I really recommend it.

Daniel Nugent says:


Rustikão o says:

what do you thinks about the brazilian vodkas?

ömer öztoprak says:

the best vodka

Scott Dreyfus says:

Cheers on the Hanger 1 that’s my favorite!

Randy A says:

Great job keep it up!!  I really want to try Heavy Water, Is it only available online these days?

Ryan Aita says:

I cannot find a taste test for diva 1000000 or billionaire vodka lol I’m curious what they taste like

Дядя Федя says:

Who else makes grape based  vodka beside Ciroc?

Rich Eklund says:

Where did you find Koskenkorva in the US?

airforceups1 says:

Where’s Effen???

aivopark says:

Koskenkorva ! PERKELE !

Wladimir300 says:

-wow… Rashen Wodka.. Super

LearnHowToWipeYaArse says:


Freddie Slaughter says:

I wish you would tell the price of each vodka to give us an idea.

RiverboatJoe says:

wtf where is Stolichnaya?!?

theonlysyrian says:

excuse me i cannot believe that Elite Stolichnaya is not included in your review .. it is the best Vodka ever!!!

baseballbro915 says:

Where did you find Chase? Could a liquor store order that?

Dennis Nikolayenko says:

Thank you for a great reviews. I would also highly reccoment Ukrainian vodka – Nemiroff Lex to add to your tasting reviews. One of the greatest vodkas, can be hard to get in US but possible. Thank you!

rocwild says:

I have just purchased Heavy Water Vodka. £28 + £4.95pp

Very Smooth and mixes well.

Timothy Hudak says:

Where did you get heavy water!?!?!i can’t find it anywhere

rajg7 says:

EFFEN vodka?

Average Teenager says:

Where’s that GTv

Beanstocku says:

can any one guess the three most preferred bottles by the looks of things??

Beanstocku says:

lol @i got my nose all the way in there. this ok for the lungs?

KeepHimAtBay says:

Wódka made from grapes.

made in france.

o my God.

what has happened to the world…:/

Zift says:

Where is Beluga?

El Gallo Negro says:

Gilbey’s vodka… that’s the way to go my friends.

mikethered123 says:

Man, I love your videos.  They’re very informative but also very chill and interesting.  Don’t change a thing.

marybeth ehlers says:

Where / how did you get your hands on a bottle of koskenkorva? Can’t find it in the states

Joe Torres says:

damn….. If I were you and had all that liquor, nobody would hear from me until it was all gone! haha

zstidsen says:

couldn’t help but notice that the vessels you are sampling each vodka with are different… don’t you think that might create a variable in what you are nosing?

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