We Made a Vodka Expert Blind Taste Test Bottom-Shelf Vodka

Cheap vodkas are not all created equal. Or at least, that’s what we learned when we made our spirits writer Jason Horn blind taste five different vodkas available for under $12: Smirnoff, Svedka, UV, Popov, and Pinnacle. Watch Jason suffer through each taste test to learn which bottom-shelf vodka came out on top.

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Noah Trezona says:

that dosent look like nikolai!

kamiljp says:

popov is my fav too

PizzaStuffs says:

Why the fuck was this in my recommended?


This guy seems chill to hang with.

B-Wars Clan says:

Vodka experts are so full of shit

Adrian utter says:

U can’t be pro at vodka If u are not a slav

chris alvarado says:

“It’s milk”

PokeTrainer CoopStar says:

What a title, “vodka expert”

Victor Le says:

I like how he was humble when he was wrong

explosu says:

It’s fucking ethanol, dipshit, of course it’s going to burn. The lack of burning from “higher quality” vodka comes from the endorphins released when your tastebuds detect the mountains of cash you’ve wasted to vindicate that you’re better than other people.

Ricky Krilovs says:

I had such a hard time reading this title and i have no idea why.

TOOL says:

Professional Alcoholic , Yeah right

orbital11 says:

lol he said popov is good get the fuck out of here

Halooord Vlogs says:

Well… I also want to be a “Professional alcoholic”.

Alabaster Tomahawk says:

UV IS staright anus

Kaido MySenpai says:

I dont get it, (Smirnoff) no smell, no taste, neutral,like Vodka should be, its good for shots.
I give it a C+.
Pinnacle with no real pro and a little burn … B.

trghudson says:

Smirnoff smells like rubbing alcohol and has a nasty alcohol burn going down. Who IS this guy?

Cringe Bot says:

Bullshit.. this guys had so much liquor he cant taste anything.. Popov is the worst thing you could drink. It’s full of chemicals, burns going down, makes your stomach feel like shit, and tastes like the flavor of your tongue’s skin being burned by corrosive chemicals.

Jimbow says:

”they shouldnt burn going down” So it has to be lower alcohol percentage? something with like over 40% is guaranteed to burn no matter how fancy it is

Flux HD says:

Cyka blyat vodka

Austin Driver says:

Anybody have Tito’s?Secondly Whiskey is still the best lol.

mattsmithismyangel says:

The burn as it goes down is half the fun

rajinparanoia says:

Why don’t you try military special?

bill galli says:

Thnx Jason for these  very interesting vodka reviews .Have you ever tried the 100 proof Popov Vodka ,yet??

Vazcular says:

Run that cheap shit through a Brita water filter a few times and it’ll smooth out nicely.

whosTreq says:

Try Rushkinoff vodka, heard its quality ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Charlie Angel says:

And this video was sponsored by POPOV !!!

jaja says:

12$??? Thats 30-40€ here

вељко says:

,,it shouldnt burn going down”
what the fuck is this shit. smooth vodka wont keep you healthy

Joe Fetty says:

What watch is he wearing?

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