Whiskey Review – Golden Blue Korean Whiskey + Chinggis Vodka + Chinggis Platinum Mongolian Vodka

Today we taste and review Golden Blue Korean Whiskey and Chinggis gold platinum Mongolian Vodka, plus we open a bottle of….

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Chace Hawkins says:

aaaahhh, non=whiskey in the vault!! everything I know is a lie.

Ian Alderson says:

If it’s not considered whiskey what do you call it?

John Peterson says:

Please try to include at least one american whiskey in the top 8* advanced whiskeys

Stevan Winkels says:

I came here for your review on Hibiki harmony, but I stayed for the 2 of you. Keep up the good work.

FinnJävel says:

I will be disappointed in you if i dont see a review of teerenpeli in 6 days!

Canadian Whisky Smith says:

Did you ever get those Chinese herbs to help with drinking? (sounds familiar, but can’t recall for sure)

Kru says:

where can i buy the golden blue?

Joseph Selva says:

You guys should do Orphan Barrel Entrapment. 25 year old Canadian Whiskey from the Gimli Distillery.

nickclapton says:

There should definitely be a once a quarter thing where you try other spirits!

Sibra Husky says:

Hey Rex & Danny, been watching for a bit now thanks to the good old MR and I have a couple of questions. First, if I wanted to start getting into Islay, what would be a good whisky to get my feet wet (metaphorically speaking)? And second, have you ever tried Oakheart and if so, what are your thoughts on it? It’s a spiced rum that’s made in a similar way to Tennessee whiskey (aged in charred American oak and filtered through charcoal)

Raster says:

Walk the plank! Drink the Chinese crazy fire water stuff, Rex…

Andrew Harrison says:

Disillusionment begins at 10:25

darastarscream says:

Did somebody measure that recoil? I think Rex might’ve covered seven or eight feet on that flinch.

Jake Moore says:

Hey Daniel have you guys ever reviewed any of the famous grouse line particularly the black grouse or the smoky black?

Chrispiano Leao says:

OH my god! I didn’t think I would ever see the day that Rex, the minor mooch, yes I demoted you, would leave alcohol on the table.

Since Both of you have now set a precedent of what you won’t drink maybe you can come up with a list of whisky’s not worth trying for the rest of us.


Yesssss we’ve got the best vodka


I was just watching whiskey and then I saw the baijiu produced in my home state. Yaaaaaas, it has been the liquor appear on the table every family reunion since I was born. I like it, but it was wayyyyyy too expensive than any friendly alcohol I can afford.

Chance Moser says:

Demote the Mooch! I’m so disappointed in your lack of moochiness!
Review 1835

Kru says:

where can i buy this whiskey?

Uncertain Logic says:

Ah bai jui, you finally reviewed my favorite toilet cleaning solution. 😛

Jay Chung says:

As a proud Korean-American (but whisk(e)y noob…aside from Crown which is essentially Korean nightclub lube), I’ve gotta say I’m sad that the first Korean produced whiskey I’ve heard of is a weakened/watered-down blend. Considering how big barley is in Korean cuisine & the similar climates, Scottish & Irish style malts hypothetically should do really well in Korea. Lord knows the appetite for alcoholic beverages of all kinds already exists there. Anyway, loving your videos. Keep up the great work.

P.S. Yeah…Baijiu definitely tastes & feels like some shit cooked in a bathtub. The one & only time I ever tried it was when an old college roommate brought some back from China…surprised we didn’t go blind from the stuff.

RangerrDangerr says:

You best be doing a blend of all of those advanced whisk(e)y’s at the end of that Livestream or there will be riots

SmallLab129 says:

I drank a BUTTLOAD of that Baiju at my wedding reception (in China). They use that as the “shooter”, and people use the tiniest shot glass for it. Its good, but not something you sip ( at least in my experience). It wasn’t that brand though, it was the one in the shiny blue bottle.

TrinityZaku says:

The whiskey left over at the end could be a slow ever building and then eventually ever changing blend.

Uncertain Logic says:

I’m half tempted to send you a bottle of Chinese knock off whisky, it’s terrible on a level that’s difficult to comprehend.

Cody Meshigaud says:

Underrated. Should be up to 250k subs 🙁

Kate Van Name says:

That was a super enjoyable episode.  🙂

reallunacy says:

I think I’ve lost a little respect for the master mooch. I mean, can we even call him that anymore? It’s like watching a superhero walking down the street, stub his toe, scream, then fall headfirst into a dumpster. You just will never have the same level of respect.

soycracker says:

No more trying stuff before it is reviewed. We have been robbed of great expressions and first hand experiences. Daniel should be punished.

Albert Lee says:

On your logo at the bottom right. You might be able to reduce those sharp points (on the W and V), by reducing the miter limit in illustrator.

J C says:

Baiju, a f— you alcohol made from anything. Somm science, everybody.

Kevin Pasley says:

Vodka’s job in life is to make other liquids alcoholic liquids.

teredevil says:

Jeez maotai cost over 500 dollars in australia

Lord Yekok says:

Top sweetest whisky

Madra says:

You said the Golden Blue was smooth due to low alcohol content and had some nice notes but the sweetness in it lacked complexity. You said the Chinggis was an alcoholic nothing with a slightly buttery taste. Any chance of mixing the two to bring it to 40% to see how to comes together? They sound like they would compliment well.

Myrtle McNappy says:

hella excited cause since i am in texas i picked up two bottles of some texas stuff … very nice to carry back home …

Shtzweak says:

I have to send you guys a bottle of Thai whiskey, that stuff is rough, might as well be aged rubbing alcohol

Alex Atallah says:

Seeing how well Japan, Taiwan, and India make whiskies, I think the potential is there for Korean. Golden Blue could be the next Suntory or the next Nikka as it wants to make a homegrown Korean whisky in 10 years. Keep in mind the Yamazaki distillery opened in 1923 and didn’t produce its own malt whisky until 1984. Same goes with Yoichi making Hokkaido Single Malt in 1984 after 50 years of operations. All Japanese whiskies were blended with neutral grain spirit until Masataka Taketsuru bought a coffey still from Scotland in 1961.

Neil Dunne says:

Hey guys any chance you would consider reviewing slane whiskey it’s a new distillery just outside my hometown in ireland

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