10 CHEAP Whiskeys You Should Buy TODAY || Best Whisky Under $35 Review || Gent’s Lounge 2018

Our friend Dever from Dever and Liely came over to chat all things whiskey!

Check out Dever & Liely: http://bit.ly/2C6nZtL

Our How to Taste Whiskey Video: https://youtu.be/qN9YFr_IWBI

Comment your favorite whiskey in the comments!


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kongmw says:

honestly i don’t anywhere in nyc you can get glenlivet 12 for under $50

kermit1 says:

Where’s glenfiddich 12

robert broughton says:

Elijah Craig is a steal. I actually prefer wild turkey 101 over russell’s reserve. Gonna pick up bulleit rye based on your recommendation and my prefence for rye as well.

george atanasov says:

Elijah Craig is absolutely wonderful .. I’m 16 (oops don’t tell anyone) but I can still buy it for my dad cuz it’s a steal

Harsh Patel says:

Can you please make a video for GIN?

Blake V says:

How could you not include jameson

terrydrums says:

I’ve owned a lot of these and your prices are reeeeeaaaaally low, at least $10-15 each. I wonder why such a big discrepancy in prices between your area and mine?

Mario Jimenez says:

need to make a video for best cocktails with whiskeys

Tabletop Chris says:

Jefferson rye Whiskey

Ryan Moran says:

Great stuff guys!

Carter Fitzgerald says:

I was like whaaaa my man’s lesbian friend can grow a sweet ass stash

009skylab says:

Buffalo Trace is one of my favorite bourbons. It’s also only $25

physics2112 says:

Those glasses actually look really interesting

raulito raulitos says:

Cocktail? You’re gay as fuck

arturothecook says:

Somewhere in the internet universe I found a list of the world ranks for all whiskey brands. Glennlivet was number one! Obviously your palate is the one that will tell you if one is better, to you, than the other. You might be a rye guy as well

richard Barmore says:

What no buffalo trace?

cdvax11 says:

What? No Canadian whiskeys? Ellington Reserve? What about adding Woodford Reserve to the Bourbons?

Mac Y says:

You guys know your stuff… Henry Mckenna is the hands down best for $30(too bad they make a limited amount), next would be Elijah Craig.. Glenlivet 12 is very underrated as it is one of the best balanced whiskey

Gent's Lounge says:

Who makes your favorite cheap whiskey??

Jamarr Ferguson says:

Nice… if you have a Trader Joe’s near you, they have a Kentucky bourbon that’s $15.99 and it’s absolutely amazing! Great in a cocktail and great on the rocks.

Mufasa Punch says:

hahaa, I drive a honda to work lol. Glenlivet is my go to. Great vid man, I’m going to try out the 4 roses.

icebergslim0177 says:

You need to definitely need to add Eagle Rare bourbon to that list.


Honda boyyyyyssss

Dionte Gilchrist says:

Four Roses and Bulliet!!!!! my go to

Bruce W. says:

Button your shirt, come on man. Don’t be that guy

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