$50 VS $500 WHISKEY

Japanese Whiskey Edition.

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Dwight Perkins says:

How were you not shit-faced drunk at the end of this video?

benzoate says:

It bothers me, that he don’t drink the whisky properly.

Sdae Tyu says:

اعوذ بلاه يشرب وسكي هههههoot

Sofia Capulet says:

What even is this channel felix

Villads Hansen says:

2:10 mental brakedown

De Peep says:

I have now watched a rich person taste test whiskey, does this make me fancy?

WalkingMelonsAAA says:

I don’t even drink an yet for some reason I found this video very fun and interesting to watch XD hahaha XD

Jonas Alencar says:

can someone tell me the name of the music playing on background?

TheSouthern1cross says:

do scotch faggot

Fênix. says:


Makras マクサス says:

Чито видео на русском

Just A High Score says:

It’s almost 3:00am and you have me wanting to pour myself a whiskey…

Roby Rotaru says:

What can I say

Mr Gamer TBG says:

I wish We go back time to
the old old days when
pewdiepie 2015

Bechop 1080p says:

piw you know you so look like santa trying whiskey

dtrav says:

Btw… you didn’t cleanse your pallet nor did you change the glass pewdiepie! Need to cleanse that first taste out of your mouth to tell the real differences in whiskey. Especially to notice the subtle differences between them.

A M says:

Pew you’re drunk, go home !!

Cristoballs says:

i want to see you try scotch

Kemal Yilmaz says:

Why is his subtitel german ??????

Jasmin Avdić says:

Do it!

Alexander Gallardo says:

pewds is hitting hard those 30 years xddddd… Old people hobbie

cblpok play says:

а чо на русском? ты вроде не тот русски

KreuZtv says:

Once you’re buzzed you can’t taste the difference lol

SchwabenTV says:

Ich bin deutsch

haruki shimizu says:


Deedback 9 says:

Suscribansen a mi canal mens :v

Cam says:

I’m drunk.

Dillon Reynolds says:

I like this because it’s funny but serious

Couldn't come up with a name says:

lol he’s recommending whiskys like any of his fans is older than his whiskey itself

Gabe The bork says:

Is dat a jack spedicy hat u be wearin

Qadirmydear says:

Hahaha wtf man I love this vid

Super gaid says:

привет из россии

ImpactGamingHD says:

Very nice? very nice! VERY NICE FKING WHISKY!!

ZCreepyPastas 44 says:

Very nice, very nice.

Nose Madge says:

Only drink Evan Williams

Aka ne says:

10:36 shaky hand

360 view fact says:

U like kingfisher

Leonardo Bubuantoli says:


Davlamin The Assassin says:

I bet it taste like God pissed in your glass.

i Swifty says:

Yes pewds, very nice… very nice. I give this video 10 of 10 very nices.

JonathonTheAsshole says:

PDP the next multimillionaire who eventually grows a beard like a lumber jack and starts dressing like a homeless person?

Kunal Gupta says:

youtube 2017 ladies and gentlemen

DeeIsKey 13 says:

Did anyone notice he was wearing a septiceye Sam hat ?

B morgart says:

If he wasn’t drunk while making the video, now he truly is drunk.

Juhun Lee says:


Qadirmydear says:

Keep it classy

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