Crown Royal Canadian Blended – No Nonsense Whisky Reviews #28

Canadian Whisky gets bad rap in the rest of the world for being a bit of a basic dram that’s only good for mixing. The standard release of Crown Royal is no different.
The Crown Royal distiller was set up in 1939 to celebrate the visit of King George VI and his wife, Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother). Since then, the whole operation has been centralised to one site in Gimli, Manitoba. The sprawling site host the stills and all the warehouses were 50 different kinds of whisky are produced and blended to create the different expressions.

Sadly, this expression isn’t that great. Boring and flat with a finish that simple doesn’t exist. It may well be good for mixers but if you had no knowledge of that you may well be fooled into thinking the fancy packaging holds something incredible inside when it simply does not.

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your thinking way to hard, why question a good thing anyway, i respect your opinion but i disagree completely, this whiskey is better then i could imagine it’s as if a beauitful women just grabs you and gives you a strong long wet kiss that you weren’t expecting! i couldn’t stop smiling after my second drink! and just kept drinking shot after shot till half the bottle was gone then i hid the bottle, now it’s all ill buy….cheers from Dallas Texas.

Scott Carey says:

Better than Jack!!

PK Cazadores says:

Canadian whisky is for people who don’t really like whiskey. It’s kind of like Bud Light is for people who don’t really like beer.

JDC Drinks Whisky says:

“It’s a mixer’s whisky,” is pretty much whisky code for … “Meh, it’s okay, not great.” Yeah, I’d wager a good chunk of the price is to cover the marketing and fancy presentation.

Tadashi Ishihara says:

Readily available in the U.S. I would rather drink this neat. My favorite Canadian Whisky is Pendleton. Excellent review.

Charlie Nash says:

What did that whiskey ever do to you?

peter white says:

The best CR product cannot even be purchased in Canada, Barrel Select. I thought your review was fair.

No one I know in Canada would purchase this without a box of ginger ale anyway.

ts burn says:

What’s your heart rate?

SOWLEG Whisky Review says:

I’ll have to stay clear of that one – even though I like fancy bottles 😀

Kel GS says:

Having gone through all the Canadian whisky in stages I noticed that the kids like the crown because it has a sweeter taste and they usually mix it anyways.

bobbysfolly says:

Crown was my introduction to whiskey world 30 years ago …since then , my tastes have IMPROVED to ENJOY 12 year olds , 15 year olds etc …and last week ..Crown went on sale at the LCBO for 27 bucks …retro time …and WOW , it STILL has the GREAT taste it always had…I know everyone has their own opinion ,, but Crown is a delight to enjoy every now and then ..

Fred J3 says:

Adjust your colors, buddy. Crow Royal’s bag is PURPLE!

Justin says:

Well done sir. Bravo

Forever Jim says:

Try forty Creek. I think it’s the best Canadian whisky hands down. And please remember when reviewing these they are just whisky and not a scotch. Love the channel.

ts burn says:


Tom Fahey says:

Just looked up on The Whisky Exchange – looks like you might be able to purchase these better Canadian expressions: Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve, Wiser’s 18 Year Old, Alberta Rye Dark Batch, Pendleton Rye Whisky, Whistlepig, Tangle Ridge.

Now, the Crown Royal is nice with ginger ale (Canada Dry, of course), and ice. Would be nice with ginger beer, too.

Joshua Littlewolfe says:

Try Forty Creek whiskey. One of my favourites here in Canada. Be sure you get the Copper Pot Reserve or the Century Oak.

eric gilbert says:

Meant for ginger ale or coke.

bradyn bassett says:

Wholy fuck, i did the conversion 30 quid and it comes up as 50 canadian dollars. Its always 27 canadian locally, and easily found as low as 21 dollars on sale at least one week a month so i can see why it wouldnt meet exceptions. never bother with crown unless its 21 bucks myself. Its a decent canadian whiskey, but if you want to experience canadian whiskey get a true rye whiskey such as gibsons, as crown is geared towards americans who are used to sweeter corn whiskey since crown somewhat resembles that sweet corn whiskey profile.

The Truth says:

Cant put my finger on it, but this guy reminds me of Ben Shapiro.

nick schellbach says:

nobody ripped my head off here but I prefer the taste of Crown Royal over Jack or bourbon. Crown Royal is so smooth and easy to drink I know where you’re coming from with all over the place though I couldn’t really pinpoint a particular taste.

foodquig says:

if this were a blended scotch it would be a J&B.. If it were a bourbon it would be a Jim Beam. If it were a single malt it would be a Glenlivet 12. It’s mass produced, it’s generic, it’s nothing special. Your review aims at and hits this whisky right between the eyes… Sadly, it’s over-packaged for the export market. If you bought it in Canada you’d get the cutesy crown-shaped bottle with a cheap plastic screw top. That’s all you’d get. You wouldn’t get a box, and you wouldn’t get a bag inside the box… In British Columbia liquor stores a 750 ml bottle would set you back a whole whopping $24.99 CDN Plus Tax! That’s hardly in the premium range. Why It’s so expensive in the UK is probably for the same reason that scotch is so expensive here. Slainte!

The Spirit Safe says:

Readily available? Common as muck.

Mr.Sirbiffer says:

Never understood peoples love for Crown Royal…i mean…its a Canadian whiskey….id rather spend my pretty penny on a bourdon or scotch. I mean I can think of at least 5 different whiskies off the top of my head that are cheaper and better.

lakelandfishin says:

Dalmore 15 , jack daniels and crown only whiskeys you need.

Rick Lawrence says:

I remember back in the late 1950’s, Frank Sinatra played a concert in Seattle, Wa. He was introduced to Crown Royal the night before. He said he loved it. It is a very smooth rye.

The Whisky Family says:

Think I’ll steer clear of this one for a while, seems a pretty bland dram!

ts burn says:

Are you wearing a smart watch?

Nakano Lemon says:

Canadian whisky

The nicest

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