Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Review



LooseJuice says:

“A fact so unsettling to Europeans that the sickly sweet booze was recalled in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. The chemical coming under fire is propylene glycol, which supposedly enhances flavor by absorbing water, is a slightly less toxic compound than ethylene glycol, which was—until recently—most often used in anti-freeze.” Source: google search of fireball “whisky”. (It isn’t even technically whiskey, arguing semantics, I know)All I know is I use propylene glycol at work in big cathode/formation tanks to maintain and regulate extreme temperatures and reduce/stagnate the evaporation process. I don’t think I’d ingest it at work, so I don’t think I’d drink it voluntarily recreationally.

Dusty Carbaugh says:

i never buy this but always love when im at a party and someone offers me a shot it tastes like candy!

cutlerylover says:

oh man this stuff is dangerous I used the excuse to test out a breathalizer once by downing an entire quart of this…it ended badly, but I admit went down oh so smooth…lol one of my favorite drinks uses 2 shots of this into a pint of angry orchard…taste like spiced apple pie!

C.J. LaChapelle says:

I request that you guys do a video of Fireball VS Jack Fire…

Reclusion says:

lol spot on with the flavors and it’s very popular in Kentucky. Missouri we’re famous for our Bud Light ..

Mike Csonka says:

love the vids man i would like to see a cheap whiskey blind taste test

Aspen Smith says:

The Tennessee Fire from Jack Daniel’s is really good. I it prefer over Fireball.

Cole Benson says:

Not sure if you guys get it in Kentucky but you guys should do Pendleton Canadian Whiskey and Sinfire Cinnamon Whiskey

slob room says:

Fireball chilled is horrendous. Like drinking fucking syrup, I find it harder to get down than straight whiskey.

Brady Dyer says:

A guy at work mixes it with reds apple and said it’s really good.

Eddie King says:

I drink fire ball straight up.

mitch daniel says:

Have been through a couple bottles of Fireball with friends. Taste exactly like the big red chewing gum. It’s pretty good. I don’t drink it often. However when you guys do the bombay sapphire gin review, orange juice is the best to mix in there. Really excited about the land shark shout out. Will definitely be putting that one in the favorites!

Chris M says:

Try mixing 1 part Wild Turkey American Honey and 1 part Fireball.  It’s called an Angry Badger.  That stuff is amazing.  I only drink one and sip it rather than doing shots so I can enjoy the flavor; it is sweet.

C.J. LaChapelle says:

Fireball is my favorite shoot..

MarrowEternal says:

This is the built in amnesia black out alcohol.

Matthew Schmitt says:

This is my least favorite liquor! It is so gross!

ChewbaccaPube says:

Who rips ass at 4:52?

EricALionsFan says:

You guys going to dabble into wine and review that style of alcohol?

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