Glenfarclas 21yr Single Malt Whisky review/tasting

Whisky Advent Calendar Day Sixteen – Today Daniel does a review/tasting of Glenfarclas 21yr Single Malt Scotch Whisky.


reptilianskin says:

I started my scotch journey with speyside single malts and blends. So I really enjoy them. I also love Islay and Highland scotch. I only drink an ounce or two from time to time, only neat, because I want to appreciate the spirit. In other words, I never drink to get drunk. So my advice to anyone interested in learning about whisky is to drink for the appreciation and craftsmanship of a spirit aged for many years in oak. It’s not a drink you should order for shots or to down quickly and aggressively.

maverickr0han says:

I am watching these every single day as I do the calendar myself … keep it up man, your delivery is very genuine!

R. Campbell says:

Ha. Well put. I now have a narrative for why I like the melt your eyebrows, peaty Islay’s over the pretty ones. Although I am a sucker for a nice strong Manhattan.

Gyro Zepelli says:

long island iced tea is literally all alcohol tho

Jo Chang says:

Can you make a list of whisky you don’t like (too pretty, as in you own words). Because that sounds exactly my kind of whisky. Not really joking.

ryan hagerman says:

I tried Talisker and loved it. Trying to find my own bottle but no liquor stores in my area carry anything like this. How can I attain other types of Scotch besides the same old Glenfidich?

Mephisto Pheles says:

Do you have recommendations for Whiskys (scotch) when I am on a tight budget? I prefer smokey andy peaty ones, but as a student I can’t afford the ones I would love to taste…

Adam says:

I’m underage and the only whiskey I’ve ever had was a sip of JD a year ago, no idea why I watch this.

Ken Stewart says:

I drank some kittens that turned into tigers….stupid Bahama Breeze!! Never again.

Georgi Popov says:

Ragnar reviewing whisky? Best combo ever 😀

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