ITS ALL OVER NOW… (Bourbon Whiskey Review)

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Evan Schenck says:

Do Canadian Whiskey

Elias Montoya says:

Guys what the hell. I can hear the audio but all i see is a silhouette of a guy drinking out of a bottle. Thats literally the only thing on screen for the while video

Jose Diablo says:

80 Proof is actually 40% ABV, 45% would be 90 but still very niceee

demonshiro says:

You should do some with the Scandinavian brands like Mackmyra

David McDonald says:

Send me some bourbon.

Dustin Krochmalny says:

That was the dredge of bourbon…

The Green Dragon Lair says:

Wine tasting next, Felix!

Boozie 77 says:

Pewds if you like Maker’s Mark try Maker’s 46.

Heather Johnson says:

I was born in KY, but who cares

Olivier Lavoie says:

it’s just me or his legs makes you gringe…?

Nickolay Arabadhziev says:

I recommend you to taste Elijah Craig. So far the best Bourbon for me! 🙂

Umaru UMR says:

Pewds don’t buy Jack Daniels! It’s a shit bourbon whiskey buy Jim Beam it’s taste waaaaay better

Jesco White says:

Come to Kentucky pewdiepie!!!!!

fiji water says:

felix i have been to a bourbon distillery in kentucky! you should go

Gods Wrath says:

Asmr confirmed

David McDonald says:

Fun bit of trivia. Bourbon is non existent. The drink is actually just whiskey. The bourbon part just comes in when it’s made in America. When it’s scotch, it’s just whiskey made in Scotland. Whiskey is the drink but sugarcoatting it is just to do with regions. #helpanexfanoutandsendmesomeuktesters!!

Summerskye Buffalo says:

Do Canadian rye or whiskey

Byron Scholar says:

Do more!

Joshua Ney says:

thumbs up before playing 😉

Bret Draper says:

As a Kentuckian I just want to tell you those whiskeys aren’t nearly the best out they have to offer. Get yourself some Eagle Rare, Basil Hayden, Buffalo Trace, Little Book or Mitcher’s. Throw that Jack Daniels in the trash.

Colin Tittel says:

Ever tried a Bourbon named Buffalo Trace? It’s a Kentucky Bourbon and it’s very rich, smokey, and surprisingly smooth. You’d probably like it.

MLG 420 says:

What about vodka???

Guaguadeath says:

Very NICE! Except for Jack. That shit is disgusting. God awful piss

Sean says:


Cameron kasicki says:

80 proof is 40% alcohol not 45

AeonWaryk says:

Very nice

David McDonald says:

Red wine and bourbon on rocks is life.

Joshua Ney says:

I think I like how it’s edited….do you think different edit styles are effective at different level? …hmmm…

Kostas says:


Dymon D. Rocco says:

you should do this in a suit

Zulu Killr says:

Jack Daniels is not very nice

David McDonald says:


Shelbie Stidham says:

Lol I’m from Kentucky and just watching this cracks me up. (Also Bourbon IS LIFE!)

Fatbizon 3 says:

It’s time for VODKA!


Russian subtitles only in half the video, and so almost everywhere

Joshua Ney says:

I don’t know why I keep watching

Gregory Martinez says:

What about cognac?

finguest says:

Jack Daniel’s isn’t bourbon, it’s Tennessee whiskey, which is different

H x p p y T h x u g h t s says:

Do more whisky reviews please.

It’s fun to watch and you clearly enjoy doing it.

Heart Fillia says:

Pewds: *gets drunk after the video*

Jay T says:

Pewds should try moonshine

David McDonald says:

Stop being stingey

David McDonald says:

Just cause I said so. And cause I’m drunk.

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