Kingsbarns Founders’ Reserve Whisky Review – Daniel Month Day 3

Today we taste and review Kingsbarns Founders’ Reserve Inaugural Release Whisky and Kingsbarns Spirit Drink.


Giorgio Signorelli says:

Today I’m enjoying my last whiskey for the next 46 days as Lent starts tomorrow. Please give me a toast, and wish me luck!

Popcorn Generator says:

Aka: the 4th Hobbit movie

Jon Swann says:

I have been seeing more and more of the “white” whiskies. that being said I bought a bottle of California six woods slow hand aged 10 minutes in new oak barrels….. it drinks like a mescal that has not see any barrels? please explain why this has happened…please

Jeremy Young says:

Love the videos. Now as a non member can I still make donations? If so how do I go about doing so?

DracoRogue1218 says:

Is a child still a bastard if they don’t know who the mother is?

SeanChicago says:

Rex is dressing up for Daniel’s Month! Apparently he is a Daniel FAN!!

John Verstraete says:

*the filling of a Cadbury egg*


Tom Mulder says:

Kingsbarns is 20 minutes from here – suppose I should go should I not?

Roshan Lister Lobo says:

Hey guys… Could you review Oban Little Bay please?

brendan alan says:

Thanks for the review fellas.

Guillaume Lemaigre says:

If you guys would want to try another interesting young whiskies, try The Belgian Owl.
It’s a belgian whiskey that manage to be very rich and magnificant for it’s age of three.
For info, the master distiller of the Belgian Owl learnt his craft in scotland and herited the pot stills from another scotish distillery.
But try it, if you can find, it’s really good.

Y2H says:

Daniel if you love Laphroaig Lore you should totally try (and make a video of) Laphroaig 1815. I’d like to get your take on how it compares to the Lore and also the An Cuan Mòr. I’d love to send you a bottle but I live in Egypt and 1 USD costs over 18 Egyptian pounds 😀 / :'(

Exane says:

Just watched the Episode where Daniel Reviewed the Redbreast Dream Cast 32 and then Face Timed Rex to show him what he was missing….. my face still F’n hurts, holy chit! Thanks for all you do, you bastards!

Joseph Discepola, III says:

Berries and cream, berries and cream.

Daniel’s a boy who smells berries and cream!!!

Eric Sowder says:

looks they don’t ship to the US wanted to get a bottle guess I’ll look for it at stores

Jens Hofmann says:

Any german whisk(e)y in the vault?

George Arvanitidis says:

I love Daniel Month man!!! Again I think you should make a least a Daniel Semester!!!

Scott Clarke says:

Had a try of the new make spirit, it was like a juicy fruit salad for me, I’m really excited to try the aged whisky when it becomes a bit more available

zackzenron says:

Daniel Year, Daniel Decade, Daniel Infinity.

Dean Stone says:

I think we need a garbage can cam so we can see when Rex is lying about making the shot

Mr BoJangles78 says:

Poor Daniel, so gullible…. The moochy plans are afoot I can smell em…. Smells kinda like feet….

SinSear001 says:

Uhh, why does this episode seem rushed to me? Oh I know it’s that Daniel wants to be the one talking constantly. (kidding)

Benjamin Eaves says:

I think I see the journey for Daniel Month… we’re on a historical journey. A whiskey timeline

John Verstraete says:

To the bruichladdich guy, go with daniel and get that organic since it’s an utter rarity. When budget allows, then get the Port Charlotte

Chris Greene says:

Good afternoon you magnificent bastards! I have been following you gents for quite a while and love your content. I found you by looking for reviews on some of my first Bourbons and have since found a love for scotch (mostly Islay) and Irish whiskey through you. *Story time* when I was first watching you guys, my then girlfriend noticed my growing love for whiskey and asked “is it weird if I got you roses for your birthday?” Myself expecting flowers said well why not? Little did I know she would be picking me up a bottle of four roses single barrel and if that wasn’t the moment I knew I had a keeper, I don’t know what was. Fast forward a few years and she is now my fiance and she gets me this special “bouquet” of roses at least once a year. If you would, please raise a glass of four roses single barrel with me and wish me good cheer in my wedding to come. Thank you!

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