Maker’s Mark Whisky – Review #25

Maker’s Mark Bourbon is a whisky that lots of enthusiasts keep on their shelves. Today we’ll talk about why.

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Mitch Seifert says:

You da bomb man

peter white says:

I usually have this in my bar, but I much prefer Makers 46 and it is one of my go to Bourbon’s along with FR Single Barrel and EC 12. The MM Cask strength is truly fantastic.
I always wondered why MM does not put out a 10 to 12 year Bourbon. They must have some older barrels stashed somewhere.

Bassist91 says:

thank you for the recommendation, tried some tonight and love it, keep up the good work and look forward to your live streams.

Drake Hobbs says:

great review!

Walter Engle says:

one of my favorite whisky! nice review. although you forgot to mention their cask strength. perhaps you can review this one some day.


Barry Fiedel says:

Really great review. And I totally understand your lack of words to describe why you like this bourbon so much. Its the I know what I like when like it but don’t ask me why. Very nicely balanced bourbon and the wheat keeps things “calm” compared to rye. Another thing is that on the video opening the bottle is full but on review it is pushing way lower in the bottle. I am sure all that practice was necessary.

Elli Lassila says:

I had to give a dram of this to my dad when he accidentally found my whisky stash. He described the taste as reminiscent of sugar wine, or kilju, which is a traditional homemade alcoholic beverage in my country. Making sugar wine has been illegal for years because a state-owned liquor store chain Alko has a monopoly guaranteed by law here. Obviously beer,cider,long drink and wine can be found in grocery stores but hard liquor only in Alko.

deminidze says:

Damn wish i were home atm to take a sip of my stored on the shelf, well-secured from “lemme taste dis booze” insatiable alcopals, bottle of Maker’s Mark listening to your opinion which i share.

Ranc Henash says:

Maker’s Mark is always one of the best. Better than many 100 dollars worth bourbons. So good. I can drink the whole bottle in one month.

PCShogun says:

I’m sold. I have not tried this yet, but will pick up some tomorrow for the weekend.

ZandaClaws says:

Another great vid! Thanks 🙂

Garrick Brewer says:

Would this benefit much from opening up with a little water?

Rewind Remix - No Copyright Music says:

hey, nice vid!

roope rontu says:

Quite ok for a bourbon, very good with ice cold steel ice cubes/splash of cool water in a regular tumbler. Very decent bourbon, even thou I still stick with Four Roses.

Jeff Winbush says:

I bought a bottle of Maker’s Mark to go along with a Jack Daniels Devil’s Cut and MAN, was I disappointed with the Maker’s Mark. It’s hard to describe, but I’ve done a lot of bourbons in my bourbon tour, but this is the first I have to take with ice or mixed with Coke. Very disappointing. I’ll stick with the Devil’s Cut.

Kris Gasteiger says:

I enjoy your reviews. I’m wondering if you’d do a review of a Whisky called Defiant, by the Blue Ridge Distilling Co. Golden Valley, NC. It’s a single malt, 100% Barley malt. I find I like it quite a bit, but am still trying to “understand” its flavors and complexity. It’s of course, very different from Bourbon. More Speyside or Highland I think, but I’d value your review.

Jason Voorheese says:

I’ve yet to try the cask strength version

Triplecap says:

I really like the laid back nature of your reviews. I’ve haven’t had MM for years but did buy a 375 of the 46 about six months ago. It’s pretty good not great. BTW, Irish whiskey has an “e”.

Ashton Childs says:

Do you use the Distiller app on Android/iOS?

manonfire4jc says:

have you done a video for Knob Creek small batch 100 proof? great video. I really like Maker’s Mark.

MacDaddy635 says:

I just buy the cheapest bottle of Jack or Jimmy Beam, mix that bad boy with some Coca Cola and get absolutely hammered.

Luke Tucker says:

Great video on a fantastic bourbon. I always have a bottle of this in my collection.

Henrik Persson says:

I have a tough time getting over that the most Bourbons taste a lot like toothpaste. How you recon i come over this hurdle?

Danny AKA Triker Red says:

There is also a version called Caske Strength.

Joshua Schmitz says:

this is my go to for a night cap or right after a day’s work. watching your videos I’ve learned to appreciate whiskey neat however I still prefer it on the rocks. looking forward to what’s next but pretty excited about you tasting my personal go to.

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