Port Dundas 12 Whiskey Review – Daniel Month Day 10

Today we taste and review Port Dundas 12 Single Malt Scotch and compare it to Port Dundas 18


pablanche says:

I am really not comfortable with how much casual the Mooch is acting in the vault. It is like showing up shirtless in the Oval Office. Nobody does that. Its is funny to watch old episodes where Rex is all dressed up and uptight. Come on man, put yourself together, there is a middle ground. 😉

Chris Lemmon says:

Sparkle-Master heroes *do* wear capes! Thank you Sparkle-Master Trash Panda for saving our eyes.

TheOrnate says:

Rex you’re so cute when you play along. <3 The openness to new people and effort to teach people about the intricacies of whisk[e]y and whisk[e]y labeling is why I caught onto y'all last summer and continue to watch you guys as my sole source of whisk[e]y knowledge. That and also living in Austin, Texas. 🙂

Matthew Linn says:

So if a corn whiskey is aged in a used barrel it can’t be called Bourbon. And it can’t be called a malt whiskey. Does that make it the redheaded stepchild of the whiskey world?

Steve Digswhiskey says:

There should be a comma between single and grain. Fixed.


I like the drunk explanation for whiskey types better.

MDMAmazin says:

Rex has Comcast level attention bandwidth

Christopher Nelson says:

I was already drinking Michters American Whiskey when you guys started talking about it. You are in my head.

Chris Payne says:

Loving it. Never interested in whisky until my father passed last year, now I love the story behind every dram and feel connected to him in some way. Interestingly, my father was a works foreman as part of the rejuvenation of the Port Dundas area of Glasgow (Dundas pronounced the same way as Glass Daniel!). As a token gesture, the distillery gifted him a bottle of Poitin. That was around 15 years ago and in reality, was what went on to become aged on oak to give you the fine specimen you are sampling today. Keep it up you magnificent bastards and next time you have a drink, think of a wee Glaswegian dude called Jimmy who loved whisky.

Roshan Lister Lobo says:

Hey guys… Could you review Oban Little Bay please?

Nate Runyon says:

Gentlemen, bastards, you are.. my people. A while ago, I had the chance to pick up a bottle of 21 year old Imperial whisky, and that distillery doesn’t exist anymore. My dad was upset that I missed the chance to hold on to it and let it increase in value, but it was too good not to drink. It is my birthday scotch. I may have to take advantage of the Port Dundas’ increasing rarity and hold on to one of those..

love the videos, and love the trivial knowledge. Keep up the magnificence.

Patrick Fulmer says:

Really good episode. Nice to see Rex reduce the whining and fully embrace the splendor of Daniel month. Knowledge!

Shwank D says:

Its my right to die from shitty alcohol, how dare you protect me.

hupa1000 says:

VAT 69 missing from tasting

Lost says:

Michter’s American is my favorite “scotch”. 😉

Steve A says:

Michter’s American is their Bourbon mash-bill aged in a combination of used and new barrels (at least, according to the distillery rep at Distill America a few weeks back)

simon wennman says:

How about a history quiz for Rex at the end of the month? And if he passes ge gets to try a whiskey of his choice from the month? Just throwing it out there.

Armoring Regret says:

70% good video, I thinks that it is more about the money than the territory.

Spencer Morley says:

Hey you magnificent bastards. You mentioned that a 100% corn mash wouldn’t be possible, but what about using malted corn as your source of amylase? Coming from a biology background, I do know that α- and β-amylase should be present in any seed undergoing germination. I can’t say for sure, but I would suspect that some of the other enzymes (proteases, etc) would also be present. Given that, and the fact that anecdotal evidence supports the ability to malt corn and brew from it, would you ever be open to the idea of a 100% corn mash at Crowded Barrel? Put me down for a bottle if you ever give it a shot.

Turbulenzz says:

I really like these history lessons!

Jon Swann says:

Thank you for the censorship, but it looked like a biscuit!!

Stephen Hepburn says:

work sorry

Jimmy Jazz says:

Rex, you should watch the Modern Rouge episode with Daniel!!!! He taught me about Single Grain on day 1.

David Fentz says:

How many times has Rex forgotten how to read whisky labels? The world may never know…

But in all reality, it’s probably good because there are always new viewers that may have not run across this information yet.

SelmerMKVI says:

I love Slobbermore 18

borrow34 says:

Strange pronunciation of port dundas!

Martin Svensson says:

I’m having a bottle of amarone watching this – last whiskey is gone 🙁

Cowboy cook says:

So let me get this straight. The guy that hates spread sheets wants a spread sheet on the bottle lol? I actually agree though, the fact that its so hard to figure out a mash bill or what’s in the bottle. I don’t try, i just like to drink whiskey with out rubbing my head lol.

Erik Wait says:

This sells for around $46 in my neighborhood. I’ll have to pick up a bottle. Out of the 128 distilleries in Scotland only 81 are open to the public (2 are not open to the public due to construction or reconstruction) and NONE of the grain distilleries are open to the public. So, unfortunately I won’t be visiting any grain distilleries during any of my trips to Scotland in 2019 or 2020.

Russell Henry says:

Not to nitpick but technically you could malt corn and make corn only whiskey without added enzymes or am i mistaken ?

Caskmate - Everything Whisky says:

I absolutely love this Daniel month!
Btw, Scottish single grain whisky is legally required to have malted barley in the mash bill

John Hughes says:

So daniel needs his chart to help rex lol

wayne Clark says:

Hi Daniel and Rex, I’ve just bought an 8 year old blended scotch and was wondering wether the malt is at least 8 years old or the grain or both. Love the channel kind regards Kevin

R says:

What if you guys run out of whiskey to review?

Dick O'Polka says:

Nice history lesson!

qfc1313 says:

Hey guys, can you explain a coffee still?

dsetrucking says:

Have you all tried the leadslingers whiskey yet?

Shawn Gunn says:

Answered the question I first posed in my entry Email to the whisk(e)y tribe. I will look to add port Dundas 12 and 18 to my list. Looking for bottles that will increase in rarity the fastest.

Justin Haw says:

What would be a good Whiskey to start when you are looking to advance your palette. Example of what I have been drinking are in no particular order, Jonny Walker black. Singleton 10 year, Glenlivet 10 year, Glelmorangie 10 year and Nobb Creek Maple. Just would like some suggestions as to when looking into some more smoky Whiskeys

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