ralfy review 632 – Macallan 12yo Sherry @ 40%vol


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Temperdgrump says:

It’s $40-50 in the states, but even at that price it isn’t worth it. Glenfiddich 15 is a way better malt for the price.

On another note, wine faking is indeed a big big problem. Just look up Rudy Kurniawan. The man did more damage to the industry than anyone around. Pappy fakers are a big threat to the bourbon secondary market. They’re using ebay to sell empty bottles of 23yo for $200.

Robert Rogers says:

Ralfy: What if an American distillery reversed the typical bourbon mashbill and made a straight malt whiskey (according to federal statute) say 75% malted barley 13% corn and 12% rye. A straight (not single) malt whiskey. I think it would something original instead of a pale imitation Scottish (or Japanese) single malts. What do you think of the possibilities?

FordDog 87 says:

Was able to buy a bottle for $69.99 Cdn – that’s $20 off- found this to be a phenomenal 12 yo, one of the best I’ve ever had. Almost worth the regular price.

John Doe says:

Ralfy, I love your whisky reviews! Thanks for the generativity in passing along your expertise-I really learn a lot from your videos. There are a lot of shills out there doing these reviews. Stay true to the game brother and keep holding these business men accountable. I had a bottle of MacCallen 12 on my vacation to Yellow Stone this summer-saw it on the shelf for 50 bucks and fired it up despite some trepidation due to your previous review. 43 % abv and stated no coloring on the box! I hate to admit it but it was a good dram-especially the last couple in the bottle after I got home and it had a couple of weeks to breath. The bottle went rather quick-whisky-mountains-camping. . .my mood and the beautiful scenery may have had an effect. Congrats on the Speed Record-don’t forget your wrench turners come the holidays! Cheers

Zane Lodmell says:

Is this a Speyside?

roy roy says:

It is a shame they bottle it at 40%. I have had that one and it was ok but after having the 43% US version which I can get for $50 US, it is underwhelming.. I wonder why they do not just bottle it at 43% everywhere not just the US.

Alan Lumsden says:

Yet another great review of an ‘overestimated’ brand malt Ralfy. I’ve tried it in a bar, (very expensive), sort of liked it but, wouldn’t go out of my way to buy a bottle. Seems like it’s too clean and clinical…

NASACrooks says:

I like Laphroaig. Is that puts me in the upper class or just weird?

Alan Lumsden says:

Love the rants Ralfy. More rants man!!! :o)

Malt454 says:

The same valid criticisms here as with Dalmore: decent quality overall, but dispensed with an eyedropper to rather anemic effect. Good quality, but not a great value, current OBs of Dalmore and Macallan seem made for people more impressed by a name than CAN be impressed by the whisky behind it. Ralfy IS completely correct when he says “the label is the contract” because it is only through the binding nature of labeling law that any producer claims are held to account.

georgetfzhang says:

Hi Ralfy, thanks for the great and informative review as always. I’ve got a rather unrelated question, if cask is all that is helping the whisky mature, why are we not seeing whiskys that are being bottled in wooden bottles? Wouldn’t that continues the maturing and aging process even if it’s sitting in our cabinets?

Saltire says:

Sounds like exactly the same thing with the last review; excellent malt, good casks, direct firing, good protection with the labels; yet chill-filterred, coloured and 40% ABV for £70! Will give this one a miss me thinks.

Leandro Limeres says:

Finally Mac!

Unterwegs mit Odysseus says:

Für einen Whisky, der in aller Welt so unglaublich gehypt wird, sind 86/100 eigentlich eine Ohrfeige. Aber das ist ja das Tolle an den Ralfy-Tastings: Sie sind immer für eine Überraschung gut. Und genau das macht sie auch so glaubwürdig! Danke, Ralfy, weiter so! 🙂
[Ok … translation follows:]
86 points out of a hundred are rather a bitchslap for a whisky that has been hyped exceedingly throughout the world. But that’s the smasher: Ralfy’s reviews always spring a surprise. And that’s exactly the reason why they are so credible! Thanks Ralfy and keep on tasting! 🙂

Vishnu Mohan says:

Ralfy, would you consider Macallan Edition No.2 for a review?

ionz75 says:

This stuff tastes super weak and thin to me; I think I’ve been spoiled by Aberlour and Glendronach.

Justice Saint says:

I just realized … is that a darlek on the shelf?!

Steven Prime says:

I am confused. I thought that Macallan wasn’t producing whiskies with age statements like the 12 year old. It is impossible to find them in Canada – they are the Amber, Gold, etc series. So, do they actually still make and bottle 12 year olds?

Pubio Jones says:

Hey Ralfy, I’d love to send you an unopened bottle of Blanton’s Straight From The Barrel for review. Would you be willing to do this? Let me know please, thanks.

Razor Edge says:

Thanks for your very in-depth review Ralfy. Just recently I “attempted” a YouTube review of the 12yo Macallan, but it was no where near as informative as yours. Keep up the great work.

Carlos Reyes says:

1080 HD please

Derek Macdonald says:

i got the fine oak and the 10 year old and i like them. i was thinking about this one next. i was thinking talisker next also

drinkuptjaden says:

Greetings, do you happen to have a connection in the USA that can send you bottles of whisky? The Macallan 12 year is bottled at 43% and is the only country that sells it at that ABV. Sameness thing goes for Laphroaig 10, it is also bottled at 43% for the US market. I think it would be worth picking up these bottles to review them, should make a difference in the quality and complexity of the whisky

Heat in the Heartland says:

Repeat after Ralfy: “The label is the contract…”

Ray Raymond says:

Ralfy, — [1] I noticed that the Macallan 12 Sherry Cask that you reviewed is at 40% ABV. Quite happily here in the US (New Orleans), we get Mac 12 Sherry at 43% ABV. I bought some about a month ago & 4 years ago, all at 43%.
— [2] I suspect that we Yanks are lucky to get the 43% Mac 12, because of the competition from American Whiskeys, which (except for the low cost, base-grade Am Whys) is almost always 45% & above. Indeed, just about the only American Whiskeys that we get at 40% or 43% are the low cost, base-grade American Whiskeys, such as.Jim Beam White Label, Jack Daniels No. 7, Four Roses Yellow Label, Ancient Age, Evan Williams Green Label, Early Times, & Benchmark No. 8..
— [3] You having given the Mac 12-40% an 86 malt mark, I suspect that a Mac 12-43% would earn a point or two more from you.
— [4] Recently on Feb 8, 2017, Serge at Whisky Fun gave Mac 12 Sherry 40% a 3 star, 81 grade. In his review, He bemoaned the fact that the Mac 12 40% was “this thin”.
— [5] Maybe, you all need to come to the US to get a few higher ABV Scotches (at a much higher prices than you pay in the UK) & a bunch of good American Whiskeys (at much lower prices than you pay in the UK. 🙂 )
Slainte, Richard (Chocolate Ray Raymond is an internet pseudonym.)

drod103164 says:

Can you review The Macallan Double cask .It was a real treat for me.

carlos rosales says:

Watched this review (Never had scotch before) went to the store and bought it. Opened it. It Smelled great. Tried my first glass, and now the room is spinning! Haha! Great review though!

Welsh Toro says:

Christ Ralfy, Why are you reviewing 40% whisky? That’s more offensive to me than a NAS. By the way, don’t get too techno, it’s not right in the Bothy. Great observation about the British class system (it’s unique) but the folks in the U.S.A have a hard on for Macallan too. Amazing marketing machine for a quite good brand.

Ethan says:

Great channel, i love good whiskey but don’t want to spend more than 50$ What is the best scotch in terms of complexity and depth for the money?

John Henfrey says:

Thanks for the review Ralfy. I wouldn’t buy a bottle of, The Macallan. But don’t mind a wee dram in the pub.

Fiat Justitia says:

Slightly strange that whisky companies are expected to state on the label the ingredients that aren’t in their whisky. What other product does that? Better if companies that added colour stated it. MacAllan does not add colour.

matthew Beddow says:

I love Frank Coopers Marmalade. Could big Clive not fix your mic ?

Krapula Genkula says:

Great stuff. Fortunately I managed to collect two bottles to my bar before Finland prohibited alcohol purchases from abroad. There’s EU at work for you.

brettcone says:

this is one of my favs

FordDog 87 says:

Pretty sure they say natural colour on the box

Jake Marvel says:

You can get the Macallan 12 year old with 43 %. I like this one better 🙂

Josh Scott says:

Macallan has that reputation here in Idaho too. Like you say, it’s good! It’s just that off-putting marketing.

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans says:

Macallan 12 is 43% abv in the U.S.

The Hairy Mustache says:

Hey Ralfy my Macallan box
says it’s natural colour on the back, FYI

drmdmd1 says:

Ralfy could you compare this to the MACALLAN DOUBLE CASK 12 YEAR OLD. THX

Bone says:

It’s 43% here is Louisiana. I did the stuff but it’s usually waaaay over priced


I believe Macallan is a modeling agency now too by the way,

kelly j says:

Pass…. on this one

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