ralfy review 637 – Opening an old bottle of ‘liqueur’ whisky

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V Dursman says:

I find your reviews very entertaining,I have a bottle of Canadian Club from 1972 .Thanks for encouraging me to open and sip some!

Dmitry Reznitsky says:

Hi, Ralfy!

Thanks for one more review.
Have a look, may be this helps to remove old corks. There is a type of corkscrew known in russian-speaking countries as “цыганский штопор” (literally meaning gypsy corkscrew). Try to google for these cyrillic letters — you’ll see how it looks like. It was (is) used to open a bottle even with old and fragile cork and later close it.


XlamentX says:

Ralfy, a few weeks ago I opened a old big bottle of brandy (at least 1500 ml) from the 80’s that I knew would have its cork disintegrate into the bottle (which it did). Plus I saw a ton of sediment at the bottom. I took brand new unused bottles thoroughly washed from the local IKEA and emptied the old Brandy into the new bottles by way of coffee filter that totally captured and cleaned out any particle from the old bottle. I don’t know if the coffee filter will have had any effect on the taste of the alcohol, but it worked great. Cheers! – Vartan

Jakub Petryński says:

A good mate of mine and a wine merchant, showed me how to open a wine bottle with ball pump, i suppose it can work well in tis case. Or even the torch 😀 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjUgg4DUr7A

Mr. Sotack says:

Please upgrade your camera, ralfy!

Edgar says:

Love your passion, man!

blunderful says:

My grandfather had a bottle of Drambuie from the 60s or 70s that had been cracked open and the cork replaced, it had cork swirling around in the bottom and then the “new” (probably older than I am in my twenties) cork also broke into the bottle. I ended up straining it into a new, freshly emptied and washed and sanitized and rinsed and dried bottle of Drambuie which disappeared within the few months I was away. I thoroughly enjoyed the smidgen that I had, I hope whoever drank the rest did as well and didn’t mix into cola like a few of his visitors and my family members would do.

John Byrne says:

one of my favourites in my cupboard is a Ballantines 12 from the 1970’s or 80’s. its as good as many single malts if not better and I bought it after watching a Ralfy review. Many Thanks

JohnSG53 says:

We’ve got a choice of two ‘Jack Milroys”. There’s this one…..
and this one……..

I’m pretty sure Ralfy would be familiar with both! Eh Ralfy?

Polyfusia says:

Can you review the Chartreuse VEP? It’s the older version of Chartreuse Green, and I’m curious to know what some aging does for it.

Dan Green says:

“Depending who you’re drinking with”

Ralfy, you’s the best.

Maltman Mike & Friend's Show says:

I remember when we opened and sampled a Tomatin from we think the 1950’s (Pure Malt). No cork breaked, it did have a wax seal and boy it tasted VERY odd indeed! Slainte 🙂

M Pollard says:

The legacy of the Milroy’s name goes back to 1964, when John “Jack” Milroy opened a little wine shop at #3 Greek St in an upscale neighborhood on the west end of London. Over the next 30 years, the Milroys and their talented store manager, Doug McIver would make the Milroy name synonymous with exceptional single cask scotch. Eventually, Mr. McIver moved on to become the head of the venerable Berry Bros & Rudd Spirits Department and Jack Milroy struck out on his own creating the equally well regarded “John Milroy Selection” brand of single cask single malts. In 2009, Jack tapped Doug as his pick to take the special line of scotch into the new century – partnering with Berry’s would ensure that only the very best whisky would be bottled under the Milroy name. (from K&L wines)

boonkanina says:

Great, informative video! In solidarity, today I finally forced a ceramic bear and her cubs to give up their treasure – Cyrus Noble Straight Bourbon Whiskey decanter circa 1977. Not bad- lots of cinnamon, rhubarb, and apricots!

quasipseudo1 says:

Thanks for sharing the moment.


Hi ralfy Ive been watching a lot of your vids and they’re great. Just been wondering with how you view the rating system, what score does a whisky need to get to be amazing as opposed to just good or ordinairy?

123Zero says:

Great review as alway, Ralfy!
This was just posted on reddit in the US. Possibly the best whisky bar in the world is apparently in northern Japan.


Not big, but incredible. I wonder if he’d actually open the 1919 Campbeltown?

TheJohn8765 says:

It will be interesting to see how screw-caps age over time. They *should* be better than cork in preventing gas exchange (assuming proper storage etc), but we won’t know until our great-grandkids try opening up a bottle of good wine from the “legendary bottling of 2025” in 2070.

eric gilbert says:

Love opening up old bottles and having them enjoyed I there where meant to.

Dennis Hibbins says:

I rate this as one of your most satisfying reviews yet. Watching you open this ancient bottle and taste it live was fantastic. Thanks for this Malt experience.

Joe Trimble says:

I really want to meet you for a dram one day in Scotland.
Your reviews are really accurate. Thanks for your effort and video.

Admiral George Rodney says:

Does this mean it is sweet?

matthew Beddow says:

I have been to john o’groats and i have to say its probably the windiest place i’ve ever been , i could lean into the wind and it would hold me up. I do love Scotland and have been all over and have always found the people to be warm and kind.
I do love a glass of drambuie myself it’s a rich and satisfying Liquor with a great deal of depth of flavour . I know its looked down on by whiskey duff’s but i like it and a bit of what you like does you good.
Thanks Ralfy

Paddy Woodman says:

cracker review, your in your happy place, cheers for the good vibes

Rian Creamer says:

Another excellent review – I’d be so tense if I saw the cork do that . . . 😉 Glad it was worth it, thanks for sharing!

Ralfy, any chance you can discuss whisky prices soon? Just looking on my usual website (MoM) and most younger malts have increased by around £5. Some older malts (15 – 20 yo) by much more . . . If this continues I’m going to be priced out, seriously . . .

Malts must have increased in price by around 30 – 50% in some cases over the last few years . . . wages haven’t!

spankmeister says:

The marks are looking a bit tattered, Manx bothy mold got to them?

Carl Cooper says:

Well done as always Ralfy! Thanks very much!

MrJimmy321 says:

Hi Ralfy with decanting the whisky then pouring it back in to the bottle would that not increase oxidation? It will be interesting to see your future review and opinion on this. Great review BTW.

tkmikkelsen1 says:

I have a 1980’s Suntory whisky sitting in my cupboard that I am looking forward to trying. 🙂 This made me even more looking forward to it.

John Henfrey says:

Superb review Ralfy. You have really excelled yourself with this review, loved the solution to the dry cork problem.

00000000010a says:

Great information as always. Have you ever thought of reviewing a pastis? I find that a good pastis such as Henri Bardouin is a bit like a good scotch in the overall sensory experience. Just a thought!

Derek C. says:

I’ve a sealed bottle of George Dickel No.8 from 1977 which I’m trying to figure out what to do with…

There is only one KEK and Pepe is his prophet says:

15:08 and on is my life quote

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans says:

Was wondering if you had this experience.  Found a store that stocks a  multitude of a James Gordon blend(40% abv) from the 80’s.  Bought one bottle, opened it and was impressed.  So impressed that I bought another, opened it and was extremely disappointed(has improved a bit after a few months).   Would you take a chance and buy more at $39.99?

I'm shenoku says:

You’re crocked aren’t ya? 🙂

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