ralfy review 718 – Glendalough 13yo Mizunara cask whiskey

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Andy Cigars says:

Was hoping we’d get to hear your little pal Gene sing. Perhaps next year? 😉


Decided to buy – Writer’s Tears, Red Head the other day…
Absolutely gorgeous.. (NAS so Ralfy won’t buy it.)

fwp m says:

hello ralfy. thanks for the wonderful review. i liked the small diversion at the end about context. take care. fraser.

elkhead01 says:

Great review and thank you Ralfy. I doubt we can find this Irish whiskey in Washington state.

Slim Charles says:

Ireland has never set out to make war. Maybe so, but seriously, Ireland neutral during WW2? How hard was it to choose between the free world on one hand and genocidal fascist dictatorships on the other?

Roman Augustus says:

Incredible, Godling! The Essene and Gnostic connection is the Cuillean, the Holly. You run deeper than most.

Welsh Toro says:

Glad you reviewed this one Ralfy. Interestingly, I just read Serge’s review before I saw yours. He gave it an 83. I’m in two minds. I can’t help thinking that advertising it as aged in Mizunara casks is a bit of a gimmick. I’m sure it’s okay but it’s 80 quid for a 13 year old which is is a bit steep just for having ‘Mizunara’ on the bottle.

cato says:

Ralfy American bashing again

Stephen Dunne says:

Have you ever bumped into Richard Paterson ,am intrigued to know what he’s like away from the cameras and the media

Toracos Trader says:

Ralfy it is not mizurawa or mizunawa but mizunara.
I heard making mizunara cask is difficult in technique and only one manufacturer has kept making new mizunara casks in Japan. I, as a Japanese, glad that the Japan made casks are working in Ireland!   😉

WhiskyJason says:

This is a very fine Irish Whiskey indeed!

Joe Macchiarulo says:

Great review Ralfy! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

lorenz yacoubian says:

Thank you Ralfy for a truly wonderful and comprehensive review.
Unfortunately, this whiskey is not available on the west coast of the USA. Fortunately, Bushmills, Powers and Redbreast are..!!!

Eric Schwab says:

Sadly, this whiskey hasn’t made it far enough west (105 degrees west by the way) for me to be able to buy a bottle. One can hope it eventually make it to the Wild West. Happy St. Paddy’s day by the way!

albert miller says:

Outstanding. Bravo!


Still curious to know if any whisky has been aged or part aged in Sake Casks?

eric gilbert says:

Actually, The Irish did try to invade Canada right after Canada’s confederation . Call the Fenian Raids and paid for by the post Civil War US government. Of course the early Canadian’s send them packing.

jumpingwhale says:

Should we call you: RALFEY now, thanx for the nice vlog. You make me buy to much whisky and some whiskey

grbadalamenti says:

Watched this yesterday in train Frecciarossa coming back from Milano where I bought a bottle of Lagavulin 12 YO 2013 Special Edition. Today I came back to it as I forgot to like. Shame on me! Thank you again, Ralfy

Mark Wilson says:

I miss the old days when Gene would talk to us during reviews

Malt Philistine says:

Cheers Ralfy!

Nova Light says:

I forgo the green stuff and just pick up a corned beef brisket and some cabbage for my St. Patrick’s day.

foodquig says:

I should have grabbed a bottle when I saw it a few weeks ago…


I had a 3″ Guiness black and white soft rugby ball years ago.. My cat loves it..
More tat please!

mosesumike says:

Hello Ralfy, do you know what. You always give me the push to consider this saying:
„Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.“
Thank you –>Ralfey<– :)) and a happy day !

Sehraj Singh Virk says:

I recently purchased a 1970s glengrant 8 from thewhiskyexchange n it has a screw top.but has many little cork like sediments??are the cask sediments?n is it safe to swallow them or should try to filter or spit it??

Serby says:

How do you know whether to add a spoon of water or a couple drops?

oldfartatplay1320 says:

Have you ever done an episode on counterfeit whiskies? If not, might you consider it?

Bill Yarkakar says:

I have the standard 13 year old Glendalough, and it is a very nice Irish whiskey. Definitely not a Redbreast or Jameson type, more agressive and expressive than either. Also, it’s mee-zoo-na-rah. But that’s beside the point.

Ivan Shipy says:

Great review. .as an Irishman thank you for the good comments about our country. .I haven’t tried this whiskey yet but it will be on my list my next whiskey will be teelings single grain

Scotch n Soda says:

Thoughts on Tyrconnel?

pewpie99 says:

Great review. Happy St Paddy’s Day one and all.

neandrewthal says:

38th! A new record for me in my 4 years of faithful watching 🙂 I even watched this one before the extras video is posted.

colourlessbluethings says:

As an Irishman and regular reviewer, thanks for your holding back on the tat. Nice review, as always.

Marque Padley says:

Great review Ralfy, I just bought the Glendalough Double barrel based on your recommendation and really love it. Guess after this review its back to the liquor store!!!   Slainte’

pwrstn says:

I,m off to see what price this is selling at, go raibh maith agar.

al pal says:

Ralfy, you’re the best. I have a great mix for you. 50-50 blend of glenmorangie nectar d’or and benriach 10 year old. Add a few drops of water and a little time and you have one of the best malts around. alsutherland81@gmail.com

H Hildering says:

Is there a review of the redbreast cs coming soon? i really like it and it is a pure pott still. Have tasted some glendalouch on a whisky festival, a nice whiskey, but for me not that outstanding.

Soteriologist says:

Essene and gnostic world views are quite incompatible with each other though.

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