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Raster says:

You are a genius!

I will now stop worshiping Einstein. You are above this American.


I’m bidding on Islay Jazz Festival..
I wonder if it is yours?!?

Ach Raup says:


The Guide to Puerh Tea says:

Great video as always. I have a few Macs in the cupboard but its as you say, making a profit is all about timing and having an understanding of what the market wants.

Another hobby of mine is age tea and the regional auctions popping up in Hong Kong and China reminds me of the early days of scotch whisky before in garnered an international appeal and following. Interesting

BogBones says:

Ralfy, love the hell out of you. But as an American, your reviews are becoming a little un-relatable.

snacklofter says:

Thank you! Spanish Whisky? Any plans to review any Ralfy? Regards snack.

Sapphire Sword says:

You’re an artist Ralfy.
I’ve taken to watching your reviews with my eyes closed, so I don’t miss a word.

Why do I get the idea that you have walked on quite a few floors, that have uneven planking?

peter white says:

Unfortunately it’s not collectors who scoop up Elmer T Lee Bourbon among other Bourbons it’s speculators trying to turn a quick profit on the hype. I have had a bottle of ETL, good stuff but not worth much more than the retail price IMO.
Would love to see what that Rittenhouse 25 year Rye you reviewed back in 2013 (#396) would go for at auction now, 3k pounds I would imagine.

Triplecap says:

I loved that one.

Scotch Whisky says:

Sadly, in Canada it’s illegal to sell any sort of alcohol in any way.

MrJimmy321 says:

I also bought 3 of the Rosebank in your vlog 2 from the shop and one at auction drank them all many years ago but I like the 2004 foursquare so much I bought 15 bottles I’ve drank 3 but I think it’s one of those bottles that don’t come around much at £50.00 and one that reminds me of the turn of the century when for £50-£100 you could get exceptional whiskies . Certainly would be good to open a bottle in 20 years time and remember yesteryear. Let’s be honest it’s quality for the price made my decision to buy so many as it’s probable but not guaranteed that it will rise in value. Cheers!

PNWesty says:

I have a man-crush Ralfy.  Drinking distilled spirits and spitting deep wisdom.

Michael Manganiello says:

Thank you, Don Corleone.

WhiskyThrottle says:

I am thankful that you share your knowledge!

Stephen Dunne says:

Really enjoyed that ralfy,I want to treat myself for my 40th birthday can you recommend something nice

Alex K says:

Times change. Vodka doesn’t. But it does change you! 😉

Michael Farkas says:

Excellent video as always, and nice to see some Foursquare featured! Speaking of which… any rum reviews in the pipeline..?

LuckieGuly says:

Thanks Ralfy, where to buy all these liquors? trip to Scotland, are some of them at stores, the ones that we will open when is the moment…

novola1972 says:

Great info Ralfy thanks !!

MontalbanJR says:

I have one unopened bottle of Glendronach 15. I regret not grabbing a few extra.

bourbon_ alberta says:

Tits up! I love Ralfy. He should do a “Tits up” investment value estimate along with a malt score for each bottle.

Trust kill says:

I definitely grabbed 4 bottles if the lot 40 cask strength and stashed a couple away for years from now.

Nateorius Me says:

Looks damn cold there

ZA says:

Malty mackerels! (A fishy malt mention hahaha)

Noble Oak says:

Hey Ralfy great Video ! I have a whisky collection of 53 bottles ! One of my favorite bottles in my collection , is a 21 year old Vintage Rye , from KBD ( Willett Family) ! I think its very rare ! Cheers , Chris from Bremen/Germany

Todd Stevens says:

Love your channel Ralfy! What happened to the bottle of “scotch whisky” on your shelf?

Vegard K says:

Could you review an available canadian whisky?
Or a video about Calvados/Cognac, and what to look for maybe?

Great video as always, cheers!

Daniel Brown says:

Enjoyed the information and the malty-wisdom. I kept hearing the birds happily chirping outside between sentences, and it made me a bit nostalgic for home. The bothy, with all its drafty draw-backs, seems a nice sanctuary nonetheless. Cheers, sir!

keyfinder257 says:

Terrific vid. Very smart and helpful

Eric Schwab says:

I’ll probably never bid on whiskies at auction. However, I am more than happy to buy and hold whiskies that I can sell them at auction one day. Thanks for all the info and ideas on what to acquire Professor Ralfy. You are a gentleman and scholar.

Bogdan Galiceanu says:

wonderful advice and anecdotes!


Bidding on some bottles RIGHT NOW!
I’m having FUN already!.
I love it..
Enjoy your losses!
Win Win Win!

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