ralfy review 723 Extras – NOT collectable whiskies

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ilikethingsfromjapan says:


Steven Calwas says:

Fake bottles aren’t only at auctions. I bought a special single-cask offering from a reputable online shop. It was delicious, but when I went to buy more, it was sold out. Then a few months later, it showed up again, same bottle from the same cask at the same shop. I bought three bottles and thought I was such a lucky guy. But when I opened the bottles and drank them, their contents were nothing like the first bottle. Tasted like a cheap blend rather than a single-cask malt. Hmm, but because the shop was very well-known and reputable, I attributed it to my own changing tastes. A year later, the same cycle happened again. A different single cask malt was released, purchased, and apparently sold out, only to reappear a few months later. I gave it a second chance, this time buying only one bottle, but that second purchase was again vastly below the quality of the first bottle and didn’t even seem to have come from the same distillery. I finally learned my lesson and won’t be making a third go-round.

Jens Roger Kristoffersen says:

Enjoy your extras 🙂
malt mention: Malty Manninee Motorcycle Maniacs


My Whisky investment was well chosen after Ralfys advice…

But it got drinked!



Trey Quattro says:

more Ralfy + Clive reviews please. Perhaps you can add gold leaf to more types of whisky, and make fizzy whisky with the SodaStream?!

mck750 says:

Superb! Ralfy. How about reviews of the new Wolfburn distillery, Northen, Morven, etc? Cheers Mouse, New Zealand.

Daniel Gregory says:

Hello Malty Malaysian for the M-mention list ?


I couldn’t believe that the Auction charge the same shipping for 2/3 MINIATURES as they do for a 750 or 1,000ml Shipping..

Dumindu Karunaratne says:


Robert Rogers says:

Love those old ceramic whiskey jugs, reminds of the early days of American whiskey.

Temperdgrump says:

Pappy fakes abound! Just go on ebay and search for empty van winkle bottles. It’s gotten so ridiculous that to combat the fakes, there are entire databases of bottle codes that have or are being sold on ebay.


I cannot throw any bottle,box or tube..

Since watching this channel it is becoming an issue… Hopefully my new Creaky Pre Owned Shed can take up the slack!

Temperdgrump says:

Unless it’s limited Bourbon or Scotch, or age statement Japanese, most whisk(e)y isn’t collectible. Ex: Certain rye’s like Van winkle or Thomas Handy or Sazerac 18 are collectible. But others like Boss Hog or Jame E. Pepper 15, are a tough secondary market sell. Irish whisky also isn’t much of a collectors item and neither is highly awarded whisky like Kavalan. Branding is everything as is rarity, age statement, and availability.

Marque Padley says:

Love the review Ralfy, good advise for novice and pro collectors alike. Keep up the great work.

Adam Farnsworth says:

Ralfy, what are your thoughts on special editions? Specifically I’m thinking of Jane Walker bottles. I know it’s just JW Black, but since it’s a limited release, I’m hoping it eventually increases in value. I figure I don’t have anything to lose, as it’s an inexpensive purchase 🙂

Luke Morley says:

ralfy you malty star !!

Koon Troll says:

First non gay

Hendrikjandespeelman says:

As far as I’m concerned, collectible is opposed to potable.
slainte mhath!

Alex Noon says:

I am pretty new to whisky, I am a wine drinker. I love your videos, there are very informative. I am interested in whisky for the product and can’t stand this idea of “collecting” it. I don’t get the point. If it’s for speculating, then the whisky collectors are the enemies of the whinsky lovers because they’re the reason the price go up! If it’s for having plenty of unopened bottles (like by many people, as far as I see) it’s plainly stupid and must be assessed by a shrink (no kidding). Well, it’s an industrial product, and I have zero trust in industries. Enjoy your whisky people and as you say Ralfy : don’t take it too seriously, it’s a luxury product and is meant to have pleasure and some fun.

Terror Tower says:

Great review ralphy. Malt mention: Hello you malty malt decanters.

Jason Reedux says:

Hey Ralfy
I’m in Sheffield and we have some local gins made here from True North Brew and Sir Robin of Locksley, have you heard of them and would you do some gin related videos please much appreciated?


You totally Slur more on the Extras…

brotomann says:

I haven’t drunk very much whisky in my life, but I’ve watched hundreds of your videos. Knowing my habit for bingewatching your channel, my family got me a bottle of Springbank 12 yo at cask strength for my birthday. I want to give you a big thank you for inadvertently getting me to start my whisky journey with such a high quality single malt. Cheers!


Best Whisky I ever tasted was from a Miniature.. (£8.00 nearly)
Bowmore 15 year old Darkest.

Welsh Toro says:

Great advice as usual Ralfy. You can pick up some real gems at auction that fly under the radar. I picked up a half bottle of Chateau d’Yquem 2002 for £85 which was completely ignored by the whisky heads. Likewise a Del Maguey Pechuga mezcal for half it’s retail price because nobody was interested. Other people can chase the premium stuff, I’m not interested. It’s the quirky offerings that get my interest.

Yi Ren says:

The Macallan 12 miniatures nowadays all use cork stoppers. I quite like the miniatures!

Trenny and C says:

Geez, looks like we have amassed a huge library of NOT collectable whisky over here at Trenny and C! Great video Ralfy!

Scythian says:

Here is the French malt mention : “Hello Les magnifiques mutins malaxeurs de maléfiques malandrins !”.

KNUR Konesur says:

I recently started a channel about whisky, doing reviews and talking about the story of each distillery, and for my purposes the miniatures are an amazing option to have enough material to post, since I can’t yet afford to buy 5-8 bottles of whisky/gin a month… I’m keeping the miniatures in my drawer, but believe me, they won’t sit there for long so I’m not worried about the cardboard ruining the taste 🙂

Brian Streufert says:

This is my new favorite channel…..and I don’t even drink whiskeys for the most part. Though, I think I might give it a go and try some. No idea what even to buy though…..good lord, daunting task. Any suggestions from the group?? I live in IL so I am surrounded by Binny’s.

Frédéric Bricout says:

Yeah, Pisco is from Peru and not Chile 😀


I got a South African Red Label Johnnie Walker at auction…. But after shipping, tax and fees… It wasn’t worth having…


I LOVE good Tequila..
Who knows what could happen in the future


Bells is rammel…
Why not spend a pound less and get Grouse or Grants or Whyte & Mackay’s

I would only use a Bells bottle if I had enough cash to save pennies in!

Adam Lindell says:

Ralfy in previous videos you seem to have alluded to you having a soft spot for Springbank, Bunnahabhain and Old Pulteney because of their quality. Do you have any others, and if so which are they?
Cheers from Sweden

MontalbanJR says:

Ralfy how did you come about a fake bottle of Pappy?

Sapphire Sword says:

Ralfy, my friend, watching you fumble the start of this review, I was struck <> that you may have added too much water to the gold this time. LOL

Go Habs says:


Made in Coatbridge says:

Bell’s…my guilty pleasure. As always cheers for your insight Ralf meister


I’d rather have Lidls 42% Blended Malt than a Chill Filtered age statement.

321Sportler says:

Is Rosebank collectable?

Daniel Brown says:



Recommended pisco, @Ralfydotcom?

paul elephant says:

Used to do sound for a Peruvian night and always enjoyed a sneaky Pisco Sour very delicious.

Jim Richards says:

Did I hear a cockerel @10:40?

WhiskyJason says:

Thanks for those tips!!

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