ralfy review 725 Extras – The BEST Whisky in the World EVER !

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George ogbeide says:

Glengoyne 21 lite a light bulb in my head when I tried it. Glenlivet 18 made me go wow!

Ian Henderson says:

So … Lagavulin 16 it is! Ralfy scores it 107 points.

StamfordBridge says:

Ralfy, you’re an extraordinary speaker. Your talks are one take, and they flow so well, with everything well phrased and with the larger narrative so well shaped. I wonder whether your talks are scripted, or outlined, or just thought out a bit in advance, or just spontaneously delivered as they go. I talk for a living, so I’m just curious about these things.

Mr Blootered says:

Just to share a couple of my stand-out whisky moments.
Firstly at the Whisky Castle in Tomintoul when I was starting out with whisky appreciation – Mike Drury gave me a glass of early batch Big Peat and then a young single cask Caol Ila bottled by themselves. Sublime on the day.
Secondly on Islay – a glass of the Bruichladdich Octomore, drawn from the cask on their warehouse tour. Taken just outside the distillery and drunk on the beach of Loch Indaal with my very good friend on the most beautiful day.
Ralfy, I know exactly what you mean. Slàinte.

Alex Noon says:

Yep, it’s only about life, enjoying and living its own one without being afraid to be oneself. Ralfy tries to tell you guys that whisky is not an end in itself by a way to enjoy… life. Ralfy, I think the internet brings all this uniformisation, these lists, rankings and the meaningless “places you need to see before you die” or whatever and that pushes everyone to want to have the same thing, to behave and think the same way. You don’t have a TV, me either and we know why. The internet is also a way to control your mind… Too many whisky drinkers would think “what do I have to buy ?” instead of “what do I really like and really want”? I am for personnal whiskies for personnal people! Be proud of what you like, don’t take it too seriously (it’s only a distilled cereal ffs!! and it’s only an industrial product !!!). What you live, no one else lives it. Thank you Professor Ralfy !

Robert Rogers says:

The best whiskey in the world is the last one you enjoyed.

Jon Hamm says:

< > From Charles William on Elgin Street in Ottawa, Canada. Love your videos Ralfy!!!

MiserablerHurensohn says:

My BEST Whisky in the World EVER was with my nephew. We were sitting at my dead uncle’s lake house and pondering about the condition of my other dead uncle’s house next door which had been empty and unused for many years. After drinking up enough courage, we went exploring. Squishy floors and stairways that felt unsafe, Walls with a white fuzzy mold all over them, Drawers swelled shut from the dampness, Spider webs all over like you see in horror movies – A very creepy experience overall. Then we went back next door and poured some more Bunnahabhain 12 year old, The BEST Whisky in the World EVER.

Kem Mobi says:

Awesome Ralfy!!! U r the best!

31446963048 says:


Thought you might find this interesting

Dave Beasley says:

Jim Murray v Ralfy boxing match for charity. Make it so.

Adrian Rabbage says:

The press love their Listicles!

WhiskyWolf formerly known as Ebbhead says:

Best post ever! ❤️

Michael Finkelman says:

Ralfy, my friend, maybe it’s because I’m financially poor, rich in life though, I am so enthused with Glenfarclas 15 y/o UK version that if I never had anything else during the rest of my live, I feel as though I found what I believe to be the best single malt scotch in the world for me. Is that wrong?

Antony Mitchell says:

Is it bad that I imagine Clive saying the title in his sarcastic voice?

whiskey man!!! says:

Tyrconnell Madera cask 10yr is one of the best whiskey’ s ever crafted in my opinion.

Patrick Reddy says:


Shane54528 says:

The worlds best whisky might be a 50 yo Glenfarclas or a 30 yo Brora, but hardly anybody would know it.

novola1972 says:

Thank you Ralfy

Radioactiveslime says:

Bowmore Tempest V is the best whisky I’ve ever had. Simple as that.

Jamesmartens55 says:

I think the Ralfy collection of videos should be archived and placed in the British Library. A National and International treasure

Charles William says:

< > From Charles William on Elgin Street in Ottawa, Canada. Love your videos Ralfy!!!

Debonair Extraordinaire says:

The best whisky I have ever tasted was Benriach 15 year cask strength heavily peated matured in Tawny Port barrels. Was it best in the world? no but to me it was special. I will find another to replace it. That is why whisky keeps going from strength to strength.

mike addison-saipe says:

Hi Ralfy. I am BORED to tears with overly sherried whisky. To the point where not only do I look for un-chill filtered natural colour 46% abv (or more) – but I find I am looking for bourbon cask aged. If the distillers could only just be more subtle with their sherry casks. Instead we get overwhelming PX or Oloroso casks drowning the spirit. I’m having a rant I know. Your thoughts?

Rombout Mastenbroek says:

Thank you Ralfy for emphasising the personal experience in what is the best whisky. I personally score on educational factor, fun, taste and bribe factors. With weight factors I score the educational value is a dram I tasted the highest followed by fun then taste and bribe factor. Combined they give the iLaddie Whisky Nerd Awards values which are totally personal and definitely should not be taken seriously at all. They describe which whisky gave me the most boost in know how while having the most fun! Which is what personal growth is all about

petvrg says:

Hello, thank you for your fine reviews. I’ve found an interesting article about the chemistry behind adding water to your whiskey. I hope you’ll find it interesting. Greetings from Serbia! https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/08/17/543902701/chemists-say-you-should-add-a-little-water-to-your-whisky-here-s-why?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=npr&utm_term=nprnews&utm_content=20170817

Jay Raymond says:

For me, it has to be rock oyster and lagavulin 16

Trespasser says:

The BEST whisky I’ve ever had was Famous Grouse 30 years old vatted malt. Maybe other 30 yrs olds are just as good, but this one I bought in a closeout for half price. It was discontinued and never felt I could afford to buy another 30 yrs old in Canada ($140 for the Famous Grouse vs $400 for others). They had 10 bottles left in stock, but by the time I made up my mind to buy them, they were gone., Still, I grabbed four bottles which lasted me for almost one year,.

Martin F. White says:

Love how Ralfy puts the context of how, when, with what company you enjoyed the whisky, or any experience for that matter, is what makes it “the Best” or not. Everybody can recall that glass of whisky, bottle of wine, or meal that was unexpectedly outstanding and lives with you for years.

Luke Morley says:

im a big fan ….not only interesting and on whiskey ….but intelligent snippets on life the universe and everything !

Victor Hanson says:

from a mere mortal 17yo Mortlach from the Duncan and Taylor Dimensions Series

Kyle Beeson says:

What an excellent video. As you described towards the end a place, I could picture that place in my mind. I could smell what you described. Excellent! Raising a glass to you my friend!

Tim Pereira says:

The best part of drinking whisky is the variety. No fun in drinking just one whisky, even if it’s the best in the world.

Saltire says:

Sometimes it doesn’t even matter about where you are sitting, or what setting you are currently in (a fancy hotel, restaurant or bar with friends); sometime it can come unexpectedly from a whisky you know well; but for that brief moment is utterly wonderful.

I had a bottle of AnCnoc 12 (a decent but not astonishing whisky most here would agree on) a few years back and was about three-quarters of the way through it, but it was one of those bottles that got better as you went through it. Anyway itt was Hogmanay, with an hour to go, and I was not in the mood of celebrating it, or even having a dram to see it through the bells. I got ‘ordered’ to pour one to do so; so reluctantly I did. I put a drip or two of water in it, covered it and went about my things. As the bells came in, I drank a sip and it was fine, then I did the same, covered it up and left it for an hour. Well, when I came back to it, it had almost completely changed into something utterly wonderful, and I was blown away by how good it was! And for that dram at that moment, it was the best whisky in the world for me, and I’ve rarely experienced that since. And that was on a night when I wasn’t in the mood either!

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