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PNWesty says:

Another Ralfy extra that speaks to life beyond the whiskey world. Experience, honesty, respect, integrity – over marketing gobshite. Beautiful. I can’t find this bottling in Oregon, sadly.

donncha2 says:

Jasus Ralfy that must have been building up for a while. Good rant though. Gonna need a wee drop after that. Cheers.

grbadalamenti says:

…and the camera lost focus right at the sweary words!. Was that on purpose? I really liked it, I did’t expect special effects in your videos, but it made this little speech so much memorable to me.

Homer Simpson says:

You’re absolutely right ralfy.. I recently visited a few distilleries in kentucky and could tell the difference between the ones who work hands on and the ones who work off a script, its fascinating really lol

vettefatty says:

ralfy you have said you don,t give about a swearword ,when come the malt mention ‘ you malty motherfuckers.

Russell says:

Yep, it’s high time some brand ambassadors got a gobfull – that’s exactly what many do to us mere mortals, and it’s mortifying. Doesn’t do one decent thing for the industry. Maybe this (Ralfy’s rant) could be seen as an encouragement to them to veer off script at whisky events, tastings, etc so as to present themselves in a more relaxed way. As for tour guides in Scottish distilleries I feel like I’ve been blessed with a lot of good luck. After about 30 odd visits, I can’t think of one who got my dander up due to marketing flannel or overly rigid scripts. Truth be, I can remember a pile of guides who I’d love to sit down with again and enjoy a dram. And that counts for the young ones at 20 years of age, right up to the seniors in their 60s. A fine group of overwhelmingly positive and genuine ambassadors for Scotland. Cheers!

eric gilbert says:

Totally outstanding video. I didn’t start drinking whisky because Brand Ambassadors and most talk out of their arse.

Trevor 734 says:

Wow. My malt mention landed on a hot one. I’m buying a lottery ticket this week.

Daniel Brown says:

Are those new glasses?

Blank Steve says:

You said it mate. Over corporation tastes bad.

hollywood fats says:

could not agree more, ralfy. but maybe it’s just a matter of the world passing us by?

Eamon Adams says:

You were in fine form today, Ralfy!

John Marshall says:

Only distillery tour I’ve ever really enjoyed was the Benromach Tour I did years back, it was really honest and small scale.

Philip Eagleton says:

I think I’ve just witnessed a spleen being vented!!

Pete's Guitar Lessons TV says:

I’ll drink to that.

Danevv says:

In my opinion, the real issue with whisky today is the ludicrous attempt to market the product as a high value, premium, indispensable commodity which is reflecting an elevated social status. Whisky is being lauded as an elite notion. Of course, it is being done to justify the inflated prices. I find this tactic despicable and highly off-putting. Whisky is a spirits drink, and that’s that.

Eclispestar says:

That’s what I like from my Whisky makers. Honesty. If i smell a rat then ill go my way and find some quality spirit.

Al Paterson says:


Yitshak Vodzilovsky says:

Thats extra!
served Un chill filtered at a higher ABV Bravo.


I am near the fresh and exciting Peak Distillery in Ripley.. Derbyshire..

Wild TurkeyUK says:

Yup. Nothing wrong with a little bit of swearing. If I opend a distillery I would have the following on my lable… Non fucking chillfiltered. Natural fucking colour. Bottled at 46 fucking %. Now fuck off and enjoy, in moderation of course.

Marshmish says:

Well Ranted

Dan Hammer says:

Brain Candy 😀 😀 Ralfy, you might want to copyright that, because it’s pure gold. In the meantime i’m gonna use it where fit 😉

Erik Wait says:

Ralfy, I’ve been watching you for about 2 1/2 years and (in my opinion) this message needs to be heard by everyone in the whisky industry. I’ve met a few brand ambassadors and in June 2018 I toured 20 distilleries in Scotland (had a fantastic time and learned a lot) but I ran into some of the bullpucky that you talk about in this video.

JasonWhiskyWise says:

Fantastic review and addition about the Cask influence as so many people forget the importance of it in whisky. One thing alot of people forget is the people involved from the distillery and their passion, it’s one of the things which made me love Glengoyne and Bunnahabhain. I hated one of the distilleries on Islay which felt like the tour was read of a whiteboard. Slainte Ralfy!

Welsh Toro says:

Very well said Ralfy and I completely concur. I’ve come across some brand ambassadors and quite a few whisky bloggers have them as guests too. Nearly all of them are cringeworthy. Their job is to market their product. Sticking to script is part of the deal. False modesty aside, I know a thing or two about sherry. I have yet to meet an ambassador that can talk about the origin of their sherry barrels in any meaningful way. They think that saying “sherry barrels from Spain” means something. They don’t want ‘consumers’ to know that most sherry barrels used in the industry have had nothing interesting in them. That part of the conversation is shut down. Talking about NAS with them can make you puke. The people that work in a distillery on the other hand – they are interesting. Cheers. WT

Hendrikjandespeelman says:

11.39: “…Disingenuous flannel…”That’s a very eloquent way of saying “the finger.”
Cracked me up. Well spoken, malt master!

Albert Klampfenbeutel says:

Word! One of your best statement, Love you

Malt454 says:

If the industry as a whole went off script, or dispensed with the script altogether, there would be a lot more truth told about whisky – which tells you a lot about the script. The progression to more and more mediocre products is troubling enough, but it’s been fed by something worse: the idea that the whisky industry just makes up whisky reality as it goes along and that truth doesn’t matter if it stands in the way of marketing. The ongoing campaigns of disingenuous flannel are aimed at creating a generation of whisky consumers who don’t really know daylight from dark; the consumer isn’t given the truth because it’s been decided upstream that the consumer doesn’t deserve the truth and that the truth is counterproductive to sales.

Calling someone a consumer doesn’t necessarily degrade the relationship – in the spirit of truthfulness, it really helps define it: we’re not all part of one big happy whisky family where that which serves producers also always serves consumers and/or customers; producers, drinkers and/or collectors and investors have their own set of concerns and objectives within whisky and these concerns and objectives don’t always agree and, in fact, some are in direct opposition. The average consumer wants to buy the best whisky they can afford at the lowest price possible while the average distillery wants to sell all of its whisky, including its worst (and there’s always a lot of that), at the highest price possible – hence all the flannel and propaganda. Even so, the current system has increasingly lost balance, with little thought given to the people who actually buy the product while we constantly see stories and editorials from the “whisky press” about who is or isn’t opening/expanding this or that distillery, what the current concerns of the SWA are, and whether whisky sales are sufficiently healthy to calm the concerns of stockholders and investors – all worrying about whisky from an industry perspective that most consumers have no real reason to share.

We need far more truth in whisky, but until they can put someone on the road who can say that labeling doesn’t determine the effect of age upon whisky, that distilleries can’t and don’t “decide” where and when age matters to the product, I really can’t take any distillery rep seriously regardless of their experience or how well respected they might be.
In the end, NAS is the single biggest lie flogged by the industry today and the one which the industry will never divorce itself from without strong consumer pressure… unfortunately, it simply makes too much money from a perspective on product age that is complete nonsense.


I am without Whisky..
The lovely people at Green Welly Stop had a problem with my shipment…
They have been really generous about making amends ..BUT..
Bank Holiday..
This & That… And other things…

I still have no quality malt to enjoy…
My combined Whisky party fell away and all my Malt Mates hate me …
I keep re scheduling the night.. But..


I am not an alcoholic (I am.. I have ample drink)

BUT I have never been so excited for quality scotch (and the friends reciprocations)!!

Good things cone to those etc…
Unless there has been a bloody Bank Holiday!

Malty Manic Mojoe says:

Honest to goodness sake!!!!!

Robert Rogers says:

Ralfy, I would love to see you interview Jimmy Russell, Master Distiller of Wild Turkey. Now there is one who can paint the air blue with his language. Jimmy and his son Eddie are two of the greatest characters in American Whiskey. Come to think of it, these two can be rough as cobbs but they have made Wild Turkey one of the best selling bourbons. They also make outstanding whiskey that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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