ralfy review 745 – Islay Mist 17yo Blended Scotch @ 40%vol: (Re-reviewed 2018)

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RS H says:

I love how cheap this is! Taste is ok, nothing spectacular. I think the 8 year is better actually.

Andrew Green says:

Hey Ralphy, I’m too poor to be a conosair these days. But I managed to grab an £18 bottle of Peated Glen Moray that reminded me of Ardbeg 10 I had a few years ago. Maybe I’m too used to crappy drinks but maybe this is the bargain in the whisky world? I noticed you hadn’t reviewed it, maybe you dind’t rate it or haven’t tried it?

Hendrikjandespeelman says:

A tad orange? Looks like Irn Bru…

Diego Diaz says:

Should I trust all those medals and awards that many bottles boast about?

Pete's Guitar Lessons TV says:

I enjoy Ralfy’s whisky rants 🙂

DJ Scottdog says:

I think alot of the diagio malts are in danger of tasting the same, perhaps unremarkable due to filtration and e150. That being said, i did a tasting at glenkinchie and what ever they clean the glasses with make the nose of what should have been very differnt whiskys smell the same.

Surfermain says:

First brooootthhhheeerrrrr

trapper kcmo says:

ralfy, you look a lot my my grand dad. his last name was reid.

Robert Rogers says:

Ralfy: Are you going to review Laphroaig 10 year old again anytime soon? You seem to review this malt more often than the others. Does it change over time more than other single malts? I’ve developed I liking for it especially on cold winter nights. It is also one of the more affordable malts in my area.

kelly j says:

This is just ok. Ardbeg An Oa is far far superior. I know it’s a non age statement. But I’m begging for a exception for a review. Lol. After all. Uigeadail is non age and it’s one of the best you can get. Imho.
Darn it please review An Oa. Lol. I say that because it’s easy to get in the states like the 10 year old. Love to hear your opinion.

Juan P. Costa says:

B-R-A-V-O Ralfy! As an incipient-amateur-malty-anorak, after the review my thoughts took me to http://www.worldwhiskiesawards.com/winner/Whisky/2018/taste and some results really astonish me :O . Best regards from Buenos Aires!!

Vesbolk says:

Thanks for your reviews Ralfy. Most of us are looking for malts that we don’t want to miss. Please skip the junk.

Al Paterson says:


Sippers Social Club says:

Good example of how an age statement can be misleading. The age of a whisky is irrelevant in terms of quality. I could care less if a bottle has an age statement. Ive had so many 20+ year old whiskies that don’t even come close to many NAS bottles. Does the quality justify the price? Only question you need to answer. That’s why whisky reviewers are so important.

grbadalamenti says:

Talking of cheap marketing, a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label came to my mind. In the ’80s and 90s the lower label stated the highest awards at the end of the 1800 in cities like Sydney/Paris/Adelaide/Melbourne. Capitals read out to SPAM and they are boasting about awards won 100 years earlier!

addictedtoH2O says:

Hello Ralfy, could you possibly review Conor Mcgregor’s new whisky (Proper 12 Irish Whisky). He’s the world famous crazy MMA fighter with a fight coming up on October 6th which should be one of the biggest fights in history. He claims his new Whisky is top quality and it would be interesting to get your thoughts before the fight and I’m sure the review will get a lot of attention.

Criell-SDKWhisky says:

Malty Misty mountain marauders

Scythian says:

Hello. I advise you to review the french Chartreuse.

Timothy Richel says:

Ralfy, what’s your favorite whiskey from the Ayr area? Recently traced some ancestry to that area and want to taste the old land.

smashweights says:

Ralfy, can you review the new Aberlour Casg Annamh?

Anne Clarke says:

Always amazes me that a few drops of water makes such a difference – but oh boy does it though. Thanks Ralfy, always a joy and informative – Brisbane, Australia

mike addison-saipe says:

Sorry Ralfy. These blends leave me cold. I would rather have an affordable single malt on the shelf. For those who don’t like single malt I keep a JW Black and/or a Chivas Regal available.Or even a local small distillery, batch produced Gin !!
Other than that – these days there are so many quality low cost single malts around that I just can’t be bothered with blends. I appreciate your efforts to bring us the information however.

folkmarcmetal says:

I purchased this whisky as well, about a year ago. And coincidentally finished it last night. It was my oldest bottle when i bought it. And I was disappointed as well. Any 17 year old whisky should be atleast 43%, the amount of colorant, and it tastes like a 12 year old whisky at best, now i have learned this is due to bad casks. I liked the whisky but it was not what i expected from a 17 year old whisky.

Fred Labosch says:

There is a lot of Laphroaig out there right now that isn’t exactly sparkling 😉

mark5ization says:

Hello, Ralfy dear! That box looks pretty chintzy, imho. I’d easily pass it by if I saw it in “travel retail”…and no sort of box can rescue a mediocre blend. (Does The Famous Grouse do boxes? :-O)


I would love to hear your opinion on the Berry Bros Regional bottlings..

I can’t find them on their own website BUT they are for sale on Green Welly Stop, strangely


The LAKES DISTILLERY have produced thier single malt over the past 3 yrs…and can now be legally called “single malt”…”just saying”

Elizabeth Long says:

“◔ ◔¨ *

Tony Michaels says:

Photo synthesis is a quantum tunnelling process. No quantum physics…..no barley. No barley…..no whisky. Just sayin’ “

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans says:

In review #539 you stated of the 17yo, “It’s not what I would call a better whisky…something’s gained and something’s lost…”

Daniel Brown says:

Sweet googly-moogly! How serendipitous! I just found this one at a store near me for first time last night. Fantastic to have your input on this one. Cheers!

Dan E says:

The 12yo has the same sticker.

Jason Ladue says:

Bought it once and never again, I’ve had some JW black label that was better.

degmar says:

“…raise your prices..?! WTF? Why does simplifying the packaging process justify raising prices?

Rian Creamer says:

On the subject of blends I’d say Grant’s is the best budget blend currently out there (in the UK). In my, humble, opinion of course 🙂

Mr International says:

Will you be doing the ufc fighter Conor Mcgregor’s whisky review? I think its called Proper 12.

Jag Singh says:

Noticed a new blended malt stocked at my local Marks & Spencer called Six Isles made up of malts from Mull, Arran, Orkney, Islay, Jura and Skye. Sounds right up my street and for £25 it is well priced. Looks natural colour but only at 40% and no mention of ncf. Would like to hear the thoughts of anyone that has tried it? Cheers


Again you reinforce my opinion that Age Statements mean very little (unless there is extra information about the maker and the barrels and the cellars).

Inactive barrels..
Poor environment and the fact that OVER aging in poor barrels can have undesirable effects…


Did I mention that Marls & Spencers are having a Whisky “Clearance” sale?
Apparently when it is Gone it is GONE.

I got their exclusive Sherry Casked, ” THE ARRAN” for £32
46%, natural colour, Non Chill filtered!
No Age Statement …?

Excellent, very unique taste profile (I struggled to pin point its specific main taste component) and Pale as heck for a sherry cask finish..

And also the rather peculiar but very straight shooting
PAUL JOHN, Indian Malt from Goa.

This is the same 46%, natural colour, non chill filtered and doesn’t directly have an age statement…

In the booklet inside it states that it it 3-4 years due to the fact that the conditions in Goa mean that.. If a Barrel matured for 12 years… There would only be a single bottle left in the barrel due to evaporation..

This cost me £28 ….

Pure clean quality sweet fruity, toffee… Like a good Speyside.

Rian Creamer says:

Got to be honest, there are very few whiskys that I’ll buy now that are at 40%, CF and coloured; maybe a HP 12, GlenM 10 or OP12 if on sale. I do like to have a blend in though for a few reasons but mostly for whetting my whistle. A JWB fan for years but recently tried Chivas 12. It’s not bad but, for me, blends and malts aren’t really comparable. Sometimes the slight custardy grain notes are what I’m after – casual easy sipping with no ‘effort’ 🙂 As for pricing though . . . well, it’s all got a little bit silly hasn’t it?!

Regan McKee says:

Quit boasting about a 10 year old award you maniacal malt monkeys.

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