ralfy review 746 Extras – The ‘Shape’ of whiskies

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John Pinson says:

I am not as much of an advocate of the very old malts, but what you are saying about the “shape” of whiskey is spot on. People with more money than me look at me like I’m mad when I talk about how the flavor of a great whiskey can evolve and resolve over the better part of an hour. They also look aghast when I pronounce a younger malt superior to their very pricey bottles. I have seen plenty of luxury bottlings that were past their prime and losing flavor to the cask.

Pete's Guitar Lessons TV says:

Ralfy you need to get some anoraks made up even just for the hell of it 🙂

uhsemehicieronlas3 says:

How much I enjoy your videos! And this was one of the best if not the best so far. I will surely rewatch it a couple more times

Homer Simpson says:

Now this is real anorak content!!

pork chop says:

Love your vids

The Swaledale bothy says:


Schomo says:

What did you smoke?

is that what empty means says:

I’ve heard both good and meh reviews of Proper 12. I’d love Ralfy to review it.

TheTezla69 says:

i have to comment, this is a properly decent video i was fully interested all the way through, you gave great insight in this good job

mosesumike says:

My deep respect and thank you for sharing!

Luis Mántaras says:

I enjoyed this very much Ralfy!!

smidsyonfire says:

Fascinating stuff Ralfy.
This may seem a like a stupid question but just wondering if there is a correct way to taste a whisky when you’re trying to work out its character?

Gavin Cook says:

Hi Ralfy I’ve just decanted Glen Stag blended scotch into an ex port bottle how long should I wait before expecting results?



Alex K says:

I wonder if unaged single malt distillate is just a flat disk that smacks you in the face 🙂 as you cross the event horizon and reach “singularity”. This is universal theory of malty-tivity.

Tony Michaels says:

Synesthesia and Scotch. A great combination.

Robert Thompson says:

Ralfy…is there any bottle you have tried that just stood out as the best you ever had?

twigletts says:

Hey can any one help me I know nothing about whisky can any one suggest something to get me on the right lines and something to enjoy as a complete noob

John Tedrow says:

Adelphi’s 7 year old Glenrothes is one of the best whiskies I’ve ever come across. Don’t be afraid of young whisky!

Isle of Man TV says:

Hi Ralfy. Long time since we last met. Looking to do more interviews on IoM vbloggers – do call if interested 310000 – Paul

Sapphire Sword says:

Professor Ralfy?
Sir, I have a question before we start class.
There is a liquid called “Water” that I am told is very good for cleaning blackboards.
Have you ever heard of it sir?
Could we get a clean blackboard before we begin, please?

What do you mean, you never touch the stuff?
Surly your life has crossed the stuff from time to time?
Holy Shit! Oh!! — excuse me please professor.
But that board may look clean close up, but white chalk on a very badly wiped board is very hard to see, from across the world.

Maybe next time we could have a clean board, just for a change up?
Thank You
SS (*_*)

jwka2001 says:

The Knights of the Maltaverse

PhatTrumpet2 says:

“Pity the fools…”

-ralfy (2018)

Never expected ralfy to call upon the wisdom of Mr. T.

budman1778 says:

I wish I could like twice! Here Here to Ralfy and what he brings to us t he whiskey sipping people of the world.

aquawalter says:

No no no Thank YOU Ralfy you are the Best!

Reb Mordechai says:

AGE DOES MATTER BUT ONLY relative to the quality of the cask used for maturation.

In my opinion. Age is only relevent in combination with knowledge of quality and type of the cask which must include the number of times the cask has been used. Without this information there is no point of reference and Age statement becomes almost meaningless!

For complete transparency, the label should tell you the percentage of 1st Fill/2nd Fill… casks used, the cask wood types, the toasting and charring level used, the previous contents of the casks or whether it has been re-seasoned, AND of course, the final piece in the puzzle, the years spent maturing in these casks. Each of these elements on its own only tells a small part of the story and therefore can be very deceptive.

For instance. A whisky with an official age statement of 21 Years but matured in 4th/5th Fill non-active tired out casks might well produce less flavoursome and rewarding whisky than a whisky matured for only 5 years in 1st Fill casks.

I am no fan of Non Aged Statement whiskies but Age Statement expressions are almost meaningless without knowledge of cask age and quality and often, only there in order to hike up the price.

What a shame that companies don’t have the confidence to put an age statement on Deanson Virgin Oak, Tomatin Legacy, Glen Moray Classic. All delcious single malts so why be shy about how old the youngest whisky in the vatting is?

Oh, and something which is not mentioned anyway near as much, if you are shy about putting age statements on the bottle, why not go the way of Kilchoman, Balblair and Benromach that release Vintage statements. In my opinion, Vintage statement are a Win Win situation but that’s another topic….

Ludovic Simpson says:

The 4yo dram should serve well as your malty Manx medicine. Thanks for another excellent extra.
+1 for more young malt reviews.

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