ralfy review 763 Extras – American whiskey in 2019

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Jag Singh says:

On a slightly different note. I have noticed That Boutiquey Whisky Company bottles are priced at a reasonable level and offer a wide range if distilleries. Only downside is that they bottle at 50cl. Some promising looking younger malts from Linkwood, Teaninich and Aultmore. Any gems from their range you recommend?

pertristis says:

Ralfy, on an unrelated note: What can you tell me about Benrinnes? I picked up a single cask, cask strength independent bottling of a 14 year old Benrinnes bottled in 2003. Thanks!

nicoea97 says:

I hope you will sample (or maybe you did when you visited us in the States?) a Pennsylvania rye whiskey. Yes, Kentucky claims to make authentic rye but Pennsylvania ryes were consistently made over two centuries ago until that dreaded Prohibition and American tastes changed. Rye is now making a comeback and you should give the Wigle brand a try, made in the Pittsburgh area.

Jan Meeus says:

Thanks for the tip on that Mellow Corn @ralfy It’s about 32 euro here in Belgium land
, so really cheap! My wive got me a bourbon for Christmas: a 10 yo Russell’s Reserve from Wild Turkey distillery… good stuff as well!

John Hunt says:

It would be awesome if you could come to Louisville for a week or two and do some on-location videos here and in and around Kentucky.

sv122 says:

Hi ralfy! Could it be possible to do some more mezcal reviews? I bought my first mezcal (the maguay chichicapa) because of your review on it. I noticed that for most mezcals there are zero or very few reviews on youtube. Thanks!

Jag Singh says:

Hi Ralfy. Really agree on your point about fatigue and being confident in picking which bottle to spend my money on next. Also, I recently joined Twitter for my blog and am overwhelmed by the amount of marketing blurb being churned out! Cheers Ralfy

jumpingwhale says:

get your overbranded umbrella out ralf, and dont drown your dram haha

DJ Scottdog says:

The word craft puts me off a product

Jack Moate says:

Hi Ralfy… Getting into the bourbons and rye whisky etc. I was just wondering if after all these years, do you still have a soft spot for the very humble western gold bourbon, available from Lidl? I really find it quite charming for the price point. It also has a 6 year age statement which is nice to see. Just wondered if you were still a fan or have moved on to greater things?

RobFut 99 says:

“Craft” has come to mean overpriced, over-engineered, and snob-approved products in the US. We refer to them as Hipsters frankly.

jongmans38 says:

Totally out of focus..

Round Table Records says:

I bought a Bowmore Small Batch the other day and it was god awful! Tasted just like cigarettes! Any advice on how to save it?

The Hillbilly Piper says:

Every Bottle in Bond I’ve tried so far have been excellent. As good and sometimes better than whiskey that cost twice as much.

Tom Eis says:

Speaking of american whiskey: Please review the new Elijah Craig without the age statement and compare it to the 12. I know you were a fan of the 12, I wonder if the new version holds up to the old! Thanks ralfy

pi17835 says:

„Real History is a real message“. Good one.
Maybe also fitting you’re „leave me alone with your marketing stuff“ would be something like „If you (=distillery) have a history, you don’t have to invent a story“

Beer Bourbon and Games says:

Everything you said was so true. Preach man!

Lost says:

BIB: Single distillery, single distilling season, 50%abv, aged 4yrs in a federally bonded warehouse.

eric gilbert says:

Marketing firms would love to see BIB disappear. Low profit margin

J.D. Kimple says:

I think the New Riff distillery must have been listening to you. They are a young distillery that just released a BIB. Good on them, and good on you for calling it out!

Kirk Wagner says:

Ralfy, I have to admit if I’d seen that bottle on a shelf here in the US I’d never have touched it. The label looks very low end, and it doesn’t help I’m not a fan of corn whiskeys. I’ll try to keep an open mind on this one. 🙂

markmongo44 says:

Hey Ralfy, your special private bothie looks so cool. Can you pick up the camera and give us a tour inside and around outside so we can live vicariously and pretend we are the infamous Ralfy? 🙂 I love your videos mate!! Cheers, Mark

Lee Clarke says:

Rally, could you recommend a Lowlands Single Malt. Gift for a mate who knows his stuff! Unlike me!! Cheers.

Game Czar says:

Well after this I can’t very well NOT go out and buy a bottle of Mellow Corn. Raising my glass to history!

Craig Z says:

Heaven Hill make a lot of great whiskies, love their stuff.

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