ralfy review 766 Extras – Fine & Rare Whisky Show Glasgow 2019

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Christopher Rivera says:

Awesome video Ralfy. It kind of makes me wish I didn’t live in the US. They don’t seem to have shows like that here. At least not in Florida. By the way, I just got a hold of your whisky of the year, Glenallachie 12, at an obscure little liquor store. I almost couldn’t believe it. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. Great whisky. Cheers!!

mediaikonz says:

Ha Roy! So much good whisky knowledge in one frame.

Whiskey Novice says:

Nice touch Ralfy. Good to get a look around something that most of us will probably never get the opportunity to attend.

אליעזר יששכר says:


B Guns says:

Very refreshing video, Ralfy, in between the reviews. I love your on-location videos.

J. Cram says:

There is so much good juice at the festival a guy could go broke just sampling a few of the higher end bottles.

Callahad says:

I’d bet my dollar that a good portion of those whiskies aren’t what they are stated to be. Lot of rip off antique bottles knocking about

mike addison-saipe says:

Did anyone have any Northport?

jjmytube1 says:

So so lucky you guys can immerse yourselves in a whisky universe. All this is like images of an alien world. So many scotches that will never see the day of light in ANY store in the states. I live in Florida. Prices aren’t too bad and there’s some selection but the shows , the awe inspiring selection and events available in Scotland and to some extent in the UK, are enviable. Enjoy.

albert miller says:

Ralfy, you continue to surprise & impress with these Extras— this one is quite special, too. Very very fascinating & instructive too. Many thanks & a big “stadium cheer” to you & all the Malt Mates around the globe.

Bad Wolf 312 says:

One of the things that stood out to me was that most tables ( guessing the ones that really wanted the guests to taste what they had to offer) had water ready to go next to the whisky. Having watched your videos over the years I have learned just how much of an effect adding a few drops can have on a whisky.

linoleum Bonypart says:

Good to see it doesn’t look too busy

Eoin O'Connell says:

That’s going to be packed next year because of you !

grbadalamenti says:

Thanks for the tour Ralfy!

Noble Oak says:

Wonderful old and rare bottles ! This could be the Whisky heaven … Cheers , Chris from Bremen / Germany

Jeffrey Jensen says:

It’s cool to see you run into Roy at the show. Obviously the place to be. If I can’t go in real life it was good to tag along.

KNUR Konesur says:

I wouldn’t mind if you vlogged more often, this is great stuff! Regards from Aberdeen and Wrocław 🙂

Billy Hughes says:

Ralfy and Roy in the same vid — excellent!

Jag Singh says:

A Rye from 1905!! Did you try that? What was it like?

jumpingwhale says:

Ralf,nice vlog man, i love it, but please work on the focus on the camera, i want to see the bottles on the table, there must be something wrong.

uncle Nate drinks whisky says:


Michael Borriello says:

How charming and so very interesting! Love ya Ralfy!!! Always a pleasure to pop by your channel.

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