ralfy review – Whisky Of The Year 2017

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Robert Mello says:


mepm says:

smoke me a kipper, ill be back for breakfast…

Ryuko E. Lee says:


Mr Bob says:

It’s unfortunate that whiskey crafters are giving up quality for volume and $$$


Thanks Ralfy, just yesterday I ordered a Glencadam 21 to expand our range, can’t wait to try it. All the best for 2018!

Jordan French says:

Ralfy you do more for the scotch whisky industry than just about anybody out there. I always come to you for fact based, objective, and knowledgeable reviews. You are important to modern scotch drinkers.

vanveenmatt says:

I would love to see your collection of whisky!

Rokooooo says:

Ralfy, I love your videos! Thank you for another fine year of marvelous magnificent malt reviews.

Dave Campling says:

Just a bit confused? You rant and rave over about over priced whiskey! And you put out a Whisky over £120 a bottle??

hook1879 says:

Thanks Ralfy for your reflective and thoughtful videos. I have enjoyed so many of your reviews over the years. Have a happy New Year.

Gil Galad says:

Totally true, all of it. Also bought a fresh bottle of Dhalwinnie 15y and it tastes nothing like the previous one.

Kurt Miller says:

You need to get over the NAS issue, Ralphy. If only to keep you in whisk(e)y to review. NAS is where companies are going, most new releases will be NAS, and the quality of NAS is only on the rise, IMO. Don’t let your assumptions rob you of experience and make your channel irrelevant. Your channel helped build my passion for whisk(e)y. I want it to keep it’s value.

BeardyRebel says:


Sumit Aggarwal says:

Any view on the aberlour12 sherry cask? It was given to me as a gift. Haven’t opened it

ilikethingsfromjapan says:

what kind of fireplace is that ralphy??! I hope you have a carbon monoxide alarm

G. Ray Brown says:

old barton BIB $14 here in Austin Texas

iBurley says:

Obviously it’s your channel and you should cover whatever you feel like, but personally I think you’re shooting yourself in the foot by not covering no age statement whisk(e)ys anymore. Occasionally it’s done for the convenience of blending, not just to try and pass off a young drink to uninformed consumers.

Brendan Trollip says:

Ralfy please write a book on whisky.

Haringey says:

This is one of the best (if not the best) Youtube channels. Even if you don’t drink a drop of whisky!

Dave Martin says:

Thanks for the years of honest reviews! I truly have learned to enjoy quality spirits and spend wisely.

Jason Braun says:

Ralfy… when are you going for another land speed record? 😀

Patrick Proctor says:

Hi Ralphy,

Out of curiosity, what would you think about batches advertising the ratios of their years? I recently came across a man who distilled for Aberlour (and I checked, and he checks out) saying there are a couple 4-year-old barrels in batch 58 & 59–both of which I very much enjoy–alongside more than 10 barrels at nearly 15 years.

On the one hand, the flavour is amazing, and on the other, you have to wonder about the high price. The 15-year barrels justify it, but I feel people would turn their noses up at “4-year” whisky unduly. I’m not in marketing, but I understand how it works, and I can’t say I really disagree with simply not saying the year in this case, because it rightfully invites people to try it as-is, rather than rely on a superficial value. You have people like Daniel Whittington explaining how “older means different, not necessarily better;” but there is that intuitive sense that older means higher investment, higher quality.

So, what’s better for both the consumer and industry credibility? Age statements, letting products stand purely on their own without age statements (but with batch #s certainly), or providing ratios of ages on the box/bottle?

And for the record, maybe I’ve had 2 bottles of bad Talisker 18, but I can’t say I enjoy it over the 10, and I gave it every good try I could at various temperatures, with water, with ice, and even in cocktails (including the heretical whisky & coke –and I actually enjoy spicy, bitey whisky & cokes because they’re so different from the sweet & tangy rum & cokes). I need a batch #, because I have been burned by Talisker 18, and I don’t have quite that much disposable income.

Bean says:

What a big difference in color between natural and added color. Wow. I wouldn’t mind the natural at all, but the added color is a little more pleasing to the eye.

mbaker335 says:

I have seen bottles with no age on them and took this to mean ‘less than or equal to 3 years old’. I left them on the shelf. If malt producers are missing out the age then they are trashing their own industry and reputations. Really stupid.

Bob Airhart says:

Wow,Ralph you make such good sense as does your brother! Happy new year to you and Clive-thanks guys!!!!

quasipseudo1 says:

I love the 20+ minute reviews… it’s 20+ minutes I can escape from life and “dram” a bit…

Dave Campling says:

You say you hate marketing!! But is that what you have been doing online! then put something out there with your name on it and charge over £120 bottle???

sirvidia says:

Same jacket he started the year in. Has it been washed?

Astrid R. says:

Thank you again ralfy – have a great start into 2018 and please continue your wonderful vlogs!

Hoyet Hemphill says:

Happy Hogmanay, Mate.

Elas Mobranch says:

Thanks for all your reviews . All the best for 2018.

Zac Smith says:

I would not still be exploring the world of whisky if it wasn’t for you Ralfy! Great wisdom as always.

Travs Guide says:

right on ralfy the quality the quality!

Rich Lockyer says:

Oh Ralfy how I love your lifestyle and view on life, always such great insight to the simple things. It’s because of you that I am enjoying my malt journey only starting a year ago. Please keep up the reviews, they’re so enjoyable.

G. Ray Brown says:

looks cold!

Richard Simpson says:

Ralfy, you are a true gem of the whisky internet. I love your flannel jackets as much as the drams. Happy New Year !

Ory Band says:

Happy new year Ralfy from Israel! Thanks for all your reviews and being such an important opinion maker in this industry.

Alfonso Martinez says:

I’ve begun my malt moments journey this year thanks in many to your videos Ralfy. Thanks for the entertaining insights! Cheers from San Diego!

Max's Cognac Review says:

More Cognac please !

Kyle Clement says:

Cheers Ralfy, you’re a well-spoken gentleman and I appreciate your comments on the importance of time in peace and solitude. Merry new year.

Radio Laboratory says:

hey Ralfy.
I purchast the Ardbeg10 gif pk w/2 mini airplane botlz Corryvrak n Uigy on special $51
boy th A10 aint wat it was las yr. “very thin”
no “body” here @ all.
wel thts that!
minis r delish but th A10 …84/100
any1 else buy tht gif pk??

e g says:

You’re leading a good life. We thrive on YOUR opinion. I drink what I drink, but I converse a lot on your experiences. I’m a hard taster, but I’m not as hard as I’d let on. So let me cite, ya cunt!

Donn Testa says:

Ralfy I just wish to say happy holidays to you fellow malt bro! Thank you for years of excellent video reviews! I think I’ve been on board with you for bout 6 years or so now. And it’s been a fantastic journey mate. I’m in Massachusetts USA and though I did a run o’time loving scotch and aged rums I find myself mostly investing in my local whisky straight bourbons, sorta my national heritage, I love the guarentee of every straight American whiskey, that 4 years is guarentee unless lesser is stated, but rarely is the case, and nothing added. I still fancy scotch, and all whisky, it really is the water of life in moderation as long as one doesn’t drink too deep o’ the well in one sitting lolol. I think my biggest fancy is exploring “bib”s our bottled in bonds which still go mostly under priced and unnoticed! Really fantastic and affordable whisky and if bib is on the label you can be sure of a treat and a whisky experience! Any way happy holidays brother and a happy New Year and I’ll try to snag a bottle of your “2017” pick to watch the new year video with and enjoy along wit ya! I do value your system, nothing added, age statement right on the bottle etc etc.

Willie LaBonne says:

Ralfy, thank you for YOUR time- time is worth more than money. I love this and all your reviews. By this review alone I went out and bought Glencadam 15! I’ll uncork it new years eve by the fire. Thanks again!

Charlie D says:

Hello Ralfy,
I have enjoyed many of your revies on you tube. I recently purchased an Irish Whisky from Boann. It was The Whistler 7 year. I was quite disappointed, particularly for the price. 85$ Canadian for a whisky that after tasting seems highly caramel or added sugar, was too woody in overall flavour and seemed to have a high level of over woody sherry aftertast as well. Have you reviewd any of Boann’s products. This one just did not pass the grade as far as I am concerned. Keep up the great reviews. Be sticking to Green spot or RedBreast for smoother irish malts in addition to a mix of excellent scotch based often on some of your fine reviews. Cheers! Charlie from Montreal Canada

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