Scotch Experts Review Cheap Whiskey

Breakfast is the most important drink of the day.

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MetalViking says:

Well, you don’t drink Fireball if you want a whiskey, you drink it if you want a nice shot at a party^^

bud389 says:

Wild Turkey is a cheap whiskey?  Jesus.

awesomegamedude says:

wtf is this? whiskey and bourbon is not the same. God almighty…

Jeffrey Munoz says:

*Evan Williams is my absolute favorite*

Velius says:

*glances over at empty 1.75s of Fireball*

I mean… they’re not wrong

James says:

i love fireball whisky D:

John Juhasz says:

I ain’t no scotch expert (although I like scotch)… but wild turkey and Evan Williams are pretty nice.

Lunos XV says:

Wtf, that was buzzfeed? It gets a dislike from me.

TOom Jones says:

Does this chick’s lisp get worse the more she drinks? lol

marioo marsupial says:

fireball is great

James Bray says:

Fireball isn’t even whiskey wtf?

LonelyCubone54 says:

i thought it was Jim Bean with an N

Oh no I’ve switched universes

grapphiiczak says:

apparently rubber is good and fireball is bad yall give yer head a spin fire ball is deliverance of the gods

HeavyMetalMatt says:

Evan Williams is fucking disgusting how was that rated so high??

Edwin Joseph says:


filmfrosk says:

Fireball is nice. What are these doucheheads talking about?

Ryan Fiscus says:

this video is better known as “pretentious assholes think they can give reviews on cheaper whiskey”

Olympia.WA says:

Awe damn, good old fireball. I used to love that stuff. Kept a 26 in the freezer at work when I worked in a kitchen. Always got me through busy nights.

Grant Wilson says:

Try whisky and not whiskey. Whisky is the Scottish, and better version.
P.S Scots hate bourbon being calles whiskey.

luismtzify says:

Fireball is my favorite. I would give it a 5 star in my opinion.

True Kappa says:


Richard Collins says:

Apparently, bad whiskey = good whiskey. They say all these bad-sounding things about it, and then give it a 4/5. I don’t get it.

Stefan Milosevic says:

But no regular jack

daniel gunner says:

They sound like faking assholes.

Unco Casey says:

Imo wild turkey wiskey tastes like dirty water

Exploding Bullets says:

What am I looking for in whiskey is too get laid

Joel Rodriguez says:

Where I’m from everyone thinks they’re country and they think they’re cool cause they drink fireball lol

Ken Harris says:

they judge on personal taste rather than quality. They are professional alcoholics and not whiskey experts.

Spiros Menidi says:

I didn’t even know fireball was fucking whiskey! LOL

Rory McGuire says:

“Tolerable… 4/5”

Daniel Geary says:

The snark factor is high, but no useful information was conveyed. The only people laughing were the tasters.

Marcus Hall says:

“toasted oak” i swear all you need to be an “expert” is a good vocabulary and some fun facts about the drink

Timex 50 says:

I want to see the opposite: people who say they like cheap whiskey taste a variety of 18 year old single malt scotches.

mark224 says:

“Scotch expert”

Get fucked.

filmfrosk says:

Could you guys find a more annoying, cliché guy? Ugh.

Abraam Georgiadis says:


Michael Sabando says:

Dude looks the fun uncle, with kids whom you rarely see.

lil' pupper says:

Cheap Whiskeys? In my country they are considered an expensive alcohol…

Lars Erik Vestergaard says:

These bozos wouldn’t know real whiskey if it porked them in the crapper.

Wardengarde says:

Evan Williams isn’t even that bad. I can also get a handle for less than $20, so it’s the perfect big camping party whiskey.

Sector 001 says:

Why didn’t you give them Woodford Reserve, Knob Creek, or Buffalo Trace, to rate?!

John-Philip Provost says:

Wild Turkey ftw

krashkow says:

Glad to see that they were relatively kind on Evan Williams. I find it to be the best value of cheap bourbons. Are there better bourbons in the world? Sure. But are you going to find a better bourbon at ~$10 for a 750ml? Not likely. Further, Evan Williams punches above its weight. I’d take it over a fair number of $20-$25 bourbons.

Yung RiceFields says:

“has no ups”

moviegrapevine says:

Surprised that the scotch experts actually end up being the least snobby experts on here

dklyde says:

THey hated the sh*t honey whiskey that shows they know their stuff

aklepatzky says:

I love fireball

DTE says:

Tastes like cinnamon negative infinite

Koala Koala says:

Wait what? Jim Beam is better than Jack Daniel’s? Then why is Jim Beam cheaper than JD? :O

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