Suntory Toki Blended Japanese Whisky – 60 Second Whisky Reviews #043

New from the House of Suntory is Toki – a blended Japanese whisky meant to be an easy entrant into the category, but is it complex enough to be interesting? Give me 60 seconds and find out as The Whisky Guy tastes Suntory Toki Blended Japanese Whisky!


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Aaron Kirpal says:

I cannot find this anywhere. I have tried Kikori and found it very good. I live in modesto California any ideas where this is available? Also Alot of these great drinks yoy review is very hard to find around my area. I might have to take a drive to the San Francisco area and explore out there.

walter a heller says:

Just got a bottle of this, so thanx for you insight!

stacey deittman says:

ahhhhh. ARI!!!!!!!! i miss you and talking whiskey! SO good to see and hear your whiskey thoughts. Did you notice that I prefer the “ey” spelling of my favorite spirit. Yes, it’s true! 🙂 CHEERS!


Lemme sum it up. It’s dank

Jason Voorheese says:

How does it compare with Hibiki Harmony

Raster says:

The Japanese prefer to use a screw top. To them is it a higher quality bottle sealing mechanism.

Their particular type of screw tops are high quality. If you study the issue you may find that the Japanese screw top design is a superior sealing mechanism. They avoid all problems with the chance of cork failure with age, potential problems with corks leaving small pieces in the bottle, etc.

Please take another look at the Japanese screw top design. They seem high quality. They work well.

Starving Rtist says:

What does 3rd shelf mean? How many shelves do you have???

aNightmaresRequiem says:

Dead channel?

avann66 says:

Definitely a blend. about on a par with Dewars.

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