The Big Smoke Blended Islay Malt 60% From Duncan Taylor – Whisky Review

Today we taste and review The Big Smoke Blended Islay Malt 60 From Duncan Taylor


Nordein Deatheater says:

” I’ll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.” – Big Smoke

Compact Disc says:

I’m from Sheboygan Wi, in the top ten drunkest cities in the US, hundreds of bars, but its all beer and wine, Kessler is the only whisky people drink here, I have yet to find a bar with more choices.

Eric Willett says:

Not really a whiskey bar, but Old Sugar Distillery in Madison WI is a fun micro-distillery that has a sorghum whiskey called Queen Jennie. It’s really unique. I’m saving my bottle for whenever we get Meet Ups going.

Bill Yarkakar says:

Beware the Ides of March, Rex!

Cody Hasty says:

Now, will Rex month FOLLOW Daniel month? And could either be more glorious than Rex week last year?!?! And does Daniel get to say “Service me Mooch!”, as he pounds on his little dingy app?!?! The suspense is unbearable…..

J.P. Roulet says:

We need arbitrators

billlewis141 says:

Guys, do you have Red Spot Irish in stock, and if you do, please review!

MDMAmazin says:

SE Wisconsin Bars – Oak Barrel Public House ~ Milwaukee / Rumpus Room ~ Milwaukee / Safehouse ~ Milwaukee / The Palm Tavern ~ Milwaukee / Burnhearts ~ Milwaukee / Jo-Cat’s Pub ~ Milwaukee

Boyd Williams says:

Please review teachers highland cream

zackzenron says:

Daniel Month starts tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! Let the magnificence begin.

Gene3067 says:

So is the marriage counselor still there? Can you include him somehow? (Tribe channel shenanigans!)

Matthew Harding says:

This is unrelated to this video, but I have a new bottle of Bulleit Rye. When I got home today I noticed some droplets inside the bottle. It’s still half full and the cork feels like it seals pretty well. Will it harm my rye and what could have caused it? It’s not sitting in a sunny/bright or warm location. It’s winter here in Korea and I don’t have the heat on.

Andrew Kall says:

My birthday is March 19th. I hereby swear to purchase and consume whatever whiskey Daniel features on that day. Make it good (and relatively affordable) Somme!

BLB says:

DANIEL MONTH Yessssss. Cant wait for tomorrow!

DJ Douglas says:

Daniel, an excellent idea might be for you guys to try sherries and see what they add to a whisky by having a scotch for each example. Also, hey Rex. Thanks for the dump glass technique.

DaeAlbusFuego says:

Do I still need to turn my whiskey bottles over briefly every couple to a few weeks if they are unopened?

Trenny and C says:

If you’re going to do Roy’s challenge then you should probably also do our Drinko Plinko!

Bart says:

Daniel, if you would water it down every time would there be a reason to just not buy the 46% bottle? So, you don’t have to water it down? Or is there still a difference between a 60% watered down and a 46%?

Steve Johnson says:

Palm Tavern is a great whiskey bar in Milwaukee WI. I went to a Japanese whiskey tasting there and also got to try Ardbeg Dark Cove. Huge selection and the guy who picks the whiskeys is very knowledgeable.

Joshua Fetter says:

Daniel month MUST be March so that it can end on my brithday, March 31st!

WhiskyWhizard says:

So excited for Daniel month!

Peter Schumacher says:

Personally, I’ll never forgive Big Smoke for betraying CJ and Sweet.

brendan alan says:


cara rafferty says:

Great show guys. I’m headed to Kentucky in a few months for vacation. Are their any recommendations for unique, rare or regional whiskeys not found on the average liquor store shelf.

James Schiller says:

Best places for whiskey in Wisconsin that I have found are Suburban Bourbon in Muskego, Great Lakes Distillery in Milwaukee and Whiskey Bar in Milwaukee.

Bigchill01 says:

Newer to whiskey, enjoying it a lot. Going to be driving through Kentucky around the 25 of march. Going to try to make room to do one burbon distillery tour. But only have time for one. Where do i go?

Roshan Lister Lobo says:

Hey guys… Could you review Oban Little Bay please?

Mr BoJangles78 says:

Every March should be Bastard month

Nathan Mowery says:

Bastards! My bastards!

March 1st is my wife and my 5th anniversary! Daniel, you are more my people than the plebeian 1-dimensional peaty behemoth! We toast to you on this wondrous day, May you toast also to us! Slainte

With Usura says:

Two heavy peats on back to back nights. Please start Daniel month with Octomore 8.3.

L Furman says:

Have you done or considered doing a Texas smoked whiskey? Mesquite instead of peat?

Mike Chamberlain says:

you guys need a camera on the garbage can so we can check out Rex’s skills

marcusmeb says:

2:17 for dolphin sound. Thank me later

Brandon Knight says:

Finally Chad is back on his game! Go sparkle master!

marcusmeb says:

I often get a xylitol sweetness from peated whiskys, anyone else?

Celtic Grizzly says:

So hey, I understand that there are countries more commonly known for whisk(e)y (Scotland , Ireland, America, etc). So my question for everyone is: what all countries have whisk(e)y on the market, and what’s the most obscure bottle you all have (or have seen)?

Mitch Vanover says:

how does one cope with the massive responsibility of being both a master mooch and a one-dimensional smokey behemoth?

ribbit1964 says:

looking forward MARCH 1st & Daniel Month! but man Rex Day will be like groundhog’s day this year!

Austin Klinefelter says:

Drackenbergs cigar bar Madison Wisconsin

Matthew Switzler says:

If you’re in Madison, WI, you should go to Cask and Ale but go before 9PM. The Malt House, Free House in Middleton, and Merchant are good as well.

Dad Jokes 101 says:

Rex Williams, you cannot mooch MARCH DANIEL MONTH. Not only did you kick your whisk(e)y Eagle thingy in the thingy and your mooch powers are in question; you were cheeky to Christina Zirpoli; and paid the price with a barrage of Dad Jokes, (YOU BROUGHT IT ON YOURSELF). Furthermore, Hopefully you have grown to like one of the greatest forms of humour: DAD JOKES and will contribute your own Dad Jokes, Shaggy Dog Stories and puns to show you are gracious in defeat! Roll on “Daniel Month of March!”

Scott LaBruyere says:

The one thing that I think about when I hear the two words powerful yet caressing is The movie Of Mice and Men with John Malkovich. “I get to tend them rabbits George.”

Barry Sullivan says:

Hi guys,
I’m new to The Whisky Vault and was looking to buy a bottle Port Charlotte Heavily Peated. While at my local store I noticed they have two varieties of Heavily Peated, one with Scotch Barley and one Islay Barley. My question is how much of a difference if there between the two other than price, The Islay Barley being about 20 dollars more expensive. Which one would you recommend trying?
Keep up the good work with the Channel and can’t wait to see what Daniel month has to offer.

Barry from Boston

Blitzerg Kon says:


Floppyhat Overlord says:

What do you think of House of Stuart Scotch, Suntory Toki, and Know Creek straight rye small batch?

Ian O'Loughnan says:

Are the notes in a whisky from terpenes? Similar to marijuana having flavors and smells such as blueberry, lemon etc.

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