The Epicurean and Timorous Beastie Whiskey Review

Daniel month day 13 – Today we taste and review The Epicurean and Timorous Beastie Blended Malt.


Anthony Dunne says:

Peter Capaldi, check him out in a sho called the thick of it.

Mark R says:

@ Daniel – if u liked the gentle sarcasm of Peter Capaldi in the later Who stuff….and want to step it up a little! Check out the unbridled viciousness unleashed in The Thick of It.
Awesome stuff!

Daniel Sedota says:

Good job boiz always love watching

Lorensoth3 says:

Breaking out the Dr. Who you fricking MAGNIFICENT BASTARDS! I was lucky enough to get into that years ago from a co-worker, it’s been a wild ride ever since! 😀

Anthony Dunne says:

id choose to drink with the hobbits from Lord of the rings, I believe that Mery and Pippin would be great drinking partners.

CandytimeMoto says:

Daniel is producing Rex’s new band? Apocalypse Orchestra?? This should be theme song of rex month lol.

Killahbrew ! says:

You mispronounced two distilleries in this episode. Pronunciation must come with the level four “sommelier.”

JC Fernandez says:

Cow bell Zone

Wicho Loco says:

Im drinking Bulleit with diet Coke feel it

lee teague says:

Scotch with Scotty from Star Trek

Joe White says:

Woodhouse’s Smith with a silent P!!!!!!!!!

desdecardo says:

You guys should write ad copy: Timorous Beastie; It’s a different kind of animal.

Roshan Lister Lobo says:

Hey guys… Could you review Oban Little Bay please?

Andrew Shelton says:

What would TARDIS aged whiskey taste like?

Don Clark says:

Douglas Laing!!!!!!

Buddha & The Drunk Monkey says:

Fictional character of choice, Logan Ninefingers AKA The Bloody-Nine.

Josh Boehk says:

Got my first bottle of Laphroaig yesterday. The Quarter Cask was on for $8 off locally in Ontario ($72). Oh lord I’m BUYING THIS AGAIN. I had at one time suggested Alberta Premium Dark Horse. I now feel that it is entirely Vanilla Candy and uninteresting except that its 45%.

Richard Johnson says:

Daniel wouldn’t you rather drink with frodo bilbo or Gandalf?

Trenny and C says:

Never tried these ones and always wondered if they were worth the price. Thanks for the video! Cheers eh!

Daniel Treadwell says:

And this is officially my favorite episode ever. We geek out over whisky, and we geek out over Doctor Who. Nothing could be more perfect.

Davor Azic says:

Doctor Who is nothing compaired to “Super Hik”, who is a character from a cartoon called Allan Ford which is huge in europe and especially in Italy.To make the long story short he is drhnk all the time and steals from the poor to give to rich!How crazy and awesome is that!

Bent Walls says:

Wonder if they realize they both picked Doctors that represent their inner selves. I could go into detail but let’s just call it (Cantankerous) Wisdom vs. (Melancholy) Shenanigans. [Squeak], that was hard to boil down…I mean, for [Squeak] sake, Capaldi’s Doctor plays guitar. Also, weirdly enough, Tennant calls Rose a Timorous Beastie in the episode Tooth and Claw.

ibrahim zaaimi says:

Did you guys hear about PBR whiskey? it seems they got the same idea as your technically whiskey!! They made a 5 second whiskey.

littleflower1826 says:

I’ve never drank a drop of whisky, but you two are SO GOOD, I watch you every chance I get! Thanks for the fabulous education in economics history–I’m loving Daniel month!!!–and for the hilarity!

manny1406eb says:

Dude! U guys are Whovians! I like u guys more now! Lol my favorite show!

el greco says:

Can you do a comparison video of blended malt scotch? I’ve tried Naked grouse, monkey shoulder and all of Douglas and Laing whiskys. ? I know it’s an unpopular category but they’re fun to drink

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