The Peat Monster Cask Strength Magnum Whiskey Review

Today we taste and review The Peat Monster Cask Strength Magnum Limited Edition.


Flanky says:

R: “Welcome to the Whiskey Vault! I’m Rex”
D: “I’m Daniel!”
R: “He’s a level 3 whiskey sommelier”
D: “And he’s a one-dimensional smoky behemoth”

Michael adams says:

I’m drinking peat monster right now. It’s my first time trying it very sweet on the nose for me followed by earthyness. I’m still new to nosing etc I drink mostly islay anymore so I don’t notice smoke on the nose but do in the taste

PastaFactory says:

Rex’s gut is starting look pretty magnum

Erik Wait says:

I am usually on a hunt for a particular bottle when I walk in a shop and will walk out empty handed if I don’t find it but…. on occasion I’ll come across a rare find or something new that I’ve heard about and have been curious about it so I’ll pick it up. The problem is I watch a TON of whisky tubers so I frequently hear about bottles that will go on my “I gotta get one of those!” list.

Alex Farber says:

I was in the Dominican Republic last week, and the duty free shop at the Punta Cana airport had a bottle of Jameson that was 4.5 Liters!!

Marque Padley says:

Love this stuff, just got a bottle the other day, so your video timing is impeccable. Slainte’

laplantski says:

Sooooo. To clarify, the rubber glove flavor i get from some scotch is the peat? I can handle that smoke, however that flavor that takes me straight to a tire factory I Just Cant…

Josh Golladay says:

This bottle may or may not have also made an appearance at a certain not-so-secret-tasting last year 😀

Chris Dumas says:

yeah… “one-dimensional, smoky, behemoth” yeah like a firecracker with a gut. like a koi pond with a fog machine. like a maid that would take one look at you and say “i could get a better ride out of the mop.” yeah… lets go with that from now on.


Hate to advertise but go watch The Malt Chronicles channel, these guys are doing a great job. I am no relative of theirs but they do deserve more subscribers! If you like scotch and great review, you’ll thank me later!

Mary Pineciler says:

I would love to see a review of DUKE KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON !

Spencer Raz says:

I have an amazing shop that can source almost any wine, liquor or beer except the excessively hard things to find like older Hibiki’s, etc. Every time I walk in, I have a mindset what I’m looking for & know I can get it cheaper at a Total Wine or BevMo, but very occasionally after walking up & down each isle twice, that one magical bottle will appear. I found my Macallan No. 1 there when it should have been long gone, as well my Compass Box Spice Tree Extravaganza for my Christmas bottle. Though I walk out more often than not without a bottle.

Awkward Me says:

Daniel and mooch,
I have a bit of a conundrum, and I’m hoping you guys can give me some advice. I have been into whisk(e)y for quite some time now. Fell in love with rye first, then bourbon, and then when I discovered malt whisky, things were never the same, and I am now a bonafide scotch lover. Throughout my journey, I had always been incredibly hesitant to try Islay. So many warnings from people to avoid peat, led me to find my wheelhouse in Highland malts, and not stray into smoke. Despite my love of tarry Lapsang Souchong tea, and rauchbier, the descriptors of “fish” and “seaweed” made me apprehensive. I found an empty bottle of Laphroaig the other day at work, and was excited to finally take a whiff. It blew my mind! Iodine and earth and smoke and camphor. I decided to take a “safe” plunge, and pick up a bottle of Bowmore 12 tonight. I was rather disappointed that I wasn’t bombarded by tarry smoke and aggression, like I smelled in that Laphroaig. Would you say at this point, I should just dive straight into the deep end of Islay? The Bowmore just seems so tame and friendly, and I want some “wow” factor. I just haven’t been sure if Islay would scare me away or not, so I’ve stuck with the likes of Oban 14 and Dalwhinnie. I would love to hear your advice, and any particular recommendations.

For what it’s worth, I took that empty bottle of Laphroaig home with me, and I have been abusing it with my nose.



Bart says:

Ah! That’s why some blue Stilton goes so well with a smokey whiskey.

Reese Martens says:

Should I bring a 4L of Crown from Canada sometime? I’ve seen one in my local store.

Crazy says:

Japan sells whiskey in 3 and 4 liter plastic bottles.

Jason Lecureux says:

I thought Rex was the eagle not Smokey the Bear.

Shiloh Store says:

What do you guys drink when you just want to get drunk?

Tracy Adams says:

How does one become a magnificent bastard? Asking for a friend

Dakota Hampton says:

All caught up! I have yet to find a Compass Box whisky to try. I really want to give one a try!

SCOTT Linville says:

I’m not too big in a lot if oak wood love some suggestions

Jon Clark says:

This might be a dumb question, but I’m having a hard time finding the answer. Since bourbon is a fairly new product compared to scotch, when did the regulations come about that say scotch must be aged in used barrels? My main question is, has scotch always been aged in used bourbon barrels, and if not, what did they use before bourbon was “a thing”?

David Benson says:

Love the channel guys, but please less Scotch and obscure new (MGP) American whiskey’s from bottlers in Guam and Montana… More well known, highly coveted American whiskeys that we actually want to drink.

Canadian Whisky Smith says:

That bottle almost makes Rex look Hobbity.

Kevin Perez says:

I am so sorry I unsubscribed from this channel. I’ve gotta try to rewatch all your episodes from the beginning

Ryan Thatcher says:

Jaysus! What a beautiful thing!

J.P. Roulet says:

You guys should do an episode at the table that Daniel started at in the beginning

lvcsslacker says:

man, peat monster is close to $100 a bottle here in vegas…
would explaing the $150 bottles of blantons…

Troy Fortsch says:

Trash Panda!!!
We need som sound effects from when The Mooch is successful, and when The Som is successful at denial.
A light eagle screech / Bear roar echo in the distance.

Dragon4eva says:

all i can think of is that this bottle will make a fantastic bottle for a infinity bottle… especially once you’ve got plenty of stuff to mix in

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