Top 10 Most Underrated Bourbons (according to whiskey lovers)

We asked the Whiskey Tribe which bourbons deserve more love and recognition. Rex and Daniel sip through the results and explore several good options at a variety of price points. Also… Whiskey Tribe meetups get a beta test!

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Dumindu Karunaratne says:

U guys are extremely spoilt for choice if u think eagle rare 10 & woodford reserve are underrated. Totally agree on wild turkey 101 though.

Juliet_ Whiskey66 says:

Just found this channel (and it’s siblings). Rather digging the philosophy. Keep it up fellas.

Ryan DiAndrea says:

uuuggghhhhh now these are all going to be impossible to get

Jerod Siewers says:

Welp there goes all the affordable bourbons in my area. I can literally hear the whiskey drying up

L.W. Martin says:

Buffalo Trace $19 w/ no tax at the Class 6 @ Randolph AFB

Rob Carson says:

I’m in the group of people who fell in love with whisk(e)y by falling in love with Woodford Reserve, and I’ve explored a lot and my wheelhouse is Islay Scotches now…but I look back on Woodford with endearment, and I will happily drink it any time.

Josh says:

Eagle rare is excellent but not underrated…not easy to find that juice

MrAnythinggood says:

The prices that they’re finding are crazy low.

Jeeto says:

I didn’t know how many of these were on the list, or if Daniel was just reminded about something else he needed to taste

William Dunham says:

I rather enjoy the hobbit sized glencairn Daniel has at the end of the video =)
On second thought, hobbit sized would be an oversized glencairn right?

Matt King says:

Any chance for a meetup during SXSW?

007 HWM says:

You guys would be a fun bunch to hang with in the great state of Texas!

mArz TiON says:

What stores are Daniel checking when he’s calling out prices?

Daystarcreations says:

Four roses is my go to for beginners getting into whiskey because it’s a little more woody spicey than monkey shoulder in my opinion and I like to get people turned on to those woody barrel-y tastes.

Kevin Smith says:

Eagle Rare IS a 10 year bourbon….I work at Buffalo Trace Distillery on the Blanton’s/Eagle Rare Line in the Blanton’s bottling hall. Just ran some ER 375ml yesterday…..Cheers!

Brian Sperger says:

Does anyone else get ”grape cool-aid” on the nose of Eagle Rare?

brian hittepole says:

Figures I move from Austin you make a distillery my birthday falls on a Friday and you have a meetup I can’t go to. How have I angered the whiskey spirits?

hollywood fats says:

101 is to my mind the ideal of bourbon. cheap and super good!

Antti Valkama says:

WT 101 is delicious

Red Coat says:

This was a good one! Well done!

alan lapan says:

Ingredients Karo syrup extract FAKE maple , honey , vanilla , extract , and not using Pure maple , pure honey , pure vanilla , suger s. , there cheep ing us , and up the cost , bewhere of labels , booze cost to much not to have real ingredients, just my opinion

Christopher Sorensen says:

I’d love to be there, but pairing a 22hr drive with working Friday night at 1800, I guess I’ll have to hope for more advance notice next time!

Daniel Huxtable says:

Question, I work at a small liquor store. And our buyer picked up a couple whiskies from Six and Twenty. While stocking said bottles I noticed there was sediment in the bottle. What would cause that to happen? Like just bad filtering and residual char from a barrel? And I have a tasted it, it’s not good. Just young and not much to it. But one odd thing was that they did use rice in the bill for one of them. It didn’t do much as far as I could tell.
That’s the site if you’re curious.

Christopher Mueller says:

Larceny gave me the worst hangover evaaaaaaaaaaaa.

John Pilon says:

Fuck I love you guys! If I weren’t going away on the 22nd, I’d be there! Next time for sure! 😀

joshua foster says:

101 is my everyday and favorite bourbon. So many people look at me funny when I say that.

William Brand says:

Please do a jim beam repeal batch review

Nose 2 Tail says:

Surprised Wild Turkey Rare Breed didn’t make this list or WT Wild Spirit.

Chuck Messina says:

The best part is watching these guys descend into total inebreation overe the course of 15 minutes!

djiezeskraajst says:

never thought I’d say this, but man, I feel like I should move to Texas 🙂

Andrew Kall says:

After watching this video, Daniel, What did the Evan Williams remind you of?! It either got cut or you were interrupted and didn’t come back to it?

Steven says:

Could a wine vacuum sealer work to store whisky long term?

Sixgun Symphony says:

Old Grand-Dad Bonded

Adam Wilson says:

For we Tribe members in the Midwest (St. Louis) might I suggest a Magnificent Bastards tour about the country? Or at least to Kentucky. I’d meander a few hours south.

ronald conley says:

No E.H Taylor small batch on the list. I wish i was closer to austin tx.

clammyclaude says:

The guy with the hat is horrendous….those gay ass hand movements he does when explaining the flavors is so obnoxious

Shiner 13 says:

Eagle Rare is Over Rated

Jimmy Dawson says:

Glad y’all threw in Larceny. I just bought a bottle recently and was very pleasantly surprised

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