Whiskey Expert’s Favorite Bottles Under $50

The most expensive whiskey is not always necessarily the best. Whiskey expert Tommy Tardie, owner and operator of Fine & Rare and The Flatiron Room, says “there’s no best whiskey, it’s really just based on your palette.” Here are some of his favorites that you can buy for under $50.


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masija whiskey says:

highland park 12 is one of the best single malt whiskeys to try if you are new to single malts. For real. Has slight peat scent, great taste, affordable price and you can show off to people who only drinks vodka shots. LOL

cbmbdb says:

Macallan 12 is my favorite 12 year scotch

grtwhtbnr says:

This guy obviously doesnt buy in California; a bunch of those were well over 50. In fact the only ones under 50 would be the Makers, The Evan, and 4 roses standard bottle.

Peter Piper says:

This guy needs to come over to the Highlands,I’ll show him some small unknown distilleries that produce 5 star whiskies!

Manjinder Singh says:

IN australia they r all close to 100$

Ian Nordin says:

Makers Mark for sure, it’s so good

Chris Bardolph Music - Covers says:

The Michigan version: Scotch under $50? Uhh, Glenfiddich 12.

What Fruit says:

No Glenlivet?

phantumgrey says:

This guy looks like he faces Jack Daniel, Jim Beam, and Wild Turkey on a nightly basis to get over his life problems and deal with his ex-wife running off with the kids.

May Day 183 says:

There’s been a lot of rorting in Australia with fake “Scotch” & “Tequila”.

Obey The Law says:

He looks like he is going to die. But he looks like he is going to die happy.

Tyrone Shoelaces says:

He should have got more and more belligerently drunk as the video went on.

Helvegen says:

Glenfiddich 12 is also a great whiskey

R J says:

I got into the idea of collecting scotch whiskey for a few years, ended up giving most of it away. Just never acquired much of a taste for the stuff.

Hugh Rogers says:

yeah, you can triple those US prices overseas… Balvenie double wood is nice, but $100 where I live, so hardly outstanding for that price. If I could get it for less than $50 in local currency, my rating would be better as the buckbang would be far better.

Raskahn says:

First bottle: This is 55% So, if you added water, you’re getting much more whiskey for your buck.” WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM?! you might add a DROP or two but watering down whiskey to get more whiskey?

MacKenzie Prestage says:

I like devil’s cut

univibe23 says:

Four Roses! Yes, such a great Bourbon…but let’s just keep that a secret!

David Casey says:

The Glenlivet 12 year

Brendan Allison says:

Good selections on the bourbons. I would also suggest Elijah Craig Small Batch. One of my favorites!

Peter Meissnitzer says:

Best whiskey is Canadian Club small batch 12 years aged , very high quality sooth as silk .

michael mclean says:

I’ve never found Balvenie even close to $45. Glen Grant is a nice $40 bottle of scotch.

Alessio Gorgeri says:

– Oh yeah? What’s a palette?
– Ohhh… it’s a… special time in a boy’s life… when… Gotta go!

Alan George Barstow says:

Whiskey (with an ‘e’) denotes a sub-standard product made anywhere in the world EXCEPT for Scotland. Proper whisky (no ‘e’) is single-malt Scotch whisky, only from Scotland, and is the superior barley grain beverage produced on the planet. It has many varieties (and, therefore, many exquisite flavour combinations). Whisky is king. Whiskey is a pale and inferior imitation. And please, don’t ever … EVER … call the inimitable and unbeatable Highland Park a “whiskey”. It is a whisky.

LightbulbTedbear2 says:

I always think Scotch just tastes like seawater

Max's Cognac Review says:

Great video! Looks like he has been doing his homework

Johnshitaaiite wut? says:

The best whiskeys are crown royal from Canada and Bushmills black from Ireland. Single malt is best. Scotch is shit.

Tarp ness says:

Jonny walker double black by far the best

Darryn Yee says:

To point out on the Highland Park, most of the malting is not done on site now, but only small parts of the malting is done on Orkney. Most of the malting is done from malting centre.

Fred Saga says:

I’ve tried almost all kind of non-exotic whiskies you can find in flagship liquor stores in major US cities, and my sweet spot for a well balance between quality and price is, Laphroaig 10.

MrColtux says:

For ultra budget scotch whisky you can’t beat Bank Note.

Dirk Diggler says:

your hi dude…these whiskeys aren’t below 50 bucks dummy

cato says:

Whisky experts never use the word “smooth.” This fella is an expert of nothing.

Humpsterlicious says:

The only thing makers mark is good for is flavoring the barrel that better scotch goes into.

Alex Swanson says:

Don Julio 1942 is worth every penny

Eric Liestoh says:

Jim Beam Black is also a ridiculously cheap whiskey for its level of quality. Of course, regular Jim Beam totally sucks.

Ottó Komlós says:

Best I can do is 10$.Show me a good whiskey at that price!

jesaliga says:

Given where prices/quality are today there really aren’t any good single malts for $50 or less. The quality of most entry level malts has taken a serious tumble over the last 10 years, and 12 year olds have been displaced by NAS bottlings with a lot of young whisky in it.

Chyphor says:

None of these are blends right?

Aries Might says:

Fred Sanford enjoyed Ripple.

nsxfan16 says:

talisker 18

Johnny Blaze says:

When a man says he looks at whiskey the same way he looks at food and religion, you can bet that he’s serious about his drink.

Casey Pilarczyk says:

Alcohol and partying of vampire diaries season 6 and 4 the show at the bar get blood drunk at the bar now so scary

ChefSmiles says:

Never seen Highland Park 12 that cheap. Its always $55 around Phila

James Guthrie says:

You have to add water to Scotch, and you add as much as you need to if you don’t like the peat taste.

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