Whiskey Review: Barrell Bourbon Single Barrel Whiskey

Today we taste and review Barrell Bourbon Single Barrel whiskey.

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Preußenpenner says:

Interesting , always found Bourbon to be a bit watery , might have to go get me a Cask strenght one. I’m going on a Distillery Tour in November, the Sasse distillery in Germany not that far from where I live and they do a Single Malt , might get myself a bottle or two, will definitely send you some. Getting information about that Whiskey is pretty tough (It’s called the Sasse Cigar ) , given how regional it is. Hopefully I’ve garnered some of your attention , I’d love to see some German Whiskeys on here 🙂

trapper kcmo says:

my new mantra – its all about the wood!! get some custom staves of various fruit and nut woods and add a stave or two or three or……

Canadian Whisky Smith says:

So is Barrel producing their own whisky or are they sourcing from other distillers or MGP?

The Scotch industry has a huge contingent of independent bottlers, but we really don’t see that in other markets (aside from V. Weiss 😉

adramwilldoya says:

Ralphy just put his pants on and started swinging over that smooth comment

Henry Prater says:

Interesting to hear about the approach regarding going to distilleries and the expectations. Looking forward to that!

Aaron Roszczewski says:

What do you call two lesbians locked in a closet? … a licker cabinet

Austin W says:

Drink some Jager. I know its kinda out of place on this channel but i feel like im the only person who likes the shit and I NEED someone with taste to tell me why im oh so wrong. xD

Will Brent says:

What happened to donation day?! That was an amazing development!

The4Wills says:

Off this topic but looking forward to a special guest in the vault for at least and episode with @Aqvavitae. Make it happen you magnificent Dolphin smooth dudes.

Matthew Morin says:

I like the stuff they are doing with the whiskey line ($70+) and like that all the lines are at barrel proof. I have batch 5 of the whiskey and it’s very interesting.    But the price point of the bourbon lines ($90+) will be hard for me to try.  Too many good high proof bourbon on the market at lower prices to justify it.

Robert Umphlett says:

Hey guys. Great channel. I just found your channel last week. Love it. I heard yall say you have a distillery. What is it so i can try some of yalls stuff.

Dylan Covert says:

Wouldn’t being a journeyman mooch be lower than a master mooch?

adramwilldoya says:

BTW now it’s Friday. Daniel.

Erik Anderson says:

It’s funny, you know you’ve watched nearly all the videos when you hear Rex say “on the nose I’m getting peanut butter.” and you know Daniel is going to say “You’re not wrong.”

Giorgio B. says:

Nobody will say it? Nobody?
In the Patreon Saint clip it looks they are bumping each others (huge) penises

William Dio says:

Hey guys! Great show! Been following for a few months and you guys are both entertaining AND enlightening, which is a rare blend (see what I did there?). Anyways, as a video editor, I feel compelled to let you know you had an offline media on the lower third for Rex, so the glass appears as a color bar. Just in case you had not noticed yet and the offline file carries on to the next videos. Keep being awesome!!!!

TehAdrenalinePickle says:

It must be so confusing going through the distillery and trying to find the right barrels for this one.

“Hey, run out and grab the Single Barrel Barrell.”
“Gotcha: the barrel for the Single Barrel batch.”
“No: the Single Barrel for the Barrell Single Barrel.”
“The Single Barrel barrel?”
“No: the Barrell Single Barrel!”
“The Single Barrell barrel? All the barrels out there are Barrell barrels!”

Slosh Money says:

So I recently came across your channel and decided to give some peaty whisky a chance. While I was shopping around I picked up a bottle of buffalo trace (its now my go to bourbon its great). So for my peaty whisky of choice I decided to give JW Double Black a shot, and I gotta say that’s a damn good whisky for the price, not sure if its a “heavy peat” or a “lighter peat” but I love the after taste it leaves lingering for a few moments. I went for it because JW is a very recognizable brand and I want to let a few friends try it as well and it was 39$. I’ve never had cask strength whisky nor one with a peanut buttery taste, is there anything cheap (under 50$) that is a great cask strength whisky to try?

David Welch says:

You guys should try Slow and Low rock and rye.

mola4everyourz says:

Barrel bourbon? what kind of a retarded name is that, were they out of ideas? Barrell bourbon single Barrel =))

Eric Schwab says:

Woody Creek Distillery did a custom barrel whiskey for Argonaut Liquors in Denver. That’s the first one of these extra special limited bottling I’ve ever seen.

Erik Schlegel says:

Not ball busting. Are you guys over Donation Friday? Last donation day, Daniel was a bit over it as Rex pointed out. Also, it has been donations all week. I really loved donation day since we got a few quick first impressions of  many whiskeys and more available stuff during the week. I also liked what seemed to be an overload of Friday shenanigans

gaston1710 says:

Just noticed the”Days Accident Free” poster behind Rex. Must have been distracted previously with that photographic face.

Brett Cloak-Gentile says:


Matheus Gloria says:

Smokehead. I want to send you guys a smokehead and smokehead 10 but MoM dun do that anymore. Hope you get around to reviewing that, and I’d like to pick your brain on what malt you think it is. Cheers, you magnificent bastards. I’d also like to send you Rums aged in ex-bourbon and ex-scotch but maybe I’d do that next time I fly to the states if the airports let me bring that much liquor

Jody Hoagland says:

I have single barrel Barrell cask strength and it is lovely. I recently picked up a bottle barrell infinite barrel , and was very impressed . I think mine is a third batch but I really like where they are going with this. Would like to see an episode on the topic of infinity barrels and an tasting of course.

Tom McCafferty says:

Rex, are you trying to match Daniel’s beard. Getting a little long in the middle lately.

Tyler Babcock says:


Papa says:

Offtopic, but i’ve heard in china they drink whiskey mixed with green tea..
maybe green tea x whiskey pairings would be a nice video idea?

AJ Branson says:

Its SO hot in Oklahoma… the crack heads are putting the copper back in the A/C units.

DracoRogue1218 says:

Cask Strength = Navy Strength?

Kent Buehrer says:

Please don’t say Google. My phone went into search mode and interrupted the video.
BTW, Daniel, would you please to Balcones and get me a bottle of their in-house stuff. Thanks!

Canadian Whisky Smith says:

#AllSaintsWeek 😀

Ivan Jaros says:

Any plans for maybe adding Rum to your Whiskey shenanigans(“hard work”)?

Chris Greene says:

Hey guys, I saw your live stream (congrats by the way) and figured I’d share what I do. 2 parts four roses single barrel, 1 part coal ila 12. Thoughts? Am I weird for putting a smoked scotch in a bourbon? Let me know

ben stahl says:

TRASH PANDA CHAD! Your work goes unnoticed by some. Thank you, you glorious human and Magnificent Bastard. To all that watch blame me for no donation day ceremony / overkill of Patron Saint vids. I forgot to put my name on the bottle when dropped off. So sorry tribe. Have a drink on me you Magnificent Bastards

the vengeful one Dunn says:

Just tried monkey shoulder very impressed with the quality and enjoyed having insight from you guys before trying it.

csskates32 says:

I’m curious about you guys sourcing your barrels. When picking a barrel are you looking for what you specifically like or what you think the most people will enjoy? For instance you find a barrel that you personally feel is phenomenal, but think it is only going to be appreciated by about 2% of whiskey drinkers. What do you do in this moral dilemma?

logos says:

so how do you get peanut butter into whisky?

magiczero4 says:

Is it just me or dose Rex look like a wannabe Pokemon trainer in that hat?

deuceblank says:

Have you glorious bastards ever thought about using “cold stones” in your tastings to see what happens to the flavors? Cold stones or cold stainless steel

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