Whiskey Review: Basil Haydens Dark Rye, W Wisconsin Wheat, Great Northern Rye, Infinity EC.1612

Today we taste and review Basil Haydens Dark Rye, W Wisconsin Wheat, Great Northern Rye, and Infinity EC.1612.

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It’s time to break through the emotional bias with facts and science. That’s what this school is about.

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Jason Voorheese says:

cowboys, texans… same difference 😛

Jon Gardner says:

Hey guys, I really love yeasty, bread-y flavors, especially like those in hefeweizens – do you know if I can find yeasty flavors like that in a whiskey somewhere? Maybe a wheat whiskey?

Still It says:

BACK AT IT! Nice guys. But dont let the quarterly challenge slip away. Awesome idea and awesome reminder!

Anuj M says:

Hey given all the reviews I must start on a Rye soon. I am trying to try to make a first step towards smoke/peat and need a recommendation for something that does not throw me off peat completely (aka Octomore) the tribe seems to suggests Caol Ila, Talisker, Bowmore 12, Lagavulin 16, bruichladdich the classic laddie (not peated but smoky), some have also come out suggesting the peated highland whiskeys (oban/HP etc) not necessarily in that order, what would your suggestion be???

Moose 76 says:

If you ever get way too much whisky donated feel free to use me as a second vault location. Actually I and your beneficiaries will recommend that you never want to keep all you “eggs in one basket” aka whisky. God for bid there was ever a fire or theft you could be out all that whisky…..but you were smart and sent a quarter to me for save keeping, minus the angel share of course.

bob2y87 says:

My girlfriend and I got back from a cruise a couple days ago and I just finished catching up on the missed videos. The cruise ship had a liquor store that was duty free and they had about 80 different whiskeys for sale, some of them were deals and some weren’t. You could get some in bundles that made it a better deal. I ended up getting two 1L bottles of Johnnie Walker Double Black for $80; which is a steal considering that one 750mL coast 61 and change after taxes in NC. I know cruises are not cheap, but if you are on one there are some good whiskey deals.

Jake Vahle says:

I read a quote about Wild Turkey 101 that said it would be a good standard bearer if aliens landed on earth and needed a crash course on bourbon. Which makes me wonder what scotch you would pick as a standard for the same scenario?

Tifosi44202 says:

Glad you guys reviewed the BH dark rye. I love that whiskey. Just an unusual drink!

Ole Thanatos says:

At the time of watching this there was 4,942 previous views and 338 thumbs up and 0 thumbs down…. That says something about the tribe. Cheers.

Christophe Da Silva says:

What?! There’s California port?! Since I’m from Porto I feel it’s a cheap version that probably as nothing to do with the real thing. But hey, life can’t be all about whiskies (j.k. I sleep with my bottle of Laphroaig)

Ojuara Onateac says:


ChrisC says:

I saw Polaroid cameras in the Urban Outfitters the other day, so they must be a hipster thing now.

Poppis says:

What scotch should I buy for under 50$? Could you name 3 candidates?

dannymars says:

Have you guys tried any Australian stuff? If not, you should… some GREAT things coming out. Lark, Starwards, Limeburners, Nant, Heyliers etc etc etc…

Basil Crowcross says:

This may be a stupid question but I don’t feel like googling. Is it possible to raise the proof of a whiskey to try it at a higher proof? Such as adding a clear spirit made with the distillers mash bill for the whiskey? Or just a clear spirit of the dominant grain in the mash ( like adding corn based moonshine to a bourbon) or would it mess with the taste too much?

ohsofunkyfresh says:


Karl Peterson says:

From Eau Claire, live in Point/Plover WI now and love seeing local juice on your show! Haven’t tried any infinity yet, but have really gotten into Great Northern Distillery since moving to Plover and think they’re great ESPECIALLY since they source their ingredients locally!

Dal Brazzell says:

You should do a review of the best whiskey sold in plastic bottles. I’d be a magnificent bastard and send you a handful of bottles but the shipping would be more than the whiskey.

hrothgargames says:

Google Darkrai, and you will understand why the youngn’ns such as myself would find a dark rye from Basil Haydens vastly inferior to a powerful anime monster.

Anxiety Help says:

I’m graduating with my master’s degree this spring and I want to splurge and get a more expensive whiskey as a present to myself (classy, ain’t I). I’ve been trying some heavily peated scotches recently and have found that they are really agreeing with me. With that said is there an islay whisky that is in the $150-200 price range that you guys could recommend as a home run scotch?

Side note: I’ve started to become a master mooch with my girlfriend’s dad who is into whiskey. Whenever he pulls something out from his stash (around 80-100 bottles) to try I insist that we need to compare it with another, and another, and another, and another. Many a whiskey have I mooched thanks to the tactics I’ve learned from Rex, the Mooch God #PraiseTheMooch

kurtis pasqualle says:

On the 2nd run through I just need to point out, Rex is pretty proud of his knife lol.

whipsnade13 says:

Can’t wait to try the rye from Great Northern!

Max Myers says:

You guys should dona reshoot of LOTR scenes and paraphrase them , as a spoof

thebototh says:

Whistlepig trifecta

sean mcnally says:

Jameson 12 year Distillery reserved

Dave Dalka says:

Tawny Port, I’ve always wanted that too….that’s the girl from the old Whitesnake videos right?

laplantski says:

The week of no whisky videos weened me off of you guys, and now i think i quit.

David Harold says:

Have you guys sampled anything from lagavulan yet (forgive the spelling!)

Kyle Nadrchal says:

Thank you for all your videos, they are entertaining and informative and I would love to be in your shoes talking about all the great whiskeys of the world. I haven’t been through all of your videos yet but Daniel, knowing your love of scotch, I haven’t seen a review on any of the Arran scotches yet. My mother gave me a bottle of the Arran sauternes cask as a gift recently. I haven’t had a lot of scotches but do enjoy them. The Arran bottle was quite enjoyable and didn’t last long. Can you do a review of Arran and how it might compare to something like Macallan 12 or 15? I only say macallan because that is a scotch I have had besides Arran. Monkey shoulder, glenfiddich 12 and glenlivet being the only other scotches I have tried with a few american single malts thrown in. BTW, I found glenlivet rather horrible even though it is also a speyside scotch like macallan and glenfiddich. I would send you a bottle of Arran but I don’t think i’ll make it to the post office with a full bottle.

Jennifer Dedrick says:

You both were so DAMN happy!!!

Ed Collins says:

Midnight Cowboy for he aint heavy

Isaac Salituro says:


Eric Schwab says:

The description of leather, pine, sweaty saddles brings the movie character Rooster Cogburn to mind……yeah, no thanks! Lol!

Landmo says:

I was about to send in a bottle of Border Bourbon. I’m very much looking forward to that review!

Jake Murphy says:

Haha i work around the Eau Claire area and Infinity Bev. Is a very quirky place, unfortunately i just cant get on board with their spirits or their wines.

Mark Mallecoccio says:

Saw the news about the explosions in Austin. Hope you guys are okay, stay safe.

Jason Hernandez says:

And we are BACK BOYS!

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