Whiskey Review: Belle Meade Bourbon Cask Strength Reserve

today we taste and review Whiskey Review: Belle Meade Bourbon Cask Strength Reserve.


Captain Underscore says:

Rex knows all about being a worn out creative flunky.

Rowland Hempel says:

A small town in New Zealand had public toilets in a small park. Someone had decided to paint cute pictures of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, etc. on the outside walls. All was fine until the town council got the “Cease and Desist” letter from Disney. Maybe Highland Park could do with such a letter from you?

John Guentzel says:

..two (best) asshats on YouTube..

Adam S says:

I’m really impressed how Rex’ tasting powers are improving. Very impressive! One day we’ll see Rex appear with a Sommelier medal and his mooch powers, unstoppable!

Buddy Winters says:

Did we hit a nerve REX, sounds like Daniel found an Achilles heal


I love how Hollister is all of a sudden a brand for 40 year old dads. Back in my day it was the shit for us in middle school.

BAN IT says:


Wanmohan says:

They all know who you are, they are all huge fans

AlcoholTobaccoFirearmsCoffee says:

My coworkers are wondering why I am laughing at my desk but there are no other sounds, lol.

Biff Strongo says:

I like how Daniel pretended not to know that Gwaihir the Wind Lord is a Lord of the Rings reference. What a tricksie hobbit.

Ryan Hall says:

I am laying here enjoying my Knob Creek and watching. Never tried Beal Mead. Might have to, the taste you describe sound interesting.

john cetera says:

I’m own highland park, our next release is going to be the dolphin smooth sock edition, dolphin blue display box in the shape of a dolphin (kind of like the fire and ice displas) with the bottle in a sock. I love this channel.

AskAScreenwriter says:

It’s not just how big you are, but how fast you’re growing, too!

Ryan H says:

You might be able to sue under prior art.

Branden Risser says:

So being a bourbon drink for years I decided to try Scotch and decided to jump in with both feet. I bought a bottle of Laphroaig 10 and Ardbeg 10,after trying both I enjoy the nose of Ardbeg more but I enjoy the taste of Laphroaig more. Am I alone on that?

Levi Scott says:

What was the flash of Daniel putting on a sock hat during the roast. Questions must be answered.

Doug Wentzel says:

No souls, just like gingers. LOL

Slim Jim says:

I was just watching one of your older posts about Johnnie Walker Blue and it made me think of something that happened to me recently: I live in East Lansing Michigan, home of Michigan State University. It is a large university (50,000+ students) and much of East Lansing caters to their tastes (cheap beer, cheap liquor, cheap food, etc). There is a very large number of international Asian students, many coming from wealthy families in China. Many of them come to America looking for what they call the “American experience” while at school. They wear very expensive designer clothes, drive expensive sports cars, and live in the most expensive off campus housing that they can find. In my go-to liquor store near campus, I noticed one day that the store owner had moved the Johnnie Walker Blue to a very prominent position at eye level right behind the counter and it looked out of place among all of the flavored vodkas, spiced rums and other cheap liquor that the students usually buy. I asked him about it and he told me that he sold at least a case of it every week, sometimes more, and sometimes had a hard time keeping it in stock. In Michigan, the state minimum on JW Blue is $199.99, so it was perplexing to me as to why he sold so much of it. He told me that the Asian students were the ones buying it. Apparently, drinking expensive Scotch whisky was also part of that “American experience” and for some reason, they all thought that the JW Blue was the thing to drink. He tried to sell them other good tasting whiskies that where cheaper , but they wanted the expensive stuff, so he finally gave up and just sold it to them. Some of the students told him that most of them didn’t even like drinking it, but it was all a status thing with them and if you had a party, you’d better have at least one bottle of it on hand. The owner was ordering so much from the distributor that they finally called him to make sure it wasn’t a mistake.

Ryan H says:

I work in IP. You need to start trademarking, copy righting, and patenting your stuff

BeachBum Silver says:

Would be cool if you guys could review Cassius Clay bourbon. Great channel.

stuart gaither says:

that jump cut though.

Chris Lawson says:

Hi guys I am enjoying your reviews and have been enjoying the balvenie doublewood range I am only on the 14 year old which is very good but my question is
Have you reviewed the 17 and the 21 year olds

Thomas Evans says:

Makers Mark is awesome, I also got the socks and they hosted one of the best cocktail party I’ve attended. It was four hours, live jazz band, open bar amazing food, caricature drawings, bourbon hot chocolate bar and a bottle hand dipped green on top of the red for Xmas all free!!

Whiskey Golfer says:

What has been your favorite or least favorite, oh shit I’m Youtube famous moment?

Adam Brown says:

I’m disappointed that even the Hobbit overlooked the Gwaihir reference to the Eagle from Lord of the rings…

William Henault says:

If a man speaks his mind in the woods and his wife isn’t there to hear him, is he still wrong?

Ross Carballo says:

Rex is totally right about being big enough to be noticed but small enough to not put up a fight. I find it’s fairly common in any form of online content. Is it time to play “Find the Mole” in the tribe? ;D

Unrelated, but I have a question. Recently I went to a bar with some friends and ordered a pour of a really expensive bourbon. I was able to sit with it a while and apparently I looked like I was really enjoying it (which I was) because one friend commented that maybe he should try it next time since I was so into it. The thing is, he’s not much of a whiskey drinker and this bourbon isn’t exactly beginner friendly. How do I let him know that he might not be ready for it (especially for its price) without coming across as a snob, or is being snobby about it inevitable?

Dallas Shatel says:

Would love to see your thoughts on the cask finishes!

I Fucking Shaved My Balls for This? says:

Half expected Rex to say Speyside right around the time he nosed and said brown sugar

LSX Tapia says:

Bald guys laughs are so fake!

Jimmy Jazz says:

I heard Daniel the other day (no idea what episode) refer to getting blindsided trying Orangerie, but for once the story abruptly ended. I was able to work out that this was a reference to a Compass Box expression, of sorts. A big fan of Hedonism and the whisky, but curious as to the rest of the story. It seems a bit of specialty whisky, but I bet it makes the best hot toddy. I’d love to hear about it someday.

Bernard Mulligan says:

Tell us how you really feel

Cody.Really says:

I laughed so hard at Rex’s rant, but at the same time feel he is totally right with Highland Park (Allegedly). They went from Spirit of the Bear, to Wings of the Eagle, to The Dolphins, and then Viking Tribe all back to back, I’m still waiting for the Trash Panda edition where the barley was vape dried instead of peat smoked

Erik Schlegel says:

Highland Park is the Carlos Mencia of Whisky

Jon Gardner says:

This channel could use some more philosophizing while tasting. That would be be so fruitful.

Ben Cooper says:

This is Whiskey Advocate number 10 in their Top 20 Whiskeys of 2018.

James Scott says:

Your channel is regularly in the top whisk(e)y channel rankings. I am certain some of the big producers or someone who works for them is watching and maybe borrowing from your creativity.

Chad Carpenter says:

Is this our first real Rex rant? It was glorious. Daniel needs to step up his ranting game now

Don Clark says:

The standard belle Meade even manages to have a strong candy/artificial orange flavor that I personally really enjoy. Nothing I’ve had from them is bad (as compared to Corsair) and I’ve tried it all considering I live in Nashville but the Cask strength is sadly my least favorite as well.

Matthew Morin says:

We are on your side Rex.  They keep stealing “allegedly” from the Tribe.

Dave Amos says:

Those socks must be made for children, I couldn’t get mine on…

laplantski says:

Totally off topic, but… I found a Scotch i like. The good ole Munkmee Shoulder. And after trying that i must admit Ardbeg was not so terrible. Both of these i did not taste that rubber glove Bandaid note i pick up from some Scotch. Any suggestions on what i may want to try next? Or maybe something to suggest i stay away from, that has that rubber flavor i can not get past. Cheers!!

newt duke says:

Whisky Wednesday!!

The Rookie, Wine and Whiskey Enthusiast says:

Belle Meade is hard to find in Washington state. Great review.

Steve Evans says:

BIG COMPANY’S : They tend to be way too top heavy, full of mid-level degreed dullard pencil pokers and super slow to innovate, like a big ship turning around they are slow……What they usually do is just buy out small hungry innovative companies and lay claim the small guys genius……”.Scottish accent” >>> (( get into my belly lol ))

Daniel Vermaas says:

It “socks” to be a brand marketeer from Highland Park…

Brad Whittington says:

Pablo Picasso: Good artists copy; great artists steal.

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