Whiskey Review: Compass Box Delilah’s XXV Blended Scotch

Today we taste and review Compass Box Delilah’s XXV Blended Scotch.


Adam Robert Rassi says:

Hey, hey, hey! Punk rockers listen to sweet baby James. I have Carolina in my mind on the same playlist that I have Pennywise and NoFx. All good though, my dudes.

Steve Marshall says:

Daniel and Rex: The talk of friends has reminded me of my best friend’s father, who passed away last October from pancreatic cancer. He was a great man, and was just beginning his whiskey journey. In typical Larry fashion, he was beginning his journey by reading, beginning with a book on “Bourbon, Rye, and American Whiskey.” Once he passed, I inherited the book (his son, my friend, was understandably a bit jealous). Based on his bookmark placement, the last distillery that he explored was Four Roses. I know this is a long shot, but if you could toast him in a video (or if not, just when you get an idle moment), it would mean the world. His name was Larry, and he was truly one-of-a-kind.

Cheers, gentlemen.

NimbleWolf25 says:

Podcast idea is great! I would love to listen to you guys while I’m at work

Brandon Bentley says:

Rex in every blind tasting, “This a speyside.” *plot twist it’s never a speyside*

Tom McCafferty says:

Here’s my idea for an upcoming show. Daniel and Rex take a bottle of high priced whiskey to a subscriber’s home and surprise him or her like Publishers Clearinghouse. I live just up the road in Georgetown Texas, and volunteer to be “surprised “.

Philipp Wissel says:

11:47 boss

Roshan Lister Lobo says:

Hey guys… Could you review Oban Little Bay please?

Sudantha Victoria says:

Hello! Love your channel! Can you do a cross liquor episode with wines and beer. Pleeeeese! It will be a welcome change

kghostone says:

Rex can’t even Mooch Daniel’s opinion on the whiskey properly anymore.

James Glenn says:

Daniel: “I’ll probably be doing the advent calendar alone.”
Rex’s thoughts: “There goes 80% of our audience.”

thrashish says:

while i have never seen this show, and i dont drink, i decided to comment here because your fans are brigading a show i do watch – hot ones. knock it off, you filthy casuals.

Steve Marshall says:

Love me some Jack Rose. Need to get back to DC soon.

Vincent Ouwehand says:

The wooden glasses need a lot of prepping. Properly waxed you won’t taste the wood at all. It will change the reception of the whisky because the glass/cup feels different on your lips.

Ryan Taylor says:

Rex….. where did the dad jokes go?

Jimmy Leg says:

Made near the town of Aberlour could easily mean Aberlour…. or Craigallachie…or Glenallachie…or Macallan…or… you get the point.

Well, Daniel does anyway.

Eric Lee says:

A tribe meetup at Delilahs would be amazing. Haven’t been there since my college days when i went to Chicago for concerts. If you guys make the trip, I will gladly drive the 4 hours to join you.

alan lapan says:

Lol maybe a Mary Jane CANDY ,

Tom McCafferty says:

Two days without a Magnificent Bastard or Patron Saint. What the hell is going on here.

jinglekeys43 says:

You guys gotta do proper 12

CraftCrü Dude1203 says:

Hey Bud! If it’s not to much to ask, could I get a little Birthday shoutout on the 3rd day of Whiskey Advent Calendar, (Dec3rd) I’ve been a Big fan since You came on board for the Daily Tastings. Daniels Version was so dull it’s like watching an old Hitchcock film when he’s alone…. I’d love to be able to pull out my GrandFathers bottle of “Old Taylor” from 1975 and have a drink with y’all that Morning.

don daugherty says:

Second day without a Magnificent Bastard. WTF?

b brown says:

how bout a “top ten ryes for beginners”?

Nate Leslie says:

Daniel and Rex, a question: my wife claims that if I watched half as many relationship advice or “how to communicate with you’re spouse” videos as I do of the vault videos, I’d be the best husband on earth. Important note, she is a lover of whiskey, and I have used my knowledge gained from the vault to drastically expand our joint drinking experiences. In my eyes, I’m clearly helping our relationship, but if I’m doing something terribly wrong, please advise.

Josh Nichols says:

I’m just getting into whiskey neat, I’ve been drinking it mixed for years. I’ve been really loving highland scotch lately but I wanted to try out a peated whiskey. So I bought a bottle of laphroig 10… eh, not my bag. Have you guys tried any of the small 1 L barrels? Would putting the laphroig in one and aging it for a while help remove some of the peat? If not any other ideas to tame the peat down? I can’t waste it, I’ll choke it down if I have to.

John Verstraete says:

SON OF A BISCUIT I gotta get some compass box!!!

Ryan H says:

Top 10 whisky bars that you’ve visited would be pretty cool.

Ryan Harper says:

You guys should try Macallan 12 with a 4 or so drops of Laphroaig 10. It gets rid of that funky rubber after taste in Macallan 12 that I hate. Also have you ever tried mixing Bourbon with Scotch, Scotch with Irish and so on?

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