Whiskey Review: Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky – Ep 334

Today we taste and review Cotswolds Single Malt whisky.

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11:27 – boof

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Rex is a whiskey mooch. His necklace is a manifestation of pure glory – forged from the irradiated bones of eagles and wolves. Also a tube sock.

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**A Whisk(e)y school?

Yup. Here are a few things we believe.

** You don’t have to be a snob to appreciate and love great whiskey.

Whisky and Whiskey (it depends on where it’s from) have been an important part of cultures around the world from time immemorial. Whiskey is a part of the very fabric of Western society, and in most places, is as common and accessible as beer.

Like Jazz and wine, snobs have predictably hijacked whiskey appreciation, spoiling our natural, common connection with it and creating a false dichotomy of “good whiskey” and “bad whiskey.”

It’s time to break through the emotional bias with facts and science. That’s what this school is about.

** The only valid definition of “good” whiskey is “whiskey you like to drink.”

Learning how to share your love of whiskey in a way that connects people to the history and the story has more to do with public speaking and storytelling than it does with facts and tests.

The best way to learn about whiskey and share that love is to drink whiskey and talk about it with friends. Study the history, find the stories, and discover the culture and the methods that have been developed over hundreds of years. That’s what you’ll do when you attend The Whisk(e)y Marketing School.

** You don’t need a marketing degree to learn how to share your love of whiskey with the world.

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There’s a tremendous amount of curiosity about Whisk(e)y today. It’s a great excuse for you to gather a group of people who want to have fun and learn something new. The Whisk(e)y School teaches you how to tap into that curiosity, and share your love of whisk(e)y in an unpretentious way. You’re demonstrating knowledge, expertise, and an engaging personality – things valued by every gatekeeper, in every industry.

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Nick Dondarrion says:

Do you guys have a “whiskey unicorn?” That holy grail of a bottle you’ve always searched for, but can’t seem to find? The white whale you’ve hunted, but that has always eluded you?

Ever since watching Episode 190, mine has been Ron Burgundy’s Great Odin’s Raven – but I recently found a place that bought as many bottles as they could from their wholesaler before it was discontinued. I’m finally getting my hands on that glorious blend.

The other “unicorn” whiskeys I’ve been searching for include Jefferson’s Ocean, Voyage 2, The Glenlivet Code, and Jura Prophecy. These may be easier to find for those living elsewhere, but for me… these are near impossible to find, especially for someone who doesn’t travel much.

Curious to know what bottles have eluded you both – considering how much you’ve had access to in the Vault. What is the one whiskey you covet above all others?

Moe Ram says:


the camera wobble will make you sick

Marj Gressett says:

The Magnificent Bastard spirit wolf got his cigar back! Thanks for sharing Rex!

wideone23 says:

The Boston Pops were practicing Beethoven’s 9th for the 4th of July concert at the Hatch Shell. A sudden gust of wind blew the over the music stands, scattering the pages.
It took an hour to collect and sort the pages, and secure the sheets to the stands. In the mean time, the bass players were sharing a bottle of bourbon….
When all was ready the conductor tapped his baton, and said “from where we left off”.
It was then he realized it was the bottom of the 9th, the scores were tied and the bassists were loaded.

anothervr6kid says:

It’s funny you talk about misophonia… I have a hard time watching other people review whiskey because of the chewing sound they make when they drink it.

Stabz McGee says:

Thanks for answering my question! Love you dudes! And rex said my name right 🙂

Kyle Aman says:

Oh look another seemingly great whisky I can’t get in Canada.

Trenny and C says:

Anything Dr. Swan touched turned to GOLD!

Jason Fewkes says:

Could there be a magnificent episode where you (Daniel) discuss how the different grains influence the tastes in the various types of whiskey?

chuck430 says:

Daniel is suffering more from MeSoPhony-ia

The Whisky Chasers says:

New to your channel gents, thank you, very entertaining and informative.

alphamondragon says:

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, fucking english whisky, classic!

laplantski says:

In this episode the Bearded Scotch Hobbit and The long haired Bearded Remington Steele talk about….

Ryan Whiskey Wine Dane says:

Rex went right into the cork! LOL!

My Incarnation says:

I Finally got my first bottle of Laphroaig 10 and can only describe it’s magnificence as… The dew bottled straight from the lips of the goddess of whiskeys holy of holy :-)>

Kris Schultz says:

Did Daniel not say ages for 33months then 3 months b4 bottling switched to ex bourbon and such. Making it a 3yr old?

Roy Tyndall says:

AMPed on Wildspark!
Woo! Get some AMPs and pay these dudes!

ninipppe says:

i just bought a Dun Mhor “the smokey” and it’s horrible (not that i know anything about whiskey) i was hoping someone could explain to me is it me or does it tastes like gin ?

Gene3067 says:

We’re gonna need a dozen more… for science. 😉

Niall Graham says:

Thanks for being awesome guys! Always make me laugh at least once per day 🙂

Peter Steele says:

Nice reference to little Britain, definitely a show you need to watch while sipping

Jon Swann says:

Oh to be dr. Of whiskey!!!!

eric gilbert says:

If someone didn’t pour me a whisky I would wack their drinking towards the clothing. Nobody is going to asshole me. LOL

Alex Z says:

Hey has anyone here ever tried the Nadurra 16 yr old by Glenlivet? I just recently acquired my local liquor stores last 2 in stock for 80$. I opened one of them but I am going to keep the other closed considering they have discontinued the 16 yr old Nadurra.

Robert Defusco says:

Its taken me about 6 months but think I have finally graduated to a advanced scotch drinker last week when the kids went to bed me and my friend were in my Man cave playing super Nintendo like adults do and all of my wiskey was tasting to sweet then I poured my friends Laphroaig triple wood I could still taste some sweet notes but the after taste was amazing it reminds me of a sharp goat cheese where the first flavor is delicious then you swallow and 5sec later u get hit in the mouth with a bundle of joy thanks guys for opening up the world of wiskey to me #bring back rex week

Jacob Brooks says:

Watch the intro at .5 speed

bobby lyver says:

Hey guys. I was drinking a whiskey the other night that you had said in a previous video you got chocolate note. I couldn’t find chocolate when I was drinking and nosing it. But then I drank the whiskey and left the glass on the counter overnight and when I went back the next morning to move it I happened to nose it and got a chocolate note. Is this normal that once the whiskey is gone and the alcohol is evaporated out that what trace remains will be easier to find other notes?

Erik Anderson says:

I hadn’t thought about it before but I would guess that a bar wouldn’t be able to make and serve their own infinity bottle?

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