Whiskey Review: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Bourbon

Today we taste and review Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Bourbon.


Dakota Hampton says:

Tried a couple bourbons tonight, so sweet!! It was a good change but I still prefer scotch most definitely!!

PhatTrumpet2 says:

Yes, yeast strain and mashbill, but let’s not forget barrel entry proof.

Hunter Johnson says:

Need to try John Emerald Whiskey, it’s the first whiskey to be distilled in Alabama in like a hundred years. Very cool stuff, would love to see what ya’ll think!

MrTw2009 says:

And if you cheat, may you cheat death.

Shaurya Thakur says:

It’s Hugh Jackman !!!!

newmennium says:

In case anyone was wondering, this bottle was batch B517.

Matthew Okner says:

New Tribe member here, long time bourbon fan here. I personally love the approachability of it. My question as I gain interest in widening my palate; What if any expanded flavor profiles do American whiskeys have over bourbons because of their ability to be in used oak to start off the aging process?
Secondly what’s one way of finishing bourbon that you really think creates the most interesting flavor?

Mose Chun says:

I guess Siri was out to a 3 martini lunch, maybe Dead Pool could find her so next time she doesn’t leave you in a lurch. This show is so hilarious with the dad jokes and top shelf shenanigans. Oh yeah, the ECBP totally worth it. Cheers to Happy New year!

Dan Rice says:

On the barrel thing ….i just read a cool article on the charter oak series from buffalo trace
.. seems like the first release was going to have been aged in Mongolian oak. Not thinking they can call it a bourbon.

Brandon Lee says:

I fully agree that most people are going to miss the experience of how a barrel proof bourbon tastes with varying amounts of water. Either because it’s too much trouble, or somehow lose face with some machismo factor of getting the highest ABV (obviously this means it’s way better), or they “believe” that is the way the distillery or bottler intended (which I believe is only sometimes the intent).

Glen Kelly says:

nooooo cask strength is my jam

Michael Langa says:

Hey guys can you taste South African..Three ships or Bain’s

András Tamás Kovács says:

I have a bottle E C barrel proof (67,4%), but in my opinion the small batch is much better for a much lower price. With water I found this undrinkable…

Carlos Rodriguez says:

What an opportune review. I have this in my shopping cart right now. Can’t wait to try it!

Canadian Comrades says:


kghostone says:

Rex, learn to mooch again as your new years resolution. Maybe people would be funny if they where entertained by your attempts to empty the vault of its contents…

Zach Barry says:

I recieved a bottle of Elijah Craig small batch and a bottle of woodford reserve double oak from my GF for Christmas.

Mateo Infusino says:

Love the channel guys, keep it up. I actually just received a bottle of Redbreast 21yr for Christmas and I would love to see you guys review it

Jason Everage says:

Have you guys done dimple pinch ?

Unbiased- -Bias says:

Is this ACBP A, B, or C and the yr please?

Reruma Lerma says:

The intro bottle is the Elijah Craig bottle haha

Terry Moore says:

I have a question for you. I tried Scotch for the first time today. My liquor store doesn’t have the best selection so I got the Glenfiddich 15 year. While I pickup on a lot of the smells you guys talk about, I was looking for that kicked in the face Smokey flavor. If I am looking for more of the vanilla/ caramel flavor what would you suggest I look for on my next purchase?

ronald conley says:

Your not fat rex plesantly plump. You guys should do a wives / girlfriend show.

Jimmy Leg says:

Water down the whisky, sure. Dalmore it up. No problem.

Corporate greed already infecting Rex. Daniel, handle this will ya?
I always call you Daniel when I’m serious. This is serious.

Ryan Foreman says:

Elijah Craig has been my go to for a year now. I have a 131 proof at home right now. I would never pass up getting another bottle. Price vs quality it’s really hard to beat Elijah Craig.

Derek Goode says:

My hometown is Bardstown KY. You guys have any plans to make a trip and hit the bourbon trail?

William Habecker says:

Quick question referring back to the barrels, is it possible to use red oak instead of white oak?

Kevin Underwood says:

Did they mention which batch this is?
Did Daniel fail to fully nerd out?

Da We says:

What about the “naked grouse” as a recommendation for a blend? Also kinda wondered why this is not in the vault – is it hard to get in Austin? Only one appearance in a 2017 christmas episode (as far as searching for a mention in the title goes) – does Rex even know about it? I mean since monkey shoulder (which is probably a blend of Glenfiddich, Balvenie and some other(s)) is the second blend you mention and often gets called out. I don’t think a blend (naked grouse) which includes the like of Highland Park and Macallen can be a bad choice.

Christian from Copenhagen says:

As a new whiskey person after years of occasional toe-dipping, Elijah Craig is up there for me along with Balvenie 12 and Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold, but I haven’t tried it in a long time.

braineater713 says:

What is Rex wearing on his head

Mike Hoover says:

I got a question…If light and heat affects Whisk(e)y, would a lamp effect Whisk(e)y the same as sunlight through a window? Also, if it is so bad, why do most distillers put their Whisk(e)y in clear glass bottles? Would there be a difference if it was put in a dark bottle and left on the same shelf? So take like the same batch, put one in clear bottle, one in a brown/black bottle, and see what kind of difference it would make.

Other than that, I’m just sitting here sipping Monkey Shoulder, thinking about wandering into the other room and grabbing my Elijah Craig….LOL. Also, do you think they do some of the higher proof Whisk(e)ys in a thought of you would put it with ice (like some bars do, etc.) to get that proofing down effect and hit that magic smooth number?

MattD1595 says:

The batch I got was a hair over 65%. That boy packs a Stag level punch but without the complexity. Its a nice bit of uncut unfiltered variety.

C.S. Skates says:

Does anyone know if that yeast strain that is used in Scotland is available to stateside homebrewers? Asking for a friend.

Nonja Ninja says:

I wish you guys had a wine, beer, and absinthe channel. I don’t even really like whiskey all that much, but I love your videos.

Hilco van Breeschoten says:

I switched from drinking Black Bottle to Four Roses Single Barrel (100 proof) while and because of watching this.

milkmand83 says:

Just curious on your thoughts. There is a difference in corn types. As far as field corn compared to sweet corn u would raise in a garden. Would the type of corn used change the taste of the bourbon much if it was swapped?

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