Whiskey Review: Game of Thrones Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost House Stark with Dalwhinnie 15 Comparison

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Today we taste and review Game of Thrones Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost House Stark and compare it to Dalwhinnie 15.


John Froemel says:

You guys are awesome. I have learned a ton more about this craft thanks to you guys.

Alessio B. says:

I’d like to taste some of that blackberry rum from the cask where Maester Eamon’s corpse was stuffed.

paddy91317 says:

The greyjoy whiskey looks the most interesting

Dennis Thompson says:

I jumped at this whisky the second I heard of the release… However I am extremely disappointed by it… Nah, this shit is good as fuck. First scotch I have found to enjoy.

Billy Strowlger says:

I was wondering, I know you can go to the wizard academy to become a level 3 somalia like Daniel but I was wondering if there was any courses to become a level 3 mooch like Rex

ribbit1964 says:

REX sounds like every pro athlete getting caught using PED’s – it wasn’t me!

Jimy Young says:

0:35 for shame Chad. You should have used one of the winter movements rather than the 3rd summer movement.

wolco003 says:

The Dominant Flavor Profile video is a great idea!!!!

Billy Strowlger says:

After recently trying glenfiddich 12 at a bar & really enjoying it I decided to buy a bottle but after having some from the bottle I bought I was really enjoying it I know Daniel has said what you have before drink or food changes what you currently drink but I was wondering does the environment you drink in change it to, thank you guys for all the laughs whiskey talk & just general good times guys keep up the good work

Mose Chun says:

The Dalwhinnie GOT is good whisky, but a Clynelish might have been better suited for the house of Stark. I loved Daniel’s reference of it a man on horse who happens to a own a house. And Rex’s notes of Honey Crisp apples and honey are spot on. Cheers to great drams!

newt duke says:

Wet Whisky Wednesday !!

Billy Strowlger says:

Have you guys reviewed Jack Daniels single barrel rye & jack Daniels Frank Sinatra

Troy Jeffrey says:

WHOA is that whiskey wash story what was referred to in the How to Slay a Whisk(e)y Mooch episode?

R T says:

you are missing a dalmore 18 and i kind of nooed it. so i can know what to buy 12,15,18

RayD70 says:

Daniel likes kicking back with whiskey, a cigar and a book. Just read the books, Daniel. They’re far better anyway. (Not that the show isn’t fun. There is just no way it can include all of the information and sub-plots).

Oscar Madison says:

Awesome use of Vivaldi…

Adam Farnsworth says:

Daniel touched on it, but this is the reason Dalwhinnie was chosen for House Stark:

*House Stark’s resiliency, strength and ability to thrive under the most intense situations are greatly shaped by Winterfell’s frigid temperatures. Dalwhinnie, known for being one of the highest distilleries in all of Scotland is cold and remote much like The North where House Stark calls home, making the two an iconic pairing.*

Andrew Shelton says:

I second the request for example whiskies that have dominant flavors that can be used to help train the palate to notice said flavors when they are more subtle.

Zak Bowen says:

Will you guys be live streaming the October meet up for those who cannot attend?

Sergant Grunt says:

Hey I’m still new to whiskey mostly drink Bourbon but I tried some Scotch. Mcallan 12(matured in Sherry Oak cask), Glenlivet 12, and Dewar’s white label. Personally I didn’t enjoy any off them, hard to describe my issue best way was it just tasted stuffy. Dewar’s being the worst. Is there anything else I should try or would you say I’m probably not a scotch person. Thanks for any information

AlcoholTobaccoFirearmsCoffee says:

Again, not a mind blowing whisky, but I am a big GOT fan, so I had to get it, still have 4 more to get.

AgGuy07 says:

Whiskey is coming.

Did anyone make that joke yet? Surely I’m not the first.

Lino Sanchez says:

I was a bourbon drinker only, love the sweetness the history everything about bourbon, I had only tried the usual scotch and Irish whisk(e)ys so I wasn’t a big fan, after seeing this channel for over a year, I got curious and got myself a bottle of ardbeg and red breast, I fell in love with red breast right away and it took me a while to get into the ardbeg, but now I love it also, glad you guys got me out of that “bourbon” shell.. salud from South Texas

martingriffy says:

Im up to date. What am i supposed to watch now?

I also think a dominant flavor episode would be a great idea

P.s are you guys gonna review Kavalan Soloist sherry or port cask? I mean, hurry up and do it.

Wanmohan says:

Next shenanigans please challenge eachother to trick eachother and others into accidentally break dry week. Make eachother’s lives hell!

Ray Banto says:

I had to stay strong not drinking whisky. Glad, that you guys help me in dry January with awsome videos to pass the time. 🙂

Roshan Lister Lobo says:

Hey guys… Could you review Oban Little Bay please?

KNiteshft says:

You two make wish I liked Bourbon, Scotch , Canadian and Irish Whiskies . However I personally go for neutral grain spirits ( I am ashamed to admit). I live in Kentucky and the best clear liquor I ever had came out of a half gallon mason jar 25 plus years ago. Yehaa from East Ky view 3726 like 414

Korey Williams says:

Johnny Walker, white Walker. That’s a whiskey I would like to see a review on.

Stephen Reynolds says:

Totally, No trailers these days

Nick Dondarrion says:

Holy crap… that dramatic pouring and music was brilliant.

Nonzeugma says:

Okay, whisky pouring into a glencairn set to Vivaldi’s Summer!

Magnificent pairing

R T says:

hey can you guys help me?,
i need something frutie and smooth, not that sweet but not agresive at all if possible, on the taste and on the nose, as smooth as can be.

Levi Scott says:

The mooch really turns down the ball busting and sha-nan-a-gans on discovery episodes.

Dennis Avila says:

How woulda a whiskey taste finished in a tequila barrel

Nathan Rosado says:

I second the dominant flavor whiskey video.

grimwest1222 says:

Yes, please do the video on dominate flavor whisk(e)ys to help develop an understanding; I think that’d be awesome!

Spad says:

That slow-mo pour was the most beautiful thing you guys have ever produced

Max Huß says:

Oh man dominant flavour Whisky?
Love the Idea.

Cragganmore 12 for HONEY!!!

aeq77 says:

Mostly love the islay smokey ones like Ardbeg, Lagavoulin and BRUICHLADDICH. But sometime i tend to like the more non smokey ones and specially Highland park and the viking editions, have most of them and love them but there is one that i haven’t and it’s the Sigurd. Have you guys tried it and if so is it worth the 150$ and shipping it will cost to send to Sweden?

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