Whiskey Review: Game of Thrones Royal Lochnagar 12 Year ‘House Baratheon’ Single Malt Scotch


Today we taste and review Game of Thrones Royal Lochnagar 12 Year

Whisk(e)y Challengers


Darin Preston says:

Its always confusing to me when my nose tells me that there is a lot of flavor coming and then my palate can’t find the same notes. Glad to see you guys understand that this is sometimes the issue. I’m wondering if you’ve encountered the opposite phenomenon where the nose is plain but the flavor is complex?

Carl Dibble says:

Are you guys going to do the game of thrones White Walker whiskey

paladonis says:

The castles actually sank into the swamp. Only one burned down, fell over and sank into the swamp. But potato, rhizome. Close enough. =P

Andrew Duke says:

Over the game of thrones videos. Didn’t watch just commented.

Mintz18 says:

Hands up if you already knew Daniel wouldn’t pronounce Baratheon correctly

Hoops And Fishing says:

Rex, do you still prefer bourbon over scotch or has Daniel corrupted you?

Bourbinsane says:

Another great video guys! Loving these reviews!

Mitchell Gillett says:

If you guys did a spirit guide whiskey collab that would be awesome

Ryan Smart says:

You may have already put this info out but I was wondering when you expect to have an expression from your distillery available. Love the videos. Cheers from Oklahoma.

Nikhil Vanmali says:

Actually it has a royal warrant from the queen and it’s located within walking distance from Balmoral estate, where the queen likes to go for the winter season

Gregg Novak says:

Haven’t seen a pancake video – did I miss it? (checking out some old videos)

Warrior Works says:

I love the slow motion pours but you stop them too short, right before the musical crescendo. For shame! Give us 5 more seconds!

Dakota Hampton says:

Those slow-mo shot are with the iPhone?!? Dang!! Phone cameras are so freaking good these days!!! Would have never guessed.

Neon Lemmy Koopa says:

Match of the royal seats

Peter Deakin says:

Hi Guys just wanted to ask what you guys think of Dewars Aged 12 Years The Ancestor Blended Scotch Whisky

SCR5221 says:

Thanks guys. You two have changed my life, whisk(e)y wise. Never would have tried Michter’s American (love it!), never would have touched Monkey Shoulder, it is now my go-to standard, and last but no means least, Ardbeg 10, the most wonderful stuff! There is a whole world I was missing, thanks to y’all, I now am on an adventure (as are several friends/ neighbors).

Ole Thanatos says:

So wait, earlier Rex was like “Hey they are allegedly stealing from us, …” In regards to the sock thing and the Bear and Eagle thing…. Then he just blatantly says “Hey I saw blah blah blah do slow pours” And now “we are going to do it…. Me think dost protest too much. But I do like the new bell notification clanging of glasses. Cheers.

MrJacob1981 says:

Gents I have been watching for a while now and I’m wondering if there is a few “mainstream” whiskey (like crown, jack, etc.) you could recommend that’s actually good to drink as a new comer?

Steve A says:

Dammit Daniel… Quit making me agree with the mooch. Don’t even try with the GoT info.

And, as a charter member of the “slow-motion pour” club, II approve of the new style 😀

Travis H says:

hurry up damn it and get to the Lagavulin 9!!!!! lol love you guys.. (mostly Daniel)

Oscar Madison says:

Daniel, keep up with the GoT backstories… Rex melting down has got to be my favorite part of the GoT reviews.

Raster says:

Great review, guys… Thoroughly enjoyed it!

JK Kross says:

This series actually gave me the final nudge to start watching GoT… and it’s great! You should watch it, Daniel! 😀

john cetera says:

compass box asyla
compass box orangerie

Giorgio Signorelli says:

I take 6 weeks off for lent every year. Longest 6 weeks ever lol

bob dylan says:

Hey guys totally off topic but do you know if Aberlour 16 is coloured or chill filtered? It seems to be very reasonably priced for a 16 I’d love to get the 18 but there’s none available here in Ontario Canada thanks

kev kirk says:

I’ve been trying to find a whiskey that one of my friend would like as he says he hates whiskey. I’ve finally done it turns out I should have been looking for whisky. Gave him some highland park 12 and he liked (so did I) so I might be trying some more high land whiskies.

Star87 says:

I love this new beginning intro of the Whiskey Vault, that whisk(e)y in slow motion going inside that glencairn glass is glorious!

Mose Chun says:

Omg, the fake Game of Thrones history of house Baratheon where there was stags flying banners, there was a rebellion, the stag sat on the throne, and all the heirs are fawns. At least the GOT whiskies are progressively getting more complex to help Rex get over Daniel’s fake back stories. Cheers to great drams and hilarious shenanigans!

Matt says:

Merge the bottles to make the Magnificent Bastard Blend.

Emil Lund says:

Is it just me or has Rex become more of a somm lately being focused on flavour profiles and “talking about the whiskey”?!

James W says:

Pleaseeeeee review Johnnie Walker White Walker GOT edition

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