Whiskey Review: Glen Fohdry 12 with Monkey Shoulder Comparison

Today we taste and review Glen Fohdry 12 and compare it to Monkey Shoulder.


Michael Medina says:

Shout out to the Somm and Mooch. My wife knows I have been getting into whiskey lately and decided to watch some of your videos to get an idea of what to get me for Valentine’s day. She special ordered me a bottle of Balcones Single Malt. Being a Texan living in Colorado, I really enjoyed getting a Texas whiskey. Thanks you magnificent bastards!

Jens Hofmann says:

You should try a magnificant “scapa the orcadian skiren” one if the youngest out of the New scapa series and the last one that might not be out of stock everywhere i searched for it in my country

randallbeal says:

I’ve watched many other channels but none as good as yours.

Ryan The Wine Guy says:

Nice belly button open there Rex!

Yo-da Mann says:

U guys are great. You give some good recommendations with some laughs and great advise as well. I’m a good ole TN boy so I was raised on shine and jack but as I got older I wanted something different which lead me to ur channel which I promise is 100x better than any whiskey channel. I love learning about whiskey and and all the process. I found two of ur channels but sounds like there is 3 or four?

Bo cain says:

a memory elixor?!! sign me up for a case!

Garden Of Eatin says:

The Balvenie 14 yr Carribbean Rum Cask????

Garden Of Eatin says:

The Balvenie 14 yr Carribbean Rum Cask????

Garrett Saul says:

I have a question. I’m headed to Kentucky for some distillery tours. Which one would have the best whiskeys to buy at a gift shop?

Space Monkey says:

how long can opened whiskey last?

Keith Munson says:

Spey River is not only Total Wines – can buy it here in the supermarket bottle shops (liquor stores) in Australia https://bws.com.au/product/706567/spey-river-12-year-old-scotch-whisky-700ml

Triplecap says:

I was a little confused about how confused you were about the TW labels. ……..

Self Sufficient Man says:

A bourbon of course needs to start its life in new oak. How long does it need to be in that new oak before it can be finished in a used barrel and how long can it remain in the used barrel if there is a maximum time?

Telly03 says:

I quickly learned early in my adventure that accepting recommendations from Total Wine staff will lead you to their house brands as “the best for the price”… I soon learned that it is best for their profits, but not for your experience. Not only are you drinking a mystery source or blend, but in my experience, was no where near the quality of brands that were upfront with their origins. I will give it to Total Wine though that they do carry some of my favorite whiskeys that I am unable to find elsewhere in my area.

Bill Hartnett says:

The key “house brand” hint at Total Wine is a “Spirits Direct” tag in front of the bottle. Not always, but most likely. Trader Joe’s also has a name for their “house brands” that don’t actually mention “Trader Joe’s”. So it’s not “Trader Joe’s wine” it’s some non-related name to give it a sense of respectability. They mentioned it on one of their podcasts (I forget what they called it but they had a specific name like “parked brands” or something).. I’m sure Total Wine does the same exact thing. You don’t see “Total Wine Bourbon”, but there are 3-6 other names that are actually specific to Total Wine but don’t say it.

SmokeRingsPipeDreams says:

No one could duplicate what you guys do because what you do is such a blend of comedy with the unique personalities of David and Rex.

newt duke says:

Dam the Canadian winter knocked out my wifi

John Verstraete says:

Valiant effort on the last name, rex. It gets easier to pronounce the more drunk you are.

Garden Of Eatin says:

The Balvenie 14 yr Carribbean Rum Cask????

Sergant Grunt says:

@Richbeermen sorry about that and to the tribe whats you’ll average number of bottles you have opened at 1 time. I don’t want to open to many and have them go bad but also want to explore. P.s Not asking the amount total you have at home I always try to have a bottle of Buffalo Trace as my go to since I have a connection to my local store, So I know people probably do the same and have some on hand bottles. Thanks

Garden Of Eatin says:

The Balvenie 14 yr Carribbean Rum Cask????

First Phil Whisky says:

Great review guys!

bitterandjaded says:

Clearly Daniel should be tagged in every dad joke. That might help.

Josh Headley says:

best intro ever Rex

Nicholas Maslow says:

The Bikes x Bourbon criticism was a bit outside the tribe world view of people attempting to understand whisky on their own terms in my opinion. Between their general outreach into the worlds of whisky and coffee they’re attempting to build bridges between internet cultures, rather than silo them.

djiezeskraajst says:

so, a total wine store just opened straight near Daniel. Happy coincidence or very well played shenanigans by mr Whittington?

Alex Meade says:

My wife and I were in the vault today for a scotch training session! Emma was great! What a fun way to spend Valentine’s Day!

Sam Schaeffer says:

Hello magnificent bastards. I recently picked up a bottle of Ardbeg Uigeadail and it has quickly become my favorite all time so far. I’ve only started my whiskey experience recently, so I don’t want to stop here just yet (although I can always come back to it), and I was curious where I should go from here. I do lean towards darker notes (dark fruit, chocolate, spice) but am open to anything.

Tim Burke says:

I’m just here for Rex’s muffin top.

kghostone says:

Well I follow the rest with the dad jokes, like a sheep, am I baaaaaaaaad, probably.

Miguel Cruz says:

I live in Albuquerque and I like the Total Wine near my house. And I like Monkey Shoulder.

Garden Of Eatin says:

Can a Send a bottle of Balvenie 14 yr Carribbean Rum Cask???

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