Whiskey Review: Heaven’s Door Straight Bourbon Whiskey by Bob Dylan

Today we taste and review Heaven’s Door Straight Bourbon Whiskey by Bob Dylan.

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11:27 – boof

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Karl Porter says:

Action cam was good.

Atlas Gaming says:

Hey (old hair) Brian – return my damn call already!

Gene3067 says:

You Magnificent Bastards! You read my question. Thanks! I’m looking forward to see what Martin and you guys choose for the challenge. How low will you go? 😉

Jason Michael says:

There’s a new note in my Whisky… hmm… reminds me of childhood. What is it? PlayDoh!

Eric Mizelle says:

You said first round of cool stuff for your Patrons. I want cool stuff. How do you become a patron?

John Christensen says:

I’m down with the poor bastards!

Ryan .Gordon says:

this is a whisky (all 3 bottles) i would love for my bottle collection

Raster says:

Ya, Action Cam was cool… Loved it…

Jason Roos says:

Question for any of you Whisk[e]y fans: I was born with a fissured tongue (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fissured_tongue) and hard spirits burn my mouth on par with habenero pepper sauce. Anyone share this affliction and know if it burns everyone the to the same degree (and i’m just a wimp) or if it’s worse for those of us unlucky enough to have this issue. I’ve always been curious but have never met anyone else with a fissured tongue in order to compare notes. Cheers!

Whiskey Whiffer says:

That’s not Play-Doh 😉

Jimmy Leg says:

Action Cam. I need it.

Marbles? You don’t want my marbles in your whisky. No you don’t.

Skid McMarks says:

Review Prichard’s Rye!

trapper kcmo says:

the problem isnt being new. the problem is being new and acting like youre not.

austin murphy says:

It would interesting to watch you review the gold top black cow vodka. New favourite YouTube channel that got me interested in whiskey and clear spirits you magnificent bastardssss!☠

Ronald Walters says:

9 months watching this chanel and I still cannot distinguish flavors in whisky. I just like it or don’t. I think I have broken taste buds! !

Brian Olsen says:

How much longer must we wait for the Hair for Hobits?!?!

Also can you do describe these smaller containers you move whiskey into? Would a mason jar work?

Thomas Elmer says:

Action Cam on the moist dolphin smooth, double reviewed, double Magnificent Bastarded, Whiskey

Jeroen De Wit says:

God dammit, Why do you two magnificent bastards always make me so hyped about an whiskey which i will never be able to get.

Quinn Humphrey says:

I love when you guys enter troll mode.

kingmezs23 says:

Speaking of woods the Jefferson experiment #10 in half French half American oak barrels was fantastic. Such nice wood notes.

Eric Willett says:

Yes, action cam for the win!

Ed Mumaw says:

“Not enough O’s in Smooooooth… “- Col. S. Potter

Stout_30 says:

In home brewing beer, I’ve met several that will age their beer(such as my self) in barrels. So to prevent oxidation, get rid of headspace in general, and get as much beer touching the sides as possible, we use marbles in the barrel to top it off! Never thought of using it in my whisky bottles.

Eddie Barnes says:

I suggested using marbles in bottles a couple months ago on the tribes FB page… just sayin.

Username01001011 says:

Heaven’s Door may be smooth but how was the mouth feel??

Neil Cooke says:

Aaaaye, smoothamundo episode!

Jon Mays says:

Today I found a bottle of the original Longmorn 16 in the green packaging. Knowing it’s Daniels favorite drink I splurged and picked it up. What made it even better is it was bottled in 2009. Crazy how the bottle lasted so long on the shelf. Do y’all ever get lucky and find rare stuff like that on the shelf?

Pat McDermott says:

Clan MacGregor – about $12 a liter at Goody Goody, has a little iodine, a bit of smoke, and is smooth, not bad at all. Did I mention it was smooth?

Nick Dondarrion says:

Which Heaven’s Door did you like better? Rye or Bourbon?

Luis Martinez-Rivera says:

yes action camera

Caleb Steingruber says:

Is the way that Daniel says “….ing” for real, or is he trolling that? Because I’ve been hearing “Somethingk” for a while now, and it’s starting to affect “Everythingk”. As it is, it’s 2 parts “Endearingk” and only 1 part “Distractingk”.

dcoux09 says:

Whittington, you spreadsheety bastard. Forgetting to celebrate the solstice? You’ve angered the whiskey spirits. You shall atone, by reading this poem.

Daylight hours change
Summer days are longer
As whiskey swells the barrels
Rex shouts: “the wood gets stronger!”

Daniel saw the low hanging fruit
To him the comment does not offend
As he wanders around the vault
Searching for a bottle to upend

He scans and searches;
The somm is quite pensive
His pitter-pattering feet
Become more intensive

Suddenly the ghost of the whiskey eagle
From beyond the grave suggests
That Rex must regain his moochood
And put Daniel’s pace to rest

For that moochy bastard
Has been chosen to toast
With whichever vault whiskey
He desires the most

Then alas we shall celebrate
With good health and good cheer
To you summer solstice
Thy longest day of thee year

robert aspray says:

hell yeah defo action cam

William Cunningham says:

I steal my kids Marbles and throw them into Starsan……before takin’ up the volume of my whiskey.

Woodrow says:

I vote “yes” to the action cam and also would like to see an occasional “Poor BASTARD!” episode.

Duane Brimhall says:

Dolphin Smoootthhh

Jason Fisk says:


Christina Zirpoli says:

Action cam is nice..

I just looked at the Vault inventory. So you not have Ardbeg in the Vault because you take it home with you? Or you need more Ardbeg donated?

M w Pierce says:

This has been the smoothest video so far .

wideone23 says:

Daniel, I challenge you to work in “Moist.” Find a way to describe whiskey as “Smooth & Moist” and you can probably get people’s heads to actually explode, like Scanners or the end of the first Kingsmen movie.

Speaking of snobbery I had a moment this week. Traveling for work, sipping Woodford Reserve at the hotel bar with a coworker. Another coworker comes in and asks what we’re having and says he’ll have the same. Good man.
Until he adds ” …with ice.”
The bartender looks at him with an arched eyebrow.
“And a splash of coke.”
The bartender paused, sighed and reached for the Coke.
My co-worker reached out, snatched the glass off the bar, and said ” Just give him Jack and Coke.”
And the bartender and I sighed in relief.

Kyle Brucker says:

1. As soon as I realized you guys actually signed the certificate I’m left wondering how you’re not wearing wrist braces.

2. If smooth is not allowed… what about dolphin?

3. Fila is still in business???

Malt Philistine says:

Mmmmmm, “brown sugar on the wood”, . . . . whoa wait, what?

TheMasterfulcreator says:

In defense of Laphroaig as a beginner whiskey: Laphroaig was the first true flavor experience I ever had. With bourbon and speyside scotches, everyone always talked about caramel, and cherries, and citrus blah blah. But I only ever got some sweetness and bourbon flavor. But when I tried Laphroaig for the first time I got smoke smoke smoke smoke and I was like YEAH, YEAH I GET IT. That DOES taste like a campfire. I’ve been in love ever since.

Art who says:

I don’t know if I want to see a Series on a bunch of cheap whiskey that Daniel gonna crap all over… I mean dislike , a better idea might be is to do A show on 3 to 5 low budget whiskies that you guys Actually like (not just good for the price) o and I love the action cam, if someone wanted to look up a scotch and has no idea how to spell it, problem solved

CrazyJimmi9 says:

Hell yeah action cam it up.

speed rakk says:

you smooth dudes

LeClaw says:

All your smooth are belong to us

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